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Jet Engine car bows 50+ foot flames!!

Kenosha county fair, green mamba shows off a little heat. There's another video recorded of the green mamba melting 2 cars on my profile. Check it out!

Car crossing my bows in London

Fortunately I notice and slow down. One of the more eventful moments in a 55 minute cycle ride from Tooting to Haymarket.

Big Black Car - Gregory Alan Isakov

Big Black Car - by Gregory Alan Isakov performed by Isakov, Jeb Bows, and Phil Parker. Film by Todd Roeth.

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If music is a religion then this man is the messiah
+Josh Araujo preach brother
i love gregorys sound but the studio version of this is so much better in my opinion its more clean sounding. I still am his biggest fan though haha
I believe this was an impromptu performance. It wasn't recorded in a professional studio like the version on the album. I actually prefer this one because it's more raw. That's just my style though. The studio version is still magical.
Shit sake this is good
Like Shit. Shitty on my arm this is really good.
It's almost always a given that the studio version of a song will be superior to any that follow, EXCEPT in this case. Why the hell wasn't this version on the album??? Love this version! :)
I think this was an impromptu performance. It sounds like the production was post recording.
I don't understand how this dude isn't more well-known? He is a fucking melodic, poetic genius.
+Joe I Yes. I saw him in 2013 for $12 and again last year for $25. It's super nice haha
+Ashley Marlow I prefer it that way too so the concert ticket prices aren't super high. I've seen this guy play in 3 different states (soon to be 4 for his Portland show) so the lower tickets help the high travel costs
+santaclara84 I surely hope so. :)
+Ashley Marlow Like The National in 2007. Give it time, I think he'll be there soon enough :)
+santaclara84 Is his ass made of silicone? No? Thats why.
He's too much of a genius to be appreciated by the masses. I actually prefer it that way, but at the same time I want everyone to know of him. The struggle haha
+santaclara84 rarely is anyone worth knowing well known.

H1Z1 - DEATH AND TAXIS ~ Fun in Pleasant Valley

Taxis! Evading the cops! Car vs bows!.. I board the Pleasant Valley express, but what sort of mischief awaits me there? H1Z1 is an MMO game that allows ...

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loving this new series but i'd love to see you get a bit more involved like when people are trying to kill you, try putting in the effort of fighting back
Don't worry I'm just getting warmed up, I've got a new vid in the works for the next day or so. ^_^
Oh my god, I'm 'Jonas' from the video hahaha! I'm so glad you captured this glorious moment man! Hope to see you again on Bollocks!
Aha! Hi Jonas! And thank you for starring! Hope to bump into you again.
This was hilarious! That's it, during the zombie apocalypse, I'm setting up a friendly taxi service that will only require a tarp as payment. Sounds like a legit business. Great work as always!
Thanks Kat! I would gladly use such a service, and I hear TARP is now actually a valid payment method thanks to the US government!
normally I would have consider an h1z1 video pretty typical, however your witty dialog made this both thrilling and entertaining
Splendid! Even if I cover a game that you don't like, my aim is that you will still enjoy the video.
Omg! Dude, the thing with the gun happened to me too! I was in a city, some guy named: "russia2015" came up to me, shot three times at a wall and dropped the gun :p
Perchance we have stumbled upon a secret society of altruistic gun donors?
bad luck at the end but good video thanks :)
Beware them snipers!
Many laughs were had, thank you 
+Eamon Campbell-June Based on my experience of both games, I would say yes. H1Z1 is very solid, I have never experienced any lag or syncing issues and the VOIP is excellent, you can actually communicate with other players properly which I think has prevented a lot of KOS incidents for me.
+SHADOWFRAX Would you say H1Z1 is more stable than dayz standalone?
Thanks Max, glad you appreciated it.

Policeman Bows to Common Law

Policeman Bows to Common Law Thanks to Russ Mcgarry for the original and the guy in the car for knowing his stuff.

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So let's get this before a Court and see if your opinion about the definition of a vehicle, confidently given, is correct or not.
+Cardinal Biggles In front of paedophile zionist contolled courts- probably not. Does that mean it's wrong or the court is corrupt?
I didn't get the VEHICLE discrepancy. Is there another definition of VEHICLE in the matter of law?
+Mal Private Automobile/Private convenience... just look up legal definitions, its important to know so you dont accidentally sign any verbal agreements
American cops response to this man: "Get out of the car, NOW, and put your hands behind your back." "Free" man: I am a free man and I do not consent to your jurisdiction. How can you arrest me when you just admitted that I have not committed any crime?" American cop: We will find one, now get out of the car. *man gets out of the car, puts hand behind back at a normal not-fast not-slow pace and says again politely, "I do not consent to your jurisdiction and I have not committed any crime," while standing passively with his hands behind his back.* American cop #1: *points gun* American cop #2: *very painfully jerks mans arms, and pulls on his arm several times after he is handcuffed; purposely makes handcuffs too tight. Dislocate's man's elbow.* Later: *Court does not believe man about his dislocated elbow, even though passerby from CopWatch shows up and testifies that he witnessed the elbow being dislocated, because the man "has no medical records" because he was in jail where they refused to send him to a doctor and/or the doctor refused to make a report about it because the doctor claims that "your word is not enough for me to verify that you are in severe pain"". Court also fails to ask man whether he is someone who goes to a doctor when he is in pain, or someone who seeks out healthier methods of painkilling such as eating cherries, or if he is in the third category of people who does nothing at all about it.
+Rayvn7 That is where the man to man lawsuit under savings to suitors clause comes in
Common law is the law of the land... These cops we're trying to force him in their jurisdiction which is Admiralty Law also known as law of the sea. Most Western countries are still under common law, you must know this and express it to be able to stand for your freedom and rights.
Loved that.
I don't live in Great Britain but that was good I like that the same thing applies here except we call it travelers and nut drivers there's a difference between traveling and driving if you're traveling you don't need a driver's license but if you're a driver you're making money dear your company whether it's driving your own personal vehicle or driving a company vehicle on the freeways.
Oh before anybody asks I live in the USA.
Brilliant, but I'm a little confused regarding another gentleman on youtube ('cant recall the title),he was stopped by a right arrogant frustrated soldier (sorry) copper, in Wales and he behaved just as correctly and respectful as your good self, yet they ended up mob handed, treating him like public enemy No1 and then smashing his car window before dragging him out and doing who knows what to him once, off camera of course!
The cops will do what they CHOOSE to do, that goes for any country. We must stay in honor and wait to take our claim to court, if the judge is honest it will be discharged. Judges know common law and If you know who and what you are they will do the right thing. COPS not so much
+SriLankerC                            Hi SrilankerC, No, it's not that one, I've checked my history and found it, it's called "Cop stop freeman" but be careful you don't try to punch your monitor screen! I felt like doing just that!!
So did you have insurance or not? Which is what im guessing they were heading towards.
In need of some advice I was pulled over by metropolitan police while I was sat in traffic at a set of traffic lights there was a car in front of me that was in the wrong lane so there was a big gap in front I decided to fill the gap look in my left mirror an made a move as I did so a police officer was coming up behind me I have seen him I must add . So he comes round to the drivers window an says pull over Iv asked why he said driving with out due care an attention so I say what you talking about I see you in my mirror so I decide to carry on with my drive home he continues to follow me the puts his lights an ringtone on so I decide to pull over he comes over to the van an ask me to get out I tell him it's not safe to do so so I remain in my van he says I'm gonna give you a ticket of £100 for not having a seat belt on he goes on to say I could do you for the brake lights is out so I told him I don't have a fixed address so he prints me a ticket an I refuse to take now he has got in contact with my boss an said the Dvla will revoke my license so now I'm going to court as it's not right how he wanted to give me a ticket for not having a seat belt on an he tells my boss he is doing me for driving with out due care an not having a seat belt . I know I will lose the court case but iv not broken any real law . Could you please help thanks 
+Tybok C"Actually there's 2 elements to crime. To think of doing a crime. Then do the act.I disagree. Unless there is loss or harm to a man or woman then there would be no one to make the claim against you in court.Wiki:Mens reaactus reusCausationThen of course they has to be jurisdiction.//www.cliffsnotes.com/more-subjects/criminal-justice/criminal-law/legal-elements-of-a-crimeNo crime without lawNo crime without a criminal actNo crime without intentNo crime without concurrenceAnd again jurisdiction.However if you think there can be a victimless crime then you are in the world of Statute Law.
+101TonyParker Actually there's 2 elements to crime. To think of doing a crime. Then do the act. If neither is the case then no crime has taken place.
Ask him what Statute you broke and when he reads it out it will usually contain two words, person and shall.Ask him to prove you are a person then ask what tense is shall? (Karl Lentz)Then asked him to prove you committed a crime because if he pulled you over without reasonable articulate suspicion of a crime being committed then he violated your rights under the Human Rights Act and it is a common law crime (Misconduct in Public Office) for a Constable to breech a Legislative Act.Four elements of a crime1 Break a Law2 Understand you are breaking it at the time you do it3 Harm someone doing it. ( Did you harm anyone? Did he have a verified criminal complaint?)4 Jurisdiction. ( You exist in the real world he only has jurisdiction in the fictional world when executing Statutes.)Also look up Marc Stevens and he will show you how to asked questions in court.Also if the summons you receive is not signed by a judge (and it never is) then you have who ever issued it for abuse of process for using fraudulent documents.County Courts Act 198413.5 Penalty for falsely pretending to act under authority of court.Any person who—(a)delivers or causes to be delivered to any other person any paper falsely purporting to be a copy of any summons or other process of a county court, knowing it to be false; or(b)acts or professes to act under any false colour or pretence of the process or authority of a county court; shall be guilty of an offence and shall for each offence be liable on conviction on indictment to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 7 years. The Rules of the Court of Judicature (NI) 1980ORDER 42 – JUDGMENTInterpretation1. In this Order "judgment" includes order, decision or direction.Drawing up judgments2. (1) Every judgment shall(a) subject to rules 3 and 7(1), be drawn up and signed by an officer of the appropriate office; and(b) be sealed and filed by an officer of that office and such officer shall at the time of filing enter such judgment in the record kept for the purpose and the date of filing shall be deemed to he the date of such entry.Statutory Declarations Act 1835Section 13 Justices not to administer oaths, &c. touching matters whereof they have no jurisdiction by statute. Proviso.It shall not be lawful for any justice of the peace or other person to administer or cause or allow to be administered, or to receive or cause or allow to be received, any oath, affidavit, or solemn affirmation touching any matter or thing whereof such justice or other person hath not jurisdiction or cognizance by some statute in force at the time being: Provided always, that nothing herein contained shall be construed to extend to any oath, affidavit, or solemn affirmation before any justice in any matter or thing touching the preservation of the peace, or the prosecution, trial, or punishment of offences, or touching any proceedings before either of the Houses of Parliament or any committee thereof respectively, nor to any oath, affidavit, or affirmation which may be required by the laws of any foreign country to give validity to instruments in writing designed to be used in such foreign countries respectively.Hope this helps.


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