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Suzuki hayabusa idle adjustment Videos

It lives! My 1430cc '06 Hayabusa from-the-ground up build.

I just got done putting the tank on my modified Hayabusa and starting it for the first time. This was actually the second take, I had to make some minor ...

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Hey riquesc! I haven't dyno'd it yet but a stock Busa puts out about 160 bhp. With my set-up I'm guessing a modest increase of about 10 to 15 horses. Some of the modifications: De-restricted ECU with cylinder timing unified, rev limit increased, big-bore cranking enabled; 4-2-1 single baffle megaphone exhaust; APE adjustable cam sprockets set to 104.5 for intake and exhaust; APE manual cam chain tensioner; small airbox mod with K&N air filter; all long velocity stacks.
Great! I'm on the ground and running:) Mr. "Ale" is going over theory for the next few weeks.
Sik build bro!! I wana punch out my Bandit 1200 another 100+ cc's..
Post the rebuilt vid brah!

Suzuki Hayabusa 2012 Two Brothers Black Series Exhaust Idle (Back on two!)

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Two Brothers is really cool

BG's Hayabusa Idle Drive By

2008 Busa Just Broke 9K miles.

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What is the name of the exhaust you have on your Busa
Roaring Toyz full exhaust, not sure if they sell this one any more. Best exhaust I heard took a while to find it in 08!

stock hayabusa idle

stock busa idle, nothing special.

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Very nice. Was your fast idle out in this vid or is that where you set the idle?
its a 2003 anniversary edition, bone stock.
K8?? you need some better pipes asap!!
best colour for shue!

1999 Hayabusa idling with 8" pipes

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Copy and paste the link below into your browser to view updated photos of it with a 9" stretch and polished aluminum. Email me for the link...it won't allow me to put it in here.
I am not ready to sell it, yet. I stretched it 9" so I wouldn't raise up so much. Now it just goes through the rubber like crazy. I also polished the aluminum.
if the speedo said 185 you were doing 159.10 or close to it
Wow, beautiful bike. Great buy on your part.
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