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How to verify username and password in jsp Videos

JavaScript Tutorial - Password Validation, Check length and confirm password

Check if the password input has minimum length and equal to confirm password value, also validate confirmed password using javascript. Get source code from ...

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Thank you man

Validating Null values and Passwords JSP and Servlet using DB2

to validate form field values from JSP page on Servlet.

How to Validate a Radio Button in PHP or ASP or JSP?

//theitvideos.com/ This video demonstrates how to make sure users select the Option button (or Radio button) control on the webpage. Follow: ...

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@edc0304 I am glad I was able to help! Keep tuned in, I am making and producing more videos at the moment and will be releasing very shorty. Just Subscribe to this Channel and you will immediately notified! Enjoy!!!
I spent quite a while trying to do this last night for my JavaScript class and wish I had seen this. I guess the important thing is I get it now, thanks!
Thanks soooo much! I've been up all night trying to get this stupid validation right! I can finally go to bed now.lol
@TheBeastyboy104 ok thats a good response. Its getting cold in here and i don't like cool things either.
how about in php? what is the syntax/code to write to check if its selected? thanks in advance =)
what if I want the values to remain as; "Male" and "Female" instead of 1 and 2
@luckyvidoes wat are u talking about
Very nice video man... keep it up!!!
good one aftab bhai!! (y)

Administrative Login Part Using JSP Part 4

In this video tutorial you learn,how to cross check admin username and password with database, depending upon login credential program redirect to respective ...

JavaScript beginner tutorial 30 - form validation text boxes and passwords

In this video I finally start speaking about form validation. I show you how to check if a form field has been left empty, and how to use a return statement in ...

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so why when you called the function inside the form tag using onsubmit was not enough to name it "check_info();" instead of "return check_info();" ?
+Quentin Watt so that is not a simple function calling?
+OrphydianLearning we were expecting a returned value?
can anyone help me please, whats wrong in this following code? function Ganesh(){ var username = document.getElementById("username").value; var Password = document.getElementById("Password").value; if (username==" " || Password==" ") { alert("Required fields are empty"); return false; } else { return true; } } Username: Password: 
+Ganesh Ananthula take the spaces out of username==" " and Password==" "You aren't looking for a space. you are looking for nothing. the quotes should be next to each other with no space""
I'm trying to figure out what script I should use for textarea. It doesn't work using that pattern. T_T
Ohhh wait I figured it out already. It's supposed to be ==0 instead of =="". XD
Thanks for this great tutorial, I changed the subject with same way to do it ,but it's not work, Can someone help?? Age Gender function requireInfo(){ var condition = document.getElementById("condition"); var age = document.getElementById('age').value; var gender = document.getElementById('gender').value; if ( age >= 65 && gender =="M" ){ condition.innerHTML = "* Please fill out From A"; } else if( age >= 65 && gender == "F" ){ condition.innerHTML = "* Please fill out From B"; } else condition.innerHTML = "* Please fill out From D"; } 
+MrBigfatbean i think you should nt use the condition.innerHTML in the if(){} statement you can use document.write or alert();
Are you Zimbabwean?? Random question I know but I can hear a slight bit of African in there for sure!!
+Quentin Watt  Got it .. Thanks!! :) Keep up the good work.. :)
nope. I never ever said that. A submit button submits data in the form to whatever page was listed in the form action. onclick is there just for fancy javascript actions. If you don't validate onsubmit then you won't stop the form from submitting if the data is wrong.
+Quentin Watt WHy do you use onsubmit event instead of onclick.. Both should be same right as per the definition you taught us in your lessons?! Please help me. Many Thanks.
South African

JSP and Servlets #5 - Getting values from check box from jsp page in servlets

This video explains how to get the value of checkbox from JSP pages in Servlets.

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i wish i could hear what you are saying
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