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Postpartum depression st louis Videos

{466} Vlog • The Baby's Away & St. Louis Great Day

{OPEN HERE, IT'S CHOCKED FULLA INFORMATION} ▽ ▽ ▽ //www.glamazini.com //about.me/glamazini {everything else} {TOUR WAS THROUGH} ...

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Girl, you had us all faked out thinking you decided to let us finally see Flickerbug, but I understand. Chile, that fedora!! **back of hand to forehead** Its all the fabulousness there!! To think the only memory of having ever been to St. Louis was as a kid of 5 going to Six Flags back in the 70's. My sis still has the picture of my at the petting zoo and I'm giving this goat the side-eye cause he's like 2close. Yup!
It was fun to see you two out and about!! You were working that hat!! Hi to your hubby, he's been mia. I quickly thought the baby was flickerbug but went to the comments and auto-corrected myself!! I lost count of how many times you stuck out your tongue...LOL!
Hot and muggy with zero breeze, hard to breathe. It's like a high school bully has you in a headlock for three months. It's beautiful in the Spring and Fall though. It's a beautiful city. You should visit.
It's a pink sock monkey though ... pink = girl. Anyhoo, he has a ducky hat & if I show him I won't just slip him in all incognegro like that, I'll be explicit LOL.
That looked like such a fun day. Your outfit was too cute, and hubby's jacket was really nice as well. Also your niece was absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing.
Ooops, I'm sorry. I was half asleep as I watched it. I think a lot of people thought/wondered if she was your son. Well, your niece is sooooo adorable! :)
Chile, I wasn't even paying attention to that colors. I was stuck in all the adorableness..if that makes sense. Meanwhile, I'm coveting your fedora, YUP!
Aww you two are so cute, and those apartment as so nice, and was that baby Flicker bug? If so he's super cute!!!! That food looks super yummy!!!!
I've done the downtown Loft tour as well. It was pretty fun! The CWE house tour is also a good one to do. Your baby is adorable!
You look great! You and hubby seemed to be having a good ol' time! It's great to get some kid free time every now and again! :-)
I live in St. Louis born and raised yet I hardly ever go downtown. I think we'll try this tour. Too cool!
Roshni I hope I am not being too forward but your hubby looks super handsome with his haircut..
Lovin that hat! I saw the video when u purchased I like the colors and its cute on you!
It was so much fun. Check out the website, I put the link in the description box.
Scared of heights myself. But I thought the second batch of apartments was nice.
What's it like in St. Louis during summer? I'm curious, I have never been there
Cute outfit! Nice to you and hubby spending some grown folks time together.
No, the baby was my niece. Her mom said it was ok for her to be on camera.
very nice..i just stumbled across ur channel...and me likes it :)
Look at the two of you being grown! Looks like you had fun :)
iPad correction, I meant to say u make our city look good!

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This University has a personal connection for me. Thank you.
meow mAYOW

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