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Car mudah .com penang Videos

Videos posted by Kelven Lee Chee Chen Accident @ Penang Bridge 11pm Til Engine Out From CAR!!! HQ

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alright.. this is my opinion.. 1st, he was driving nissan livina.. guys, think about it, is it easy for a nissan livina to crash? 2nd, will the car crash if switching lanes?, 3rd, i think its because the tyres have worn out and skidded.. nissan livina maybe a good car.. its not easy to crash UNLESS you want it too.. all my deepest condolences to the driver and his wife.. RIP.. god bless you..
The teenage married couple (one of them the driver) were killed, while the 3 passengers at the back survived. One of the survivor was actually thrown out from the vehicle and fell into the sea! Fortunately for him the marine police managed to rescue him. The crushed vehicle you saw in the video is a Nissan Livina, did you notice part of the engine actually detached from the vehicle already?
ponyznon, you bought a rubbish car just admit. engine detach is a safety feature, luckily its not wheel detach if not you will say its a safety features too. you drive 180kmh still very stable like 120kmh? you compare to old proton saga ist? or old antique car? livina cannot speeding thats all i can say. livina is a underpowered car!
Myself driving a livina too... 1) Engine detach - is a safety featues avoid crashing inward the car 2) I drive before 180km/j...car still very stable is like driving 120km/j Mmm...are they speeding over 200km? or they try to avoid something ..or there's oil on the road...
Summore one of the passenger was thrown into the sea... Could it be that the 3 passenger in the back who survived did not wear seatbelt? If it is true then wearing seat belt kill lives...
luckily this nissan livina is not proton livina, else ppl will judge potong lah blah blah blah... fact is still the fact. livina = rubbish car

Rangka bas dikeluarkan

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Haha dia bukan tahu pun minyak petrol dgn diesel, apa punye wartawan tak thu la
Bret bas mne d pkai myk 2t yop pkai myak bret le,mto je pkai 2T,,,,apeda......
minyak petrol celah mane???....diesel la ngokkkk !!!!
Petrol dan 2T. Tu yang jadi punca kemalangan. Apedaa
Wah tu bas blh bkin pmeran la itu mcm......
Tersilap la tu... Semua orang buat silap...
pasal minyak pon mau gado ka??haiiiyya!!
tak boh minyak 2T kot? tu yg brek jem!
bas pkai diesel la bkn petrol...hehehe
D.I.E.S.E.L =DIESEL cik wartawan.
12.30 pg atau tengah hari?

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Siap potong ikot model kerete ker??? Mana nk tgk detail??
detail ada kat atas nih... contact person pun ada situ..
Kat mane nak beli ni..nak order satu
menarik .. 

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PENANG SECOND BRIDGE ~ with Car Camera Recording

Penang Gangster - Lu Lari Wa Cari

Kelas latihan lakonan PENANG GANGSTER - LU LARI WA CARI //www.deamiramotionpictures.com.

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boleh tahu. tajuk ending song 
Okay Thanks Dah Jumpa Bro 
Link ? lagu ada x
+MarvelStyliz DotMy Beyond the Pale by Frances Shelley 
mengarot!!!!!! habis siak..... mat2 malaysia gangster2nya sumuanya gangster taik kucing, mengarut habis2san!... ya udah, tidak di nafikan, semuanya, beygok!! belaka....
ko indon apa ko taw

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