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CCTV: 92 year old driver hits nine cars in 30 seconds

COURTESY 'MAYVILLE POLICE DEPARTMENT' A 92-year-old man in Wisconsin made headlines after a video surfaced of him hitting 9 cars in a supermarket ...

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Crazy and funny. 

60 Yr Old Driver Thrashed for Scolding Boy Who Scratched Car | Caught on Camera | Mango News

A 60 Year old Driver was thrashed by a Mob of angry Adults after He Scolded a 10 year old boy for scratching His Owner's Car.He was brutally thrashed with Belt ...

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"nice people"? Come to my country?

World's best 11 year old driver

Here's Joe driving his PT Cruiser. He loves this car so much, he wouldn't let me sell it. So, he drives it time to time. When he's 16, it's his. Here he is going from 0 ...

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@joegto69 Goat ^^lol :D I see you're not that good in geography :D The best country? How many other countrys have you EVER visited for more than 1 week (I have visited 9 countrys)? I think about... uh... zero, or mayb 1? Oh, btw, I'm from Hungary. And that's not the in the Third World. And you are a wizen-hearted jerk. I guess you don't know that they get 3 pounds for 12 hours work (I also guess that's too high for you to understand ˘-˘). But I think your caps lock ON is writing in my stead.
@ilovtuners youre a shit talking little faggot. a 14 year old bullshitting to adults.get the fuck outta here,youre not scary,youre not a hardass,and youre definitely NOT some fucking pro drifter.your a snot nosed little punk that likes to lie to strangers on the internet.get a life.Me on the other hand,I have about $6000 worth of guitars and musical equipment,an $800 big screen hi def TV,a 320hp 1997 trans am fully loaded,and a gorgeous girfriend.And its all true.have a nice day,fagot. ;)
All the kid did was accelerate in a straight line, but hey he's only 11 at least he will know how to drive when he gets his license, and who is the ass who bad mouthed the USA, I live in the UK and I'm British and I have been to the USA, to Vermont to be exact and it was amazing and there are few Vermonters who are "hicks" and just to make other British people mad, I own a 2010 Cadillac escalade, 2009 Cadillac STS-V, and a 1969 Chevy Camaro convertible that I bought in America!
wont you get arrested for this???? because im a Mexican and i live in the untied states and im 13 and i know uploading a video of me driving in you tube is illegal including when they are different races including officers and if i do this i would get arrested right away! but no. officers would stop me instead of another race that's how it is in the united states!!!! And yes im a American citizen!!!!! you know im going to do this too and see what happens! (ill think about it)
@hair189 well you can't spell correctly and if thats any indication of your intelligence, your just a small, feeble, angry, disgruntled human being who has nothing better to do than rant of the "teh internetz" about your drifting M5 in Arizona which in all honesty probably does not even exist, it is instead a figment of your imagination to make yourself feel better. Disprove my hypothesis with proof oh wait you don't have any
I drive by 6 my first time led tractor, car, motorbike, truck after my father who was one of the old katerpillar 777d and after the shipper katerpillar 992 c and after that a 994e Tractor 125ps is the bike is 159 cubic 24ps and is YAMAHA crypton the car was a peygeot rallye 106 230ps the truck which was the shipper 900ps 1000ps and 1140ps are 994'm from GREECE
Cute video. To all the haters who can honestly say their parents didn't let them drive on a deserted road or in a parking lot before you got your license. How many people roll through stop signs, run red lights and do over the speed limit. I see this sh*t everyday. Doing 120 on a highway that is 100. Don't even get me started on drinking and driving!
@ilovtuners sorry i think you should know before you lie somemore you have to be 16 to compete in drift competitions..... lol you have to have a liecense i know beacause i actualllyyyy compete rofl and i own a 2009 bmw m5 lolz come to one of my drift copetions here in arizona and well see if your as good as driver as you say :)
@RonaiHenrik First of all, I've been to plenty of other "COUNTRIES"- I figured I'd spell it right for you. Secondly, what does this have to do with this video? Third, I'd like to point out that you are still a USA HATING TOOL!!! Sorry to tell you Hungary is famous for two things- Goulash and being Josef Stalin's BITCH!
@Speedster159 yes. It's been garaged and is in storage. Not many parents would actually save the car that you grew up in for you when you get older. What's so different between the PT and say, a station wagon from years back? I have a ton of good memories from that car and that time. I have a GMC Yukon now.
@joegto69 LMAO!!!! You tricked out a PT Cruiser? I guess everyone has there own taste in cars. Just a bit of info though: 2000W system WILL lead to hearing loss. Mine was 1200W and after 2 yrs I noticed I was asking everyone to repeat themselves because I could hear. Just something to think about.
@joegto69 ye and iv drove a real car too, a truck, aint dat hard bro, lol and its even harder where i was driving it, not on smooth gravel, offroad, but dude i aint hating bro, hes a good driver for his age, i was just saying, i raced karts, and i dont race anymore eaither,
@Speedster159 u big faggot its an automatic and its gay .im from ireland and im 14 and my first car was a nissan 200sx s13 manual and i got it when i was 12 and im drifting in ireland and england at competitions and all u can do is drive in a straight line u gimp

Best car driver 5years old

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