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April wine discogs Videos

Journeys Riddim Mix (Techniques Records) (April 2015)

THIS VIDEO IS ONLY FOR PROMO.. PRODUCTER PLEASE LINK MY EMAIL/: drame[email protected] for any Copyright.. One Love FOR SUBSCRIBE.

User Comments

Cool running riddim mix. Pure niceness. Big up DJ Lass Angle. You need to visit Kenya, Africa sometime.
+maina1975 blessed from belgium family thanks for all support

Henry Saiz - Balance 19 - 1 - Full Album

You can buy it here: //www.discogs.com/Henry-Saiz-Balance-019/release/2947672 1-1 Henry Saiz -- Intro (Taped Memories, Voice Notes, Still Moments, ...

User Comments

Honey Wine has got to be one of the most epic and beautiful tracks ever produced. Just discovering this gem made this mix worth while for me.
+polarbear YES! i feel the same way, I have listened to that track like 4 or 5 times in just the past day.
The new 005.
+Sagittaire yepp. and now really cheap as cd
I am so disgusted!! So much commercial copyright uploaded . Trying to make yourself look good.??? Well I just see someone distributing stolen goods. 
+DancingDi = sheepleon markets all over the world you can taste before you buy.
its uploaded, i listened to it more then 20 times and thanks to it i order it
If it weren't for this post I would've never found Henry Saiz. Get off your high horse.
without this post and the chance to listen to this, i would have never found and bought it!
Hurr durrr

The Werewolves - Glorious Ride (9-26-2009 @ Trash Bar in Brooklyn)

"Everyone thought I was drunk on wine." //www.discogs.com/artist/Werewolves *This song can be heard in the film "Hempsters: Plant the Seed."

User Comments

funny you should mention "Hempsters: Plant the Seed" I'm watching the movie now and heard the song and paused it just to find it. Very cool song, should have more views
I just did the exact same, did you ever find a cd quality version

Johnny Yen - Candlelight & Wine

Track from the LP "12 Rette Eller En Kule For Pannen" (MMP Music, 1991) ...
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