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Car title in two names one dies Videos

Sir Jack Brabham, Three-Time F1 World Champion, Dies At The Age Of 88


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When i was but a wee lad one of those strange scroll shape clouds rolled over my head while i was in the playground at recess. A small rain down did rain ...... and my life was never the same. ''Who else is gonna bring you a Broken Arrow '' ... at that same time period the Avro Arrow flew over our Elementary School on its last and probably first flight before it was moth balled.[a good frend of mine, Ken Watson, also attended the same school ... Elementary my Dear Watson.]
In the Political Maps of the planet are the B Orders... B is 13 is the Trivium from the Quadrivium. They converge at the CAP Stone into a single MAN. That Man is PerFected and 1 Tier above and thus the Floating Eye. Smoke and Mirrors .... '' smoke gets in your EYE '' ... and that Man is whomever proves Worthy. It is also that post that i'm climbing two Words because it is open to ALL... its a hole in the Grate YT Wall
Lennon was the Thin Man .... and his greed got away from him. Looks like the Yoko was on him after all. He was a Bishop sacrifice.. Pawn takes Bishop ..... where's my cheque? ... Double Fantasy ... Bi Shop .... lone gunman my ASS. The Transit of Venus. ''There's a little black spot on the sun today '' .... the Police.....Eve's TrawFing ... the tear ducts on a home. To the Devil a Dotter
''Jenny Fur Jew Nippur '' ......hahahahaha. That old Velvet Rooster used to blatantly raise his cig holder up high in his teeth .... if you DIDNT know that they were ALL in cahoots with one another, you know it now. He was saying....'' Cig High' .. Seig Heil ..... and the people cheered ..... gawd how M bare Assing when you think of it now.
I'm a Knows and Eye Dropper not a Name Dropper. But all ways keep this in mind when you gawk with open jaw at the elect up there on their podiums of greed... they SOLD OUT .... they sold their art and music to the highest bidder.... and in so doing they corrupted whatever message it may have held. THERE ARE NO HEROES DOWN HERE. NONE.
'' Ashes two Asses, Dust to 4Rust if the Low Red don't take ya then the Dust Devils MUST. Goodbye America . You're getting your Just Deserts. FYI .. i put a knows drop in the vid for you because after stepping in all the Jaw Droppings from everyone else it gets pretty frickin' smell Lee from the RANK and PILE
The Arrow was Canada's attempt at moving into the Mass Murder market with a fighter jet. My entire life has been one long stretch of Omins..... the Hidden Hand delivers the Oman .... the O means COMPLETE and WHOLE not holy ..... although i do have the requisite holes like everyone else ....hahahahaha.
I see u have been very busy thinking and putting alot of thought into this particuliar matter........very awesome....xoxoxo
package pending...for love asked to be needed...signed sealed delivered...by the fair aisle...O
Voynich.. Very neat

Ken Venturi, golfer and broadcaster, dies at 82

Ken Venturi, who won the 1964 U.S. Open golf championship in dramatic fashion and became a longtime television commentator, died May 17 at a hospital in ...
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