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Milwaukee zoo handicap Videos

Pissed off Gorilla in a Zoo (Seoul Zoo.)

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The glass was designed to hold gorillas behind the glass so don't tell me that just because its 10times stronger then a human that i it would get out if it wonted to
+Kamikaze Krunchcoco just wants to pay
It's happened in Minnesota a couple of times.  Once it just cracked it so they put in much thicker stuff and not to long ago one did bust out, but they got it.   So it can happen depending on the circumstances and how much adrenaline is running through that gorilla.

Teddy Mueller with Ruth-the Elephant-the Zoo

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Hey Teddy looks like the girls love you! Good to see you out having fun. Live life my friend.

Wheelchair Basketball Team Inspires Mosinee Middle-Schoolers

News package about three members of the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater's wheelchair basketball team visiting Mosinee Middle School. A majority of the ...

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jeremy campbell is the bald guy. i personally got to play with him. i am in a wheelchair myself. go to my page and watch the video and tell me what you think..
I was there! but they only showed the 7th graders :( i was there later in the day.
They should have had Mr. Kafka talk instead of Mrs. D xD
i kno the 1 with the beard... jeremy
wow they;re pretty awesome.
such a strong heart

Marwell Zoo Train

Marwell Zoo Train.

Riding the Train at the San Antonio Zoo

Portions of the San Antonio Zoo train ride.

The train at the Jackson Zoo

This was always my favorite part of the zoo.

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I didn't know that still ran that train.
I think that's a new engine

Riding horses at Niabi Zoo

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