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Bubble tea acid reflux Videos

Tips for dealing with acid reflux and colic in babies

Parenting expert Nanny Robina shares tips for dealing with babies that have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and colic.

Polarbear - 'Heartburn'

half an hour free and a flip camera. @homeofpolar on twitter.

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I hav jus stumbled upon polarbear, wow...jus wow the wordplay and intellect are absolutely too much for too many ppl to even comprehend, it kinda reminds me of that luoe fiasco song "dumb it down" i think it called, this guys intelligence in wordplay is his only downfall, as it narrows his audience the rest just see or hear the sylabols n wordplay, but thats jus the delivery, the more i listen to this guy the more i think how hav i never come across him before? Nuff love bro,................
Don't know where the spoken word scene will be in 5 years time, but since this video was posted it only took 2 years to get to a point where you had a Birmingham club venue packed on a friday night, with all the smoke and lazers(ish) you could ask for. This was my first experience of said scene and it won't be my last, I am using you and Pip to demonstrate what a good night it was, Cheers.
dude, you had me crying in laughter at the end....the pipe, cuppy.....all you needed was a smoking jacket and a pair of slippers, hahahaha. too good man. the lyrical content as well.... wow man. loving the spoken word thing right now. if anyone has any suggestions beyond the realms of polar bear and scroobius pip, gimme a shout. appreciated
HAHA! Wicked!!! I Love your style bruv! You tell it how it is! You need a good deal bruv. Message me mate, let me hook you up with a website ;) Safe... I just commented on your Jessica Video too. I'm hooked on this scene now. From one lyricist to another trust me. Let me hook you up mate ;)
your words are honest and inspiring as always, would love to see them with a tune underneath, so that they would finding it easier to reach a younger audience to offer an alternative to the so called magazine celebrities who views are bought and sponsored by the corporate scurge
got sessions and the bear years ago. so amazing! do more tracks with tempest! loved concrete pigeon! stop drinking tea and write songs fucker! your too entertaining for this coffee table bullshit! and if you do another show please bring it north! Humbly yours 
Have you read Chart Throb by Ben Elton? Takes a great look at the whole reality 'talent' competition thing. Also, I'm still showing my mates 'Jessica' after hearing it like.. 4 maybe 5 years ago? Keep it up man :)
@polarbearpoet Well she is a wise woman! lol You should def. get a website sorted. You doing any festivals this year? Did'nt realise you're a Brummie! Ha, even better! Do some gigs in Warwickshire!!! :D
seen you at lattitude couple of years ago ,only eclipsed by my wife's proposal on that same stage.please let me know when you're playing ireland again....? thanks so much for everything you've written
Thanks very much. Always fun when you post a video up, forget about it and then get reminded when somebody gets in touch. Glad you like the stuff and thanks again for listening. P
Thanks for the kind words. My nan always said, 'a cake without layers is just a cake'. I try and apply this principle to anything I make. Cheers, P
hi pbear. just stumbled on this vid which we'd not seen, and it made our hearts warm. :) hope you're well. x (also 4:11 onwards... brill. :) )
where do i find the vid of you on bang said the gun? ive only seen the one with you on it once and its a good poem want to listen to it again
@vicberger Thank you. Been concentrating on longer pieces lately, but getting some new shorter ones together. Appreciate the support. P
@Anneka Duffield The only problem is i live in coventry and i never get to hear about these sort of nights as most are in Birmingham
heard you for the first time today:o your amazing! man please put up more videos, you remind me of myself! your a real hero
Fabulous! Great choreography around your flat. It's so refreshing (and effective) to see strong words with soft images.
Love this one man. You were awesome at the Roundhouse too, was wicked to meet you. Hopefully see you around again :)

Review of Mangosteen Drink and Boba Milk Tea Drink

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You should give a rating for the drinks you review and try to review as many drinks as you can! the real charm of what you have going is that your doing something that not many people do and thats reviewing something a little unfamiliar to most people like Asian drinks. Keep up the great work and you will pick up popularity one of these days. Also put in descriptions =)

Burping Loud With Ice Tea - Secret Revealed

drinking Ice Tea without bubbles i prefer more then beer it's realy good for burping.For a long time,without making to much saliva after a while that makes those ...

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wow. you are the top. the my perfect and powerful amazing burper!!!!
Can I get a large fry, two large ice teas, and 10 whoppers?
wow another awesome long loud burping video keep it up
wow !!! I want your burps on my face!!!!!!
Wow lol another wow comment !!
Wow ! that bass in them :D !
Please burp for me on Skype
Wow thanks xD!

Woman Who Has Never Eaten Solid Food Lives off Milk, Tea and Water

Read More: //www.GistOnThis.com Manju Dharra, a 25-year-old Indian woman, hasn't had a bite to eat since she was born. For the past two-and-a-half ...

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cure diabetes naturally fenugreek study | natural remedies

cure diabetes naturally fenugreek study | natural remedies live video-learn-diabetes-natural-cure-technique ...

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Tea Tips - Episode 11 "Cooking with Tea"

Did you know that adding a bit of tea to your cooking can create delicious meals? This week we go over to Dr. Tea's kitchen to learn how to cook with tea.

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The champagne of teas is Darjeeling. but that is nor here nor there. Good cooking ideas, looks delicious and I may try it myself.
I like how someone said "Bye" to him while this video was shot. Classy response from Dr. Tea as well!
I completely agree with you. Darjeeling is perfect for cooking.

Best Drinks for Pregnancy Nausea

I need to know the best drinks for pregnancy nausea. Probably not what you were drinking that got you pregnant in the first place. I know not to drink alcohol ...
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