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Car subwoofer fuse Videos

How to fuse your car audio system

Fusing car audio systems.

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I guess If your running a high output alternator such as an Iraggi 300amp like mine, or a mechman, mean green, ohio generator,excessive amperage. The small fusing up front under your hood wont hold. If your fusing for 150 amps, and you have a 200+ amp alt your alts going to make that current to charge those drained batteries. Current flows thru the route with least resistance, so it will pull power from your rear batteries before your front bat/alt once your alt puts out full power pop goes fuse
I liked how you took into consideration for power surges, very smart move. As I said in a reply to your isolater response, I guess it comes down to what you use your stereo for. Im a bassracer, I wanna be sure to have the least resistance possible in my car and have the max current flow allowed for my wires. Many people in comps dont run fuses because they cause resistance, which is true, but bad not to fuse. A 300 amp fuse is better then none. :) But then awseome videos none the less :)
What is considered a high powered system though ? As i understand it your stock alt can usually power between 1000w and 1200w RMS meaning 2000w peak and 2400p - Me personally I added a 200 amp alt, and wired up 2 bats with 6 gauge cable, then ran 4 gauge to my mono amp and 8 gauge to my 4 ch. Everything seems just peachy and I havent had any problems, and I also didn't have a need for the big three.
I know what you mean. Fuses can be a real pain. Especially when one blows and your nowhere near a store that carries the one you need. You are absolutely right. In the competition environment, you want as few failure points as possible. Maximum fusing is pretty much the only choice. Wow a bassracer! You guys amaze me. I wish I could be as intune with my system as you guys are.
What about circuit breakers over fuses? Better or the same in principal? because they could be "better" because you don't have to buy fuses
@romi1rome are you doin by rms or max power to find amp draw for the amps
good work .. thats how i judge what fuses i need aswell =)

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