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Best cars in gta 4 tbogt Videos

gta 4:Ballad of Gay Tony new cars and other things

here are some screen shots from the new Grand Theft Auto 4 - Ballad of Gay Tony Trailer enjoy.

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@ZangetsuBullet lol cheers for that also if he looked on my page i made a video when it came out with all the the things that he lists apart from the skylift. also a lot of people dont look at the date and see i made this vid about a month before the game even came out. also that guy...well i mean kid thats probably about 9 or 10 cant spell to fucking save his life. i had to read through that comment about 12 times till i could at least work out what it said.
Ah i got EFLC, now i need noCD cus in the torrent it used razors nodvd... afcourse heres a working way for multiplayer IF you bought the real GTA IV: at piratebay look for EFLC ali123, download, save to somewhere, install & play, game uses crack and it does problems in game, try using different no DVDs
@BassEura Buffalo: Finish a couple gangwars on TBOGT, when you get a mission when you are using boat, you will get it. The F620: Call either Henrique or your other homie, and press ''vehicles'' and then F620. Skylift: Only way its possibly to just jack yussuf''s chopper when he has it in this one mission
@Fz19000 He never said it was ALL of the new cars and things, he even said in the description that they were 'some' of the screen shots, as in not all. Oh, and learn how to fucking spell. What you wrote gave me a headache and made me facepalm at the same time you tool.
The first car is actually the Bullet GT, and looks a lot like a Ford GT (that's where "GT" comes from) =) PS: Yeah, i know the vid is old and was uploaded before the game realases...
@CARKing9 I know right? It took me 5 minutes to reply properly. 2 to actually read it. 2 to write my response. And 1 to take some advil for the the killer headache afterwards.
infernus looks very vice-cityish now i think thats why they made it like that if you have vice city or have played it that infernus looks nearly identical but better graphics
Its a expansion packs? the expansion add+ more cars, missions, and other things in your gta 4 game? or its only a new gta game, gta: ballad of gay tony?
Who fucking cares, the Caddy IS a Golf Cart, doesn't matter what the name is, it is still a Golf Cart, and OH MY GOD he accidently put e instead of a.
is it PC u got gta 4 alone i need you to send me your PC gta 4 game data (phone script and stuff) i cant get into multiplayer without the phone
if someone wants a free CD key for GTA 4 (works for eflc too,u can play mp) go n watch my video and download the key watch?v=z85xzS1Ko60

GTA IV: TBOGT- All helicopter locations (13 helis)

This is just a video recorded by me showing you where to find all 13 helicopters located in liberty city. Don't forget to subscribe and check us out on twitter and ...

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There's the golden buzzard the swift the skylift the helitor mavorick the buzzard the annihelicopter the police maverick the police helicopter the hunter the police anihelicopter The sparrow the maverick & the dildo and them are all the helicopters in any gta
And the accentir
Guys there is another chopper called the SWIFT. Located a tiny bit north of golden pier near the car park. Its in front of a building as you go down one of the small piers reply if you find it =3
+The MTG Gamer can you show the map?
There is not any on the first location for me
it works only in multiplayer (first)
There are no helis anywhere... 
Go to free roam

All new cars, bikes and helicopter´s of GTA IV The ballad of gay Tony

Hey, This are all new Vehicles of the GTA IV addon TBoGT. Want to have a free RapidShare Premium account? Here´s the Link: ...

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@bigbubba12345678910 go to your cell phone then you click on missions you search for this mission called ( For the man who has every thing) you will be sitting in the super drop diamond you shoot that fucker for who you are doing that missions (yusuf) then you will see mission failed you park that car in front of your house then you will have it :)
@HardcoreGamerzz The Limo youll get in one of the latest Missions with Tony. Drop diamnond: GTAONLINEFUN @brainynl1 If you cant wait to get the Diamond, get it in one of yusufs missions. Just kill him while youre driving with him in the Diamond, and then you can have it vor 1 Monat
one car is given to you by yusuf .... and later you can barrow his car. i took the car and parked the car in my parking space. and saved the game now i have the car whenever i want. and the hard top was lucky that i found it....and i parked it also in my parking space. good luck
@GTAONLINEFUN i dont have this game but i know some of the new ones you forgot thoug i have iv normal you forgot the new police cop the blue one and and i guess those are all .. :P if i find new ones when i get it ill tell you keep in kontact
Buffallo was always there, just had to get FIB to attack you since its there car. And Faggio has always been there too, for PC version atleast. But apart from that, good vid. Thanks :D
theres also the double t which was in TLAD also but its extremely hard to get but i think they spawn near the northern poilce sation in alderney, i had 1 but i lost it :(
@robrulesincorporated the police stinger isnt the fastest car in GTA its just like the civilian car but it has another color(purple or golden) and its from the police
The faggio is not new you dumbass and you forgot about half of the new cars and helicopters and their are more motorcycles to let you know dumbass
That car before Buffalo is Schafter and that car after Serrano is Tampa. Just that everybody who don't have this game know what are they.
@annodover you don't seem to know the difference in look of the Faggio or Schafter between the original and the DLC version "you bitch!"
@GTAONLINEFUN u forgot a chopper dunno whats its called cos some dude just used it in tbogt when i was playing its like huuge chopper

Gta 4 tbogt NEW car...Super drop diamond (new car in gta tbogt.)

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GRAND THEFT AUTO: EPISODES FROM LIBERTY CITY Coming to PlayStation 3 and PC this Spring. The two action packed episodes, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, will also be available for download via PlayStation®Network and Games for Windows®-LIVE on March 30, 2010.
I bet it's just luck but I've had TBoGT since it came out and all the SDD's that spawn there for me are hard-tops. Do you have to get a convertible one before Yusuf Amir gives you his?
i bought all the gta games a few days to a week after they came out i bought this one 2 days after it came out and had to wait until x-mas to play it (due to my xbox broke)
but yuh wasnt drivin it tha way its supposed 2 b drove. . dats shit slides like a muhfucka so yuh supposed 2 b swinqin dat shit ass first all over watever corner yuh hit =)
@christanrules5410 aye dude u have to pay money to get xbox live u got it for free for ps3. aye i got an xbox360 cuz my ps3 broke down so dont make fun of the ps3
Do u guys hear ur nerdy ass selfs ur fighting over youtube about PS3 and Xbox 360 clam down and get some sun Here somtheing u guys havent seen in awhile ☼
ive dun 20 percent i did the mission were i raced mori 4 da first time and i won and i drove around the blok and found 1 the colour was in creamish white
you dont need to beat the game, there are some missions where you drive it. just kill yusuf and save the car.
@Arsenalover14 i dont have any car mods but i do have some other mods that you can see on my channel
yo dude is there a way of doing car mods on the xbox 360 or ps3? if so could u make a vid of some?

gta 4 the ballad of gay tony new cars and heli: super drop diamond , strech E and the swift

this is my videos of the ballad of gay tony showing the super drop diamond , the stretch E and the swift.

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@loloy940 Wow! Not so manny people dont like this song! Actully most people the world love it. Go to /watch?v=4TgWg0KfrU0 to see a Club mix. Do you maybe like it? Or do you just hate this kinda of muisc? Not just the song? And hey, I know the artist of the song: Eric Prydz. He is swedish like me and is 30 years old, live in Stockholm whit his family and he is in a game. (TBOGT) No I dont know him but hes swedish like me!
after you have finished all of yusif amirs missions he calls you and tells you whenever you need the super drop diamond just come by my house , and when i went there it had ots top up but you can go back there as much times as you want and get it. also after he calls you the normal drop diamond starts being seen driveing around the city
@bbfgbfgbdfgbgfbdf on one of yusufs missions he will ask u to get his heli witch is the swiftgo, when u get there go on the map and set it as ur way point when u are done with the mission follow ur way point and it should be there!!
you only have 1 safehouse, but you have 16 parking spots (10 from niko, 4 from the lost and damned, 2 from luis) So you can use the parking space from the other games.
@ramonsosa2 when u finish the game the helipad wont have a swift it will have a golden buzzard. i saved my swift in my car park out side my house.
before you have completed the game its on that heli mad out in the water near the multistore car park on the secound island
@ramonsosa2 It's only park there because you finish the game. It's only park there before you complete it. Get it?
if i wanna play as nikko can i use there parking spaces? will i be able to sky dive and gold and that with nikko?
aaahh ok thank you very much i was looking for it all the time and i just had to finish the last mission of yusuf
i just done some club managment and i had to go pick some guy cakllad briuce spade up and you get a swift then
i dont know ive been looking for it myself but before you finshed all missions it where the golden chopper is

GTA IV 4 TBOGT Im Glitchingg's V2.5 BEST MODLOADER OUT !!!!!

Im previewing the new modloader that just came out from Im Glitchingg's. Personally I think its probably the best one out now. I also have a video of how to iso ...

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When I replace script.img in the iso it says its larger than the original so I replaced it anyway and when i hotswap it says select a device but there is no devices showing up how to fix?
Plug in the damn usb.
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