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Milwaukee zoo christmas lights 2012 Videos

Jon Anderson at the Milwaukee Zoo - part1

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I was back stage for the whole concert as well as some 1 on 1 time with Jon and his Mrs... what an amazing experience for a guy who has been a Jon Anderson / YES fan for over 40 years! Jon is as spiritual and kind a man as has ever walked the earth!
Hey, it is just Jon and not the whole band, and I beleive this raises money for the Zoo, so kudos to Jon!
@barbarainkona yes, barbara, how sweet it is... and you're there too through the magic of youtube
Nice to see Jon singing again, but this is embarrassing. The Milwaukee Zoo? Seriously?
Awesome show! The zoo was a brilliant choice I thought.
Nothing quite like front row...!

We Came As Romans Mis/Understandings & Just Keep Breathing Live Milwaukee Summerfest 2012

Rainey and Vince on the carousel at the zoo-august 2012

2012 Family Oregon Zoo Trip

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6.04 one on her hand fires one out lol

Logan Xavier (2012) Zoo Carousel

Portland to Milwaukee LRT

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