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CarBuddy Power Wash Spray

A portable Power Wash Spray for washing your car. It uses the DC socket which is in the car. Also suitable for outdoor lovers who likes mountain biking in the ...

Car Buddy Call (D.A.G. Ep. 69)

Would YOU carpool with D.A.G.? Written & Performed by Steve Wright with Special Guest Alicia Spargo. Music by Peter John Ross. Running Time, 3:45.

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HAHAHAHA! that was hilarious! Nicely done!
Thanks, Petila!  
My goodness, two funny facebook friends in the same video. What a treat! Oh wait- on checking, Alicia Spargo is no longer a facebook friend :/ I wonder why I was unfriended? Gee, I guess I just experienced a D.A.G. moment >_>
She's off Facebook.  I take breaks myself now and then.  Thanks for watching and commenting, my man!

AppShack - Car Buddy Introduction

AppShack Website : www.appshack.asia AppShack Facebook : www.facebook.com/appshackasia AppShack Youtube ...

CarBuddy on Channel 10

CarBuddy.com.au sponsors the Channel Ten News Helicopter!

Car Buddy

Channing Farting in A Car - Buddy ver. vs. Lady ver.

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Rachael McAdams rolled up the window, instead of rolling it down? I did not catch that when I watched the movie the Vow. Is that common in a marriage, I always thought you should still try to avoid and fart in front a loved one, now if your sleeping together, and one rips, that's some thing that is beyond your control. Jose F. Medeiros, San Jose, California
she is a very strange person, but hay wat ever floats your boat
Haha, what he did to Jonah, so funny!
I love it, he is so sexy.
Channing Tatum farts???
haha still soooo sexy

- Car Clothes Hanger - CAR BUDDY - Unboxing - cabide para roupas

This is our video test of the Car Buddy bought on one of those sites from china. Check my blog, i have the sale link there!

Car Buddy!

Many thanks , also if interested, for a chance to win Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, click here //ow.ly/6Fg5O.

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Whats funny is that this has happened to me at least twice. First time they drove up next to me and my sister and had in expo marker written on their window "Hows your drive going" Eventually we stopped to get gas and talk some. Fortunately they weren't creepers. Second time some lady just liked to drive behind me for 200 miles. She didn't write back to our notes either :((
*click* One of the most fantastic-- *Fullscreen* One of the most fantastic-- *720p* One of the most fantastic ways...
you have been one of my favorite youtubers ever since you friend requested me :) which i still cannot believe. xD
Holy crap.. I was convinced you were way more popular. I feel obligated to comment and then tell you I love you.
@TehKidCheno Planet Express is from Futurama. Pizza Planet is from the Toy Story series.
Dude im so jealous of yo shirt, and ironically i was thinking this last week
Awkward eye contact at traffic lights too? Aha, Love the video :) x
You are so cool. I really like your videos. XD Funny, for sure.
idk man, the F bomb in the middle was kind of unneccessary...
I love driving buddies. I always feel sad when they leave.
you look like mark foster from foster the people o_o
OMG you got a planet exspress shirt fom futurama
Planet Express? Is that a Toy Story reference?
@TehKidCheno you were thinking of Pizza Planet
lmfao your so random but so funny anyway! :)
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