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How to poach sea trout Videos

Seatrout Fishing in salt water - explosive action on the Ythan Estuary

Ythan Estuary Seatrout fishing, Is this better than salmon fishing? Why not visit their website and book some sea trout fishing? www.ythanangling.net.

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All they do is kill everything they catch it cunts like this should be banned from fishing the river Dee is almost gone good to see it rip-off prices it's time the government took these places over so all can fish them go on sturgeon get rid of them
I really would not bother for anyone thinking of going there. If the seals don't get the remainder of the stock then I,m sure the Usan netting will. Nice to see the anglers preserving the fish too. Not.
why do anglers insist on unhooking the fish before the last rites...its perverse to put the fish through that process alive....thoughtless and quite unnecessary 
2015 going to have a go for the sea trout on the fly, what rods were in use. I will be fishing the Tyne and Wear on the North East coast
Well done lovely fish ,hope you enjoyed the fight ,good to see it will fight another day , some man well done.
denmark is much better in Karup 24 pounders is big fish, these are heering.
Nice to see some coastal flyfishing outside Sweden :-)
were you fishing with a BFR?
Spin fishing! Blasphemy!
Where was auld sandy.

Fish course - Northern Ireland - Great British Menu 4

Richard Corrigan tastes the competing fish course dishes in the Great British Menu Northern Ireland heat. Danny Millar's dish is poached sea trout with crab and ...

Sea Trout on cauliflower cream Part 2 - Gary Rhodes Cookery Year - BBC Food

Gary Rhodes brings the ingredients together to finish his Sea Trout on cauliflower cream. Subscribe here ...

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The fricking oil was cold when he put the fish in, he is an idiot! He repeated the fry for that fucking colour!
Idiot. If u place skin side on sizzling pan. It will deform and burn before cooked. Go learn more from ramsey
I am not trolling! Look, just look! His time in Hells Kitchen is done!
Oh God, and the fish is raw! Take your apron off...
yeah, agree, i also think he repeated the frying.
god I just wanna punch you when I hear you talk
The fish is raw...it is not properly cooked!
rhodes sucks some serious cock when off set
Air - La Femme D'argent

Sea Trout Fishing - Valentine Warner

Valentine Warner goes sea trout fishing in the early hours of the morning. Food-lover and fanatical fisherman Valentine Warner fishes his way from the Atlantic to ...

Documentary on Sea Trout and Salmon in Ireland....

Great documentary from the 80's on drift netting, poaching and how the effects of overfishing will effect the salmon stocks of the future. The late Eamon De Butler ...

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Only the late Eamon De Butler (RIP) could combine stunning imagery with original traditional music to tell a complex life history of sea trout in an historic setting filled with such dedicated advocates as Sean Nixon (RIP) and David "Doc" Piggins (RIP). A young and enthusiastic Jim Stafford is now set to retire in the company of his lovely wife who ran Aasleagh Lodge and the Erriff Fishery with devotion to the joy of all visiting anglers. We wish Jim and Mary "tight lines" in their happy retirement. 
The fine then and now are funking joke and they still do jack shirt about Cormorants sad but true
To think its took 25 years for the government to twig on, now most rivers are cnr, feckin disgrace
How could anyone not like this??

FTF recipe sea trout

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