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Postpartum depression abandonment Videos

Will I always fear abandonment? #KatiFAQ

KatiFAQ I know the fear of abandonment plays a large role in my life, but why does the core of every relationship come down to the thought that if I don't leave ...

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What are some questions, or some of the most important things I should be asking/saying to a new therapist to make sure they understand me, my situation, and what I need most? I have a pattern of being closed off from every new psychologist/psychiatrist/therapist, purely because they never understand what I need out of it, and I'm an incredibly uncomfortable person with just sitting down and telling my life story. I am a quiet BPD, and my symptoms aren't very typical, I feel as though all these new diagnoses and efforts to fix only the surface issues have made some of the forgotten symptoms a lot worse; overall it's doing a lot of damage to my mental stability. I have given up on getting help and have developed my own (bad) coping skills. I just need to start fresh and with the right words. P.S. Thankyou a million times for helping me understand things I've never had explained to me, especially about BPD and topics that relate to. You are a beacon of positive, and realistic light.
yusss. Suffer from the same issue, me too I'm a quiet BPD. Trust in the process! tell them about your coping mechanisms. tell them of your anxiety about therapy and one therapist even did breathing exercises with me before and after therapy.
+Whitney Fitzgerald <3
+Kay Ska Very awesome page, thanks for showing me!
+Natnael ናትናኤል Very great of you to respond in such a kind and constructive way. Appreciate it. :) 
#katifaq when do the thoughts/urges to sh go away? Will they ever? How are we supposed to deal with them if they don't go away? I've been "clean" for over a year and still get the urges, sometimes they're really strong but sometimes I can brush them off. I'm just worried that they'll be there forever and I won't be able to fight them anymore. (FYI I don't have a Ther).
Cool! Thanks! Idk how to find it either, but I'll give it a look
I'm not sure Kati answers questions on Thursday videos but I wanted to let you know that she does have a video on this topic already. I'm not sure how to find it but it might be worth a search! xx
litterally 20mins ago my mum shouted at me and she said that I was useless and I always ruin things and that I'm selfish and not considerate to others and she basically said I was a doormat aswell . she said I had no common sense. and if I wanted to I could just leave the house and become adopted or she could just send me away to a bording school. I'm just crying so much and I don't know what to do.
Wow that's really scary to know parents actually say those things tot here children. Sometimes I get really up set for no reason and I would start yelling at my family and I would say the most meanest things I would call them annoying, selfish, and I would say no one cares about what you have to say, I would tell them to shut up things like that. I didn't go as far as what your mum said I think that was a bit over the top, I have a lot of problems at school and I stress a lot and my therapist said I have really bad anxiety and stuff so that's why I get mad, but if I feel like I'm going to say something over the top I just walk of and cry. If you don't mind me asking why was she so up set? You don't have to tell its probably personally I just want to help.
How long has this been going on? Is it a recent development? It sounds like a bad case of emotional abuse; I know the feeling. You should begin to seek help from your school's social service provider.
hey kati loved this I always fear this I feel so ashamed as I always let anger take control and that is how I lose so many friends and I don't just hurt me I hurt others kati how could I not let anger get the better of me and how to not make things result in restraint help I'm so stuck .
Thanks you too
No matter what and how you do, NEVER feel ashamed of this!!I believe in you!Have a nice day :)

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