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Tacoma mall transit center Videos

Pierce transit rt 52 to Tacoma Mall 4

Pierce transit rt 53 to Downtown via Tacoma Mall 6 w/shutdown

nice ride cept for the bimbo yacking away on her cell phone,i did get a nice shut down of the bus at the transit center 2006 New Flyer C40LF 223.

Pierce Transit 2012 Gillig HEV 504 on Rt 53

Cummings ISL Allison EP50 on route 53 to Tacoma Mall only.

Having fun @ tacoma mall (I dont know.)

Pierce transit rt 53 to Downtown Tacoma 6

New TriMet Portland Transit Mall 6th Ave Tour

This is a ride down 6th ave portion of the new transit mall open by TriMet recently. Its sort of a tour, where the stops are, what stops where, the MAX stops are ...

User Comments

It's fun watching these videos again now that I live here and have seen these places for myself! However, in the year before I moved here I learned much about Portland from watching them and appreciate your having made them. It certainly helped me to get to know Portland a bit so that I felt at home right away! :)
What song is this???
Nice music!
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