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1989 Honda Shadow VT110C

Honda Shadow I boutght off Craigslist for $1200. Runs great!!! Comment if you want...

User Comments

Not bad, I got an 87 last year for $900, had some similar issues, I spent a lot of time on ebay, FYI - the gas tank off the newer models will work and gives you more room and looks good on the bike, here's a link to a description of what you have to do differently to get it to work, not a big deal though. I put a newer seat on mine too, much more comfortable, but not a straight bolt on. ebay usually has seats as well.
I have one I bought back on 2001. Had to put a tank on it because the original had alot of pin holes in it. I used one off of a '95-'98 honda ace. It add more fuel capacity to my ride and fits without any mods.
you got the same exhaust as mine, not a bad lookin bike, lil body work and a fresh paint job and she will be one sweet ride
didnt mean to sound so country lol!!!
Ma seats' toooorn LMAO
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