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Postpartum depression therapist austin Videos

PBi Specialist in Austin TX shares placenta benefits for postpartum

//PlacentaBenefits.info - PBi Specialist Lindsey Roberts in Austin, TX talks about the benefits of using placenta capsules for postpartum recovery.

PBi Placenta Encapsulation Specialist on NBC News in Austin, TX

//PlacentaBenefits.info is the leading resource for placenta capsules and postpartum services. Lindsey Roberts, PBi's Placenta Encapsulation Specialist ...

Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Health Care; Austin Wellness

MySpace Friend Me! //www.myspace.com/psychtruth Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Health Care; Austin Wellness Dr. Vincent Bellonzi is a chiropractor ...

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You earned nothing. A person who holds a medical degree is still a person. What you do with the art and science is how we begin to measure effectiveness. Chiropractic Doctors recieve a very similar education as MD's (actually DC's recieve 500 more hours in most of the advanced sciences, etc.). In addition to being undeniably the most versed in spinal adjustive techniques, DC's are licensed to order laboratories and tests. We all must work together to help you know who.... Recieve chiropractic!!
chiros do not "fit" anywhere in this world of medicine to tell you the truth chiros in texas would not have so much power if there where more PT and MDs and really i did 4yr of undergrad in bio eng then 4yr med school where i had to learn the body from head to toe learn how the body reacts chemical to different types of drugs that we prescribe for a chiro to say he can read labs and prescribe is a joke take the Dr out your name and stop acting like if you can measure up to me a M.D i EARN it
As a PT, I have an issue with those chiropractors claiming that they provide physical therapy. This is knowingly misleading to the general population and very shady. I have had local chiropractors have post surgical knee or shoulder patients going to their office, thinking they are getting PT because the chiropractor advertises that they do PT. These same chiropractors do not have the education or training to treat post op conditions such as rotator cuff repairs, ACL recons., or joint replac.
i have a guestion i hope you can help me i have a lot of Mid back pain especially with bending or stretching my back. the mobilitie of my back is very low. what kind of x ray is the best to make for a good diagnose? for example i have lateral/ Ap view thoracic and lumbar x ray but you only can see wheter the vertebrae is broken or not so is there different x rays to determine subluxations or the mobility of the vertebrae ?and if yes how is it called flexion extension x ray is that an option?
I would agree jhicks, but lets not forget the effectiveness of such practices as Tai Chi and Qigong at preventing injuries as well as healing them. With the proper practice of such arts, healing an injury is as simple as adjusting your technique. For physical wounds on the flesh such as Eschar, one of course cannot debride the flesh with ones hands alone... It's rediculous that you pulled such an example out on the Martial Arts... But the point that not everything is for everyone is correct.
so what sort of program would you put someone with Right, Congestive Heart Failure? or what if they suffered a phase III wound, the wound base is dry, and contains alot of eschar, how would you debride it? not to discredit tai chi, or qigong, they are good practices for what they are, and if they help people, use those techniques, but there isn't one answer for everyone, for example, TENS, for some people it's great, others might not get any pain relief. good vid.
Here in KS, a majority of our chiropractors are not only incompetent but in it for the money. The one and only time I went to a chiropractor, I was told that my x-rays showed I had an old injury in my lower back that would require more visits to correct. I've never had lower back problems at all so I was immediately suspicious. I also told them that I'm not coming back. This chiropractor never charged me for the visit. I thought he was a total quack.
Please refrain from saying you do physical therapy as a chiropractor...... There is so much more to physical therapy than the modalities you use in a chiropractor office. There is acute, strokes, pediatrics, cardiopulmonary, sports medicine. Physical therapists perform may treatments that a chiropractor has no training in. Saying a chiropractor does physical therapy is like saying a physical therapist does nursing because they can check vital signs
Actually saying chiropractors do physical therapy is no different than a PT's saying they perform chiropractic. BOTH are protected entities and neither can claim they do the other. Chiro's can't use the term physical therapy or physiotherapy just as we cannot claim the opposite. However, much respect to this chiropractor for appreciating the similarities and differences of the two, but you can't say your perform physical therapy.
How would you know that a majority are as you say(incompetent), when you've only ever been to ONE? Did he just say it, or did he show you the spot? And as the man in the video said, there are good chiropractors and bad one, good physicians and bad ones. Qualified practitioners of all kinds come in hues of respectability. No offense, but your experience says nothing of the effectiveness of chiropractic therapy in general.
Absolutely. Chiropractors cannot claim or advertise they perform physical therapy or physiotherapy although they can use physical medicine and rehabilitation techniques. Physical therapy, physiotherapy, and PT are protected professional designations. Even MD's cannot call services physical therapy if no PT is employed, despite being considered qualified to use PT techniques.
monkeyman, if the chiropractor was in it for the money, then why didnt he charge u for the visit? ur contradicting urself!! just cause u visit one office withOUT getting treated doesnt mean they r all fake! i think u need a brain adjustment!
We have a PA in our office who was a chiropractor (which was a shock to me)and for some reason he just didn't feel comfortable with the science of chiropractic medicine. He never did elaborate.
Physical therapy? I recommend everybody check out Qigong, and Tai Chi. Ancient chinese healing arts, and Tai Chi is also a Martial Art. GREAT therapy, on ALL levels of your health.
I am trying to find which one to study. I have a natural health background and also graduating with the basic sciences from Kaplan but I dont know what to study DC or PT.
Overall Chiropractors are Physical therapists but they also know adjustment, the bad chiros are the ones who only do adjustments, overall they are both great fields
I know we can perform manipulation, and are trained to do so, but if we called it chiropractic, we'd be fraudulent (not to mention insulting our own profession).
hi if you are interested in physical therapy i found this cool site online that has a LOT of information called cyberpt check it out and tell me what you think?
Very informative video. Metriks' FCE software allows the healthcare professional to objectively quantify and report on a person's functional abilities.
PT has a better outlook, due to insurance reimbursement, but read the philosophies of both and I'd go with what you identify with more.
do YOU yourself do physical therapy or do you have to hire out a PT to work in your office... i'm debating which profession to go into
I'm not a doctor. I'm a guy that has discovered these things, and I'm planting seeds.
Sounds good to me. Chiropractic does wrok when you get the right one. thanks
@bisesik physical therapist can 100% perform grade 5 mobs/manipulations
good information
you're smart
neat vid.

KXAN Interview

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FROM THE VAULT::: Dr. Vache was interviewed by KXAN to describe #TMS, a then-new treatment. We continue to offer this amazing therapy and continue to see great results. Contact us today to learn what TMS can do for you!

A Therapist Gave His Depression a Name

John would never have thought twice about getting a broken leg set. But when his doctor suggested he be hospitalized for his depression, he balked.
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