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Asheville nc wfc Videos

WCF 2015 Retreat Experiencing the Power of the Holy Spirit 1

Cliff Jump at slide rock

Ran in to this guy at slide rock. was gonna jump off a 50+ foot cliff. told him to hold on and ill video it, and if he broke his neck it was goin on youtube.... no broken ...

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@MrCoyotehunter22 that shit is soo gayy idk why i thought it would be scary..it looked super high but when i got up there i was like wtf? next time im findn a bigger cliff to jump off of.
i jumped off this twice last year, i went straight to the bottom and hit my feet so hard i started to bleed haha, and its atleast 50 ft, the lower one is 40 ft
when i was there, i jumped off the cliff that was infront of you when you jumped. i was too chicken to jump off that one..haha :D
i jumped off the lower one(the one to the left)when i went last year but when i go this summer im jumping off that one
i went there this summer asked the park ranger how high it was and they said it was 40ft and like 13ft deep
I jumped. Involuntary yelling on the way down! Has anyone ever jumped off the bridge?!!
this plac is amazing. Jumped off this cliff yesterday like 3 times haha had a blast
lol i jumped off of that like 14 times in a row. i was so tired after that..
when i said "the one to the left" i meant the one behind the camera
i asked the forrest ranger guy, said it was 33 ft exactly.
haha i jumped off that today it was so much fun!!
I just jump there today for my first time ! ;)
i gotta video just like that have a look at it
i jumped off the bridge it wasnt scary at all
@dtran602 me too haha i did it yesterday

Bo Bo Gallery in Asheville with Maria Voisin Salseros 828 Documentary

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Haha, yes.. lighting was a little slim that night!!

Dragster for Sale

Dragster for sale -454 468 racing engine; all electronics; powerglide with transbrake; electric shifter- $15000 or trade for two-door streetrods 1923-1940 ford or ...

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how much
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