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Dell XPS 18: The desktop/tablet hybrid you'll probably buy

//cnet.co/ZYin63 The Dell XPS 18 combines an all-in-one PC with a lightweight 18-inch tablet, making it a flexible system for at-home entertainment and ...

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Why? What about having a tablet screen with touch makes a better workflow than keyboard and mouse, especially considering for the same price you get a bigger screen, dedicated graphics and higher clocked quad core CPU in an iMac? I wouldn't mind if iMacs could also be controlled by touch for general purposes, but for any kind of editing, touch and tablet just doesn't make sense lol. Or what advantages do you see with a device like this for video editing?
Why would you compare this to an iMac? iMac has no battery, no touch screen, is not movable at all. Compare this to an iPad which is better there enough said you can not compare apples and computers. This is a full computer that can run android, linux/ubuntu, windows xp,7,8 and give it a few months and osx. Its a windows 8 tablet on steroids.
I think this product is going to appeal strongly to people outside the US. Not only because of life styles, but also because many use their laptops - 95% of these have shitty specs - as a desktop because it can be very hard to afford any screen bigger than 15". With this, they get at least a good deal from both worlds.
No thank you. The point of a tablet is that it's small and portable. THis is too big, but when it's a desktop, it's too small. Too any compromises. This is a bad form factor unless they manage to work out a way of shrinking the screen so it's a normal size tablet and a normal size desktop
Check Out This Dell XPS 18 1820 Right Here On Sale!!! //rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575119020&toolid=10001&campid=5337662052&customid=Dell+XPS+18+1820&icep_item=271770301558&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg 
if you just use it in the house as an aio maybe. The dell xps 18 is a full on computer/tablet so you can take it with you to a coffee shop or lan party easily. Asus really missed the mark I love my dell xps 18 fits in my backpack has a case and i am running ubuntu :)
I'm actually working on a piece of hardware that dose what you are suggesting (sort of) It wont physically shrink, but it will work like a thin client .... but I've said too much and some big software company is going to steal my idea now ...
A really great product. I just wish it had an active digitizer stylus. That would make this a much more complete proposition. A stylus is definitely required for Active Reading vis a vis studying, annotating and note taking.
I think they should include a stylus with this device, seems like a great device for drawing and art. With the large screen u can really create and draw without the limits of the small screen.
Oh yeah must of missed it first time round, thanks. The one they have there looks clumsy tbh. Would be nice to have a single piece that comes out that you an adjust the angle of too
Mi. The other thing that is not an intended for the next couple of days. It is the best of all the way to get the best. If you are looking to buy it
What's the point of this if it's too big you can't carry it with you defeats the purpose of a tablet. Which in this case isn't portable.
This is the first concept I see that didn't immediately make me as what the hell was the company thinking. Bottom line: I want one!
I would seriously consider one once it comes with a Haswell chipset. That should improve battery on this to about 7 hours.
That's something you'd find in a Tesla Model S. Fuckkin hell, it's certinally not a tablet that you'll bring with you!
They don't. They already said touch screen surfaces can't be vertical. Your arm is going to get tired after a while.
This is the future - Apple will come out with their version in about a month - you heard it here first.
Sweet tablet! I'm actually of the mindset the bigger the better *ehem* ;) I mean for electronics.
Ahh i would love to have a 18 inch tablat i could jsut go to school with it in my backpack!

CES 2015: Start your car with your watch

We've just taken Hyundai's new smartwatch app for a spin. It lets you start your engine, lock your doors, and even find your car, right from your wrist. For more ...

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How to Winterize Your Sea-Doo 4-TEC Jet Ski

A complete 15-step instruction video on winterizing your jet ski. Performed on a 2012 Sea-Doo GTR 215 with iBR. A must-see clip for all jet ski enthusiasts who ...

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Newb question here but I just changed the oil in my 2015 GTR. To make a long story short I think I over filled the oil however when I check the oil after running it for 30 seconds, there will be oil sticking to the dip stick but when I wipe it off and put it back in and check it there is no oil on the dipstick at all. I leveled out the trailer on the rub rail so im pretty sure its leveled. Dose the engine have to be at operating temp before checking the oil? I didn't run it for 2 minutes on the hose so Im assuming im not getting a accurate reading. Im guessing its not too low because I would think I would get a oil light to come on correct? by the way thanks for your awesome videos!
The light won't necessarily come on if it's too low, or too high. It sounds like you're doing things correctly. The engine doesn't need to be warm. It seems to me you don't have enough oil, and you should add about a quarter of a liter at a time and recheck until the right level is reached. Good luck!
I have been researching about how much oil is actually removed & replaced. On the "how to" section of Greeenhulk forum, there is a detailed write up which mirrors this video (oil change part). One poster within the thread stated that although the 4-tec holds 4.5 QTs, that only ~ 3 QTs can be removed & replaced? Some claim 3.5 QTs. That sound right? If so, how is it that all the oil couldn't be removed?
That's right. I usually get about 3.5 QTs out. You can never get it all out, because all of the oil can't drain to where the end of the suction tube is. There's a great CG video showing the oil circulation in the Rotax 1503 engine to give you a better idea. I don't know where the original video came from, but it can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7zDoIy_QqQ&list=PL228C89D00CAAE0CB&index=2
Muito legal tenho get ski seadoo gti 130 eu mesmo vou dar manutenção gostei de mais valeu..
Boa sorte e muito obrigado pelo seu comentário.
in 2014, I bought a used 2013 GTI with 40 hours on it. Can't say anything about winterization procedures prior to owning it. There was some water in the hull that was clear but with a slight slimy consistency. I've soaked it up and maintained oil level and changes and monitored coolant level. It seems that the slime is coming from coolant but I can't pinpoint the leak. I've never had a mix of coolant in the oil, oil changes have been clean and dipstick looks good. I will use an inspection scope here soon to track it down, but do you know where the common leak points would be? I'll post back with what I find as I investigate further. Thank you!
Thanks for the update. Some of these machines came with 3 year warranties. You should check with the person you bought your machine from to see if it's still covered. Sounds like it should be. Good luck and thanks for sharing.
It was out of the weep hole. The hole was full of coolant, only held in there by the meniscus. Must have been small amounts as to not make the fluid in the hull very dark. Rotary seal replacement I guess.
The service manual gives some direction that it could be a faulty rotary seal if the weep hole has coolant flowing. Will update.
+3ftDeep I will definitely keep you posted. I'm pretty savvy with motors and this clear slime had no look or feel like an oil slick I have ever seen. No color at all. I will inspect all the hoses again and will get under the motor and round sides with an inspection camera. I know it's coolant and not oil, just need to find where it's coming from. Motor runs and sounds great. Will update after the weekend. Thank you!
I'm not sure what you mean by "slime", but I assume it's a "slick" you're seeing on the water in the hull. One thing to keep in mind is that the coolant is water soluble, so shouldn't create a slick (or slime), but the oil could. It may be that the previous owner had one or more spills while filling up the oil, and that's what you're seeing. Check all the hoses for leaks (especially at the connections), and check for broken hose clamps, as they can break by over-tightening and engine vibrations. Good luck and keep us posted.
Ave got the 2014 gtr 215 how come my drain plugs have hoses on them ??
The drain openings connect to the bilge system. The tubing connects to the pump where a vacuum is formed (when the drains are closed) as the water passes by, drawing water out of the hull with it. When the drains are open, water in the hull can flow through a filter out of the drain holes.
fog oil = xps lube ? i was told to spray seadoo fog oil to engine by removing the injector rail, spray it while cranking the engine in drown mode.
Thanks i will try.
That may be why they stopped the process on our engines. Chris and I have the same engine (different models and years, though), but we fog them differently. Both seem to work, though. Good luck getting the rail off!
+3ftDeep my older 2005 seadoo sportster need to remove the fuel rail to apply the seadoo storage oil, i spray it and do the drown mode and crank to have it lube inside. i think your newest model seadoo ski doesn't need this step any more. unluckly one of my seadoo fuel rail bolt stripped, need to find out how to take it out. it won't want to come out at all :(
The service manual for older models had different fogging instructions. I'm not sure why they changed it (it's the same engine), but they probably had a good reason. Chris and I still debate which method to use, but I always go by the service manual. You can use the Sea-Doo brand, but you can use other brands. Thanks for your comment.

Riverview Auto Sales 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4X4

Walking around near outside Naif Souk

The Loft Outlet Jewelry & Clothing Shopping Haul.wmv

Had fun shopping at The Loft Outlet and found a whole bunch of jewelry to less than 25.00. I also purchased a dress for only 13.00. It was a great shopping haul.

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I think that you need to have your OWN style..and NOT what others would want or wish you to wear... just have fun with what you do with jewelry and clothing! Sometimes you can find great things also at thrift stores..I shop all over the place! I love Chico's..it IS expensive..and I get that a LOT of people might not shop there..but, for me..it helped because I hate to clothing shop at times..I get kind of lazy about it! They helped me immensely with colors that I "thought" that I could NOT wear!

First Look Belkin WeMo Switch + Motion 2014

car technology,car technology of the future - documentary,car technology of the future,car technology 2014,car technology documentary,car technology of the ...

Ring Automotive FM E-Can+ Power Inverter Review

The Ring Automotive FM E-Can+ Power Inverter is a handy device for powering your gadgets in your car. Now it has some handy extra features too. Useful Links ...

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Hi Dave,Cool idea for the car
@Maxsdiscos It could be smaller, but if you have low cup holders it raises the sockets for easy reach.
wouldnt use this from day to day, maybe for long distance journeys.
Would you say that it is a bit on the big side, could be smaller?
@vLeOv He said in the video thats it's around £35 - £40!
Really good device thanx for the review is it in usa?
looks good how much is it?
cool video dave
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