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How to make sriracha popcorn Videos

Sriracha Popcorn Recipe | FOOD BItes

Sriracha Popcorn Recipe*** //www.blogilates.com/?p=6905 Today we make healthy sriracha popcorn while I wear my sriracha costume dress. Yes, I know ...

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The reason why your popcorn went soggy is because of the sauce and lemon is very liquidy. Try using a teaspoon or so of coconut oil, a bit less lemon and half the amount of siracha sauce to coconut oil. Coconut oil is a good fat. Way better than butter. What I often do is this... teaspoon coconut oil squirt of lime chili powder fresh cracked sea salt fresh cracked pepper onion powder dill weed very small amount of cayenne pepper (optional)
I want that Sriracha dress! Omg, where did you get it??? I so want one! I put Sriracha on everything!!! Even on my pizza and salad. I love spicy food, and Sriracha tastes sort of mild to me because I eat it a lot. I hope the people who makes this kicks it up a notch or two adds more spice to it because I want it even hotter. Yummm!
I love that hot sauce. I'll have to make this sometime and I also love popcorn great combination!! LOL!! I'm going to follow some of your recipes and exercises cause I'm always eager to try and learn something new. Thanks for posting. What is a good exercise to lose your belly?? Thanks!
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Chocolate Sriracha cupcakes or ice cream! I've had a chocolate muffin with chipotle in it before and it was delicious, so I would assume sriracha would be similar! (: Not to sure how to make it low cal/fat though :(
can you use prune juice instead of lemon juice since they're almost the same thing, and tuna fish instead of popcorn? I'm allergic to popcorn so I figure tuna is the next best thing.
When you said "sriracha lolli pop' it totally made me remember one time when I was trick or treating as a kid and someone gave me a spicy "chili flavored" lolli pop. So gross lmao
Well I didn't think chocolate kimchi would mix very well but apparently is did, maybe you should make something like that :D even though it might not be healthy.. Hahahaha
Cute outfit! Thanks for the healthy snack video - agreed, sriracha goes with anything and everything. Looks like you're all stocked up for a blackout :D
Haha haha your amazing 5:55 I laughed so hard I love your workouts and your food bites videos! Your making me want to take a trip to Trader Joes!!!
After 2 weeks of clean eating exercise, I am eating my 'yolo meal' while watching this vid at like 11pm.... 9cookies. /guiltyashell/
When the pops start to slow start seeing if you can count to 4 in between pops first time that you can, it's ready to take out.
Love the outfit!! Where did you get the dress? and hat? (if you made it can you tell me how?) I loveeeeee sriracha!! so much!
Totally love all of your food bites! You make clean eating easy and fun+ it tasted amazing!! Keep up the good work!
I made this with a bag of Light Butter Pop Secret Popcorn (only ~120 calories per bag! I ate it all) and buffalo sauce :)
I just straight up use cayenne pepper XD but you gotta wait till it cools down (with the powder on) or you may choke XD
OMG my family and I've been calling it sPiracha for the longest time! >_< I need to look at the bottle closer. smh...
I found Sriracha from Finland! I got so excited! It was like 5€, but oh well ;D i have to try this recipe!
Love the rooster sauce outfit. Me and my there little girls love it too. I think i want that for halloween.
i need to try this. since i started eating clean i've fallen in love with things like sriracha and salsa.
I remember when I first had sriracha... I fell in loveeeeee. I barely ever use normal hot sauce anymore
the sailor moon is harder to tell is you, but I can see you in this uniform realize is you real fast...
OMG OMG ommmggg girl I love that stuff too and I got all these ingredients IMMA MAKE SOME TONIGHT 
OMG! My brother and dad have been using that sauce forever, but we never knew the name! Haha yaay :)
My cousin used put Texas Pete Hot Sauce on EVERYTHING pretty much now it's just most things
I just bought a bottle of sriracha and I LOVE it! It's hot and sweet at the same time!

Sriracha Popcorn

We bring Sriracha Week to an end by creating the ultimate movie snack - Sriracha Popcorn. This tasty treat isn't just one dimensional though; by adding the ...

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There is now a popcorn product made with Huy Fong Sriracha. I have only seen it at one place; an Asian market.
I love Sriracha on EVERYTHING. Gonna go home and try it tonight!
Nice video dude!

Sriracha popcorn - Whatcha Eating? #175

Tasting popcorn seasoned with everyone's favorite condiment Sriracha, but will it be a match made in heaven or a sad belly flop? Watch this episode of Whatcha ...

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My nickname is Sriracha XD
But you said just call you Bonnie...
Why did she say teriyaki balls before she ate ??? 
She said "itadakimasu". It means something like "I humbly accept this food"
+Aquatic Pets In all of her videos, she says "itadakimasu" before she eats, meaning thanks for the food.
Hmmm......I was hoping for an awesome Sriracha taste sensation. I know what you mean though. I have this problem with a lot of pre-packaged popcorn. I tried some strawberry popcorn from Vietnam and it tasted almost nothing like strawberry. :(
Ohhh that's a great idea! Hmmm...gotta try that one. You have some great ideas +Rudy Best 
Unpopular Opinion: I don't really like Sriracha :/
BOOOOOOO!! Lol jk. Kinda...
have you tried sriracha kettle chips? they're delicious! ....now that I think about it, you may have done a video with them, which is where I heard about them in the first place lol. In any case, sriracha kettle chips: delicious
+shaycshepard EDI <3 <3 <3
They're my favorite! The red curry ones are great too

Sriracha Popcorn ~ Sweet & Spicy

Great game day, movie nights or anytime snack! Sweet with a spicy kick! Ingredients: 6-8 cups of popped popcorn 6 Tablespoons of butter 1/2 cup of light brown ...

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I think Justin from AprilJustintv will like this
exactly what I was thinking
oH I would like that! Sweet and spicy. Have a great day. :)
+Tess Cooks 4u You too xoxox
It looks amazing. Im not much for spicy food but i love Carmel popcorn. I will definitely try this tho. You are amazing and i love your videos.
+stacy stancati the great thing is that it's not to spicy...doesnt burn your mouth. I hope you try it and if you do let me know what you think xoxo
I'm making this for my sriracha crazed son!
+Caleria Sand He'll love it...my son loves sriracha too and he devours this when I make it

Eating Sriracha Popcorn

Main Episode: //youtu.be/dyga4cjjiEE Get the GMM Coffee Mug! //store.dftba.com/products/good-mythical-morning-mug Get the GMM Poster plus the ...

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my brother knows the girls that sent the popcorn.
I know the little sister personally, what a coincidence.
I found GMM by accidently typing in GMM. BEST MISTAKE EVER!!
Really? Honestly, whenever I ever make a typo like that, I don't click on the suggestions. I just correct my typo and go for what I was looking for in the first place, lol. But that's a pretty cool way to discover GMM. Great job, Mythical Beast. :3
I'm a graphic designer, and digital artist. HIRE ME PLEASE!!!!! I'm serious, how do I apply, where do I apply, and how can I get your attention?
You don't.
Is clearly canadian...what kind of drink is it?
I live in a country outside US/Canada and since it's a beverage it's could go up to a hundred dollars if I'm unlucky. Also, I'm not even eighteen which means I can't shop online. These problems aside as someone who's the age of a high-schooler I don't even have the money for it. I haven't been a Mythical Beast for that long, just for a couple months but leaving out a large number of your subs just because they might not have enough on the financial side or maybe they're just like me and doesn't have the age or the money. I do support what you're trying to do and I do hope you suceed but you're leaving so many people out in the process. It seems so unfair, but life isn't fair when your wallet isn't big enough.
+Josef Roesler Flying to LA? o.O They're not doing in-person tours. It's a livestream. -- open only to wealthy fans. >:( NOT cool, guys!
What are you getting left out of?  You can't afford $30 but you were hoping to fly to L.A. to tour their studio?
Someone please tell me that Link isn't a jerk like he was in the hidden camera footage...PLEASE!!!
He's not, it was just a way for him to deal with the haters on the videos
are you mentally discapacitated?

Bacon Sriracha Popcorn

//golbsalt.com Purchase FACON here: //store.golbsalt.com/categories/FACON-%E2%84%A2/ How to make Sriracha Popcorn at home. The recipe can ...

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Thanks for commenting! We have great respect for the rooster! It's very important to use the correct pronunciation of any name. Thai and Lao pronounce it see-ratch-ā (that's a long A – which when spoken quickly can sounds like ey). We didn't go out of our way to pronounce it wrong, we did out best to give the proper Thai pronunciation. And, it still has not been substantiated that Sriracha sauce came from the town that bears it's name, that's only one possible explanation for the name.
Thanks for the vote of confidence! Glad you enjoyed it!
yay "ceerachi"

How to make Sriracha Popcorn

how to make a quick spicy Sriracha Popcorn. 4 TBS Butter 4 TBS Siriacha melt together put over popcorn.
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