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NWO and the United States: rejection of God, police state & biblical signs (6)

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Thank you for continuing to put these videos out there. It's a shame that more people don't watch your videos. Most folks would rather stay asleep. Only the smart ones will be awake in these troubling times. God bless you for trying to help. 
The video was produced by someone whose name I refuse to divulge for he doesn't understand the mark of the beast.  To God be the glory!
I watched the video 2:35 mins., and I saw 3 RT reports... Why so many RT (Russia Today) news segments to prove Biblical Prophecy, FOY? Do you trust what the folks who once said 'there is no God', and 'religion is the opiate of the people'? The ones who operated the KGB may be the same people now offering reports in American English... AlJezeerah, PressTV the same thing.
+ArsenioALembertJr You're not being contentious at all. I just turned 50 in early February and I do remember the days of Brejnev, Carter, Reagan, Khomeini, etc. The engineered cold war was its peak in the early 1980s and then, the Berlin Wall came crashing down in 1989. Regardless if they're Russian or American, Chinese or Iranian, mainstream media cannot be trusted. As you know, the governments are using "their" media as government mouthpieces. That's why I turn to alternative media sources and to a certain extent, RT is one of them although they do slant in favor of Putin on the odd occasion. But at least they do challenge the Russian government when Putin's opponents suddenly disappear. FoxNews is controlled by big American defense contractors who keep spewing the same anti Russian, anti Chinese, anti "fill in the blank" slant with their infamous "alerts" popping up every minute or so. CNN and MSNBC are the most liberal, so they definitely cannot be trusted and then you have ABC and CBS in the middle. So what is the correct news? From Fox? No. From CNN? No. They're all controlled by the elites and their money, the worst of the culprits is the Vatican whose pope controls everything that is of the world.
+friendofYeshua FOY:I don't mean to be contentious, just that I am older than fifty years old (and remember a time when Russkies such as Nikita Kruschev swore to destroy the U.S. and its western / free enterprise system), and frankly do not trust anything labelled Russian, except Russian Salad Dressing,I am also a Veteran of the USAF;  So, just like AK 47, news reports by RT, or Gorby's sporadic comments, I consider to be propaganda.  Actually, I don't believe in any corporate media conglomerates, but, my money and attention will go to any Domestic / controlled media outfit before any Russian, Iraninan, or Arab.  That's is my perspective, friend.  
Do the likes of MSNBC or even Fox News support God or His prophecies?  MSNBC reject Christ openly, so does CNN and Fox is run by the Roman church, which does not understand Bible prophecy because they reject God's law.  

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