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Tacoma mall ghost armor Videos

Tygrz's Day @ da Mall

Well we went to Cielo Vista mall and jerked a little then we saw Danielle and Lauren and yeah!!!

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why dont you guys knee drop get that you guys will look better cuz so far all you do is reject a couple dips and that lean back just do more move even if you mess up still tri sum new stay up
Who is this?

2010: Awesome OTIS Hydraulic Elevator - Montauk Manor - Montauk, NY

Sadly, it has since been modernized by ThyssenKrupp.

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I wish this was still original. They need to make elevators like this again

Halo Warthog on Car Crazy (2/2)

I cut the part about making the cars in District 9 at the end. If anybody wants I can upload that too.

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How much ???
+Evan Lanada Giving R&D, materials, workshop time and franchise licensing, $1.2-1.3 Billion.
Why do they call it a warthog? It doesn't really look like a pig. I think it looks more like a Puma.
+1900maniac Dammit, quit making up animals!
+TheMsdos25 ...maybe
+1900maniac is that a Red vs Blue reference?
You see the tusks?
We'll nz knows how to make warthogs up ur game America 
...Halo was made by America idiot.
this thing if it were available to the public would probably out perform the wrangler and hummer models offroad
+Alfihar tahd ok well thats your personal opinion. i never once said anything to say your opinion is invalid but so far you have provided me with just one personal story to back up your opinion. find me some solid statistics and facts that back up your argument and then i will take you seriously. you do realize that the jeep was invented in world war 2 to serve as a go anywhere vehicle that could transport a couple of troops in practically any environment which meant it had to be off road capable and even more than that. also i hate to brake it to you bud but the wrangler was actually created before the range rover was and the range rovers took alot of things and improved them from the jeep model. come back at me when you actually have facts to backup your argument. you are entitled to your own opinion so long as it is backed up with something more than just your personal story
+bradleyifv51590 nope but you are close though. i didnt crawl out from under a rock. i drove off my farm with a 30 year old workhorse defender which can still pass roadworthy with no questions asked after being put through hard work every day of its life that most other vehicles wouldnt make it through a month of. my cousin rolled my defender off a mountain and broke through a few trees on the way down and then it drove right back up that mountain and drove to the nearest repair shop 2 hours away and they told us that everything that actually served a functional purpose was in perfect working order. i think jeeps are shit because out in the middle of nowhere, 3 cars exist and nothing else. Nissan Patrol, Toyota Landcruiser and Land Rover Defender. the guy with the jeep hasnt even made it anywhere close yet. sit down. drops mic
+Alfihar tahd really your saying that wranglers are shit. i know they are not as good as hummers but wranglers are still up there in the top picks for off roading. im just curious did you just crawl out from under a rock for the first time in your life cause you are one stupid motherfucker
+bradleyifv51590 wranglers are shit. H1 is good. anything else hummer is shit. defenders are good too. but i want a warthog :P


All footage and editing by Andy Pickett (except for live footage shot by Anthony Palmer). This song appears on Downard's first EP 'Services and Solutions' ...

Open with(Door Slamming) Laundry

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