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Asheville nc knifemakers Videos

Knifemaking nomad: Black Mountain with Javan Dempsey

Traveling from Moravian falls, NC to visit my friend Javan Dempsey in Black Mountain, NC near Asheville.

Paragon Asheville Apex automatic knife review

This is an awesome automatic out the side Persian style knife from Paragon/Asheville.

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@abt420 I actually sold it about a month ago. I would recommend the now discontinued Spyderco Citadel (comes in two sizes) over this. They are currently being blown out for super cheap by cutleryshoppe. I just picked up my second one the other day.
That is really nice, yeah I'm learning its tricky to do knife videos with the camera in the way but its hard to see what your doing if its not in the way... =-/ Excellent review
Yes! It's not that great. It's not bad, just not great. There are better autos ou there for the money. I would recommend picking up a Spyderco citadel if you can find one
@VolundoftheSky It would get the job done, but I would pick the Citadel over this hands down. Beter ergos, better design, thicker blade stock.
@xXshaneofruinsXx Oh yeah. My only regret, is i'm thinking I should have gotten the satin blade instead. Guess Ill have to get another...
I think that the pocket clip is so far down is because of some state laws that say you can have the knife as long as it is not concealed
This knife recently caught my eye, how's it holding up? would you still recommend it? Great Review Man Thanks.
So what do you think of this knife almost two years later, has your opinion changed Bro. Thanks
how would this compare to the Citadel or other autos for a defensive/edc auto?
@apophysis7 Wow...I don't know what to say man. Thanks!
@ASHEVILLESTEEL Wow! That is going to be tight!
Beautiful just beautiful, keep em coming B.
Will probably be my next auto 
wana sell yours B.
Already gone bro

Paragon Knives by Asheville Steel Para-X Blood Line OTF AUTO

See More: //kcoti.com/1laJf47 Specifications Blade Length: 3.5" Closed Length: 5.25" Cutting Edge: 3.25" Overall Length: 8.75" Blade Thickness: 0.12" Blade ...

Knife Law: North Carolina | KnifeHog

In the state of North Carolina, it's legal to own Bowie knives, dirks, daggers and other stabbing knives, switchblades, gravity knives and disguised knives. It's also ...

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From what I have found there is no age limit on open caring a legal knife in north carolina but it's always random people saying it on the internet. Is that true? I'm 17 and would like to correctly and legally protect myself. Thanks
I'm 15 and I carry a Bowie knife with me everywhere I go. The only time I was stopped was by mall security and it was only because they wanted to see my knife. As far as I know as long as its not concealed there is no age limit.
So would it be illegal to carry an SOG Fixed Blad "Snarl" knife in the small sheathe that it comes with attatched to a belt with an untucked t-shirt that covers it? Sorry i'm not familiar with types of knives so i don't know what that knife would fall under. Plenty of pictures online if you're not familiar with it. It also has finger holes for gripping it so i have no idea if that would or wouldn't effect the legality of carrying it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Well that sucks, aren't there exceptions if you use it at work? For instance, i'm a land surveyor and i use a knife a lot during work so if i carried this for that purpose (during work hours and on my way to work and home from work) would that make any difference?
+SINister Gaming (SINxWARLORD) pretty much if it's not a pocket knife then it counts as a Bowie knife or dagger. In relation to that specific tool/weapon it would count as a stabbing knife because it is a "fixed" blade
Can you please do Ohio? It's my home state but I don't really know the knife laws. ;-)
+outlan Here you go! Knife Law: Ohio | KnifeHogThank you for watching and keep a look out for more knife laws! 

NC Maker Faire Promo

This is a promotional video for North Carolina Maker Faire. For more info, please visit: //www.makerfairenc.com Video was shot, created, and edited by ...

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doubt it. i don't think he lives on the east coast of the US.
Whats the music used in the trailer ?
We want more videos in this channel !
I just made this channel today :-)
Who else came from Tinkernut?
What's the name of the music?
there's a typo 0:47 (hakers)
I think he lives in Florida.
Will kipkay be there?
o.O 0 subs
good one

Fire on the Mountain | NC Weekend | UNC TV

Spruce Pine, North Carolina reveals the art of blacksmithing during their annual Fire on the Mountain festival where many blacksmiths show their process, ...
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