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Tea Talk with Jen: Part 2 (April 2013)

If you saw my first Tea Talk Q&A style video, you already know that it ended up being much longer than I originally anticipated, so I split it up into two videos.

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I think it's different to ask someone if they're having children vs. when they're having children. Asking when assumes that they've made that decision or that there is some societal expectation that all married couples can and should have children. Making assumptions is generally considered rude. Just because a person is open about parts of their life doesn't mean they want to be open about every part of their life. I hope that helps...at least, it's my take on the discussion about this issue :)
When you sidetracked and started talking about a HUGE cat outside I couldn't help but LOL You are a genuine person and that is one of the reasons why I got drawn to you. OLJ & MHWH has also helped me get out of a rut ever since I stopped working & became a housewife/stay at home mom. I felt like my life halted & I couldn't figure what to make of my new role in life so OLJ & MHWL has gotten me through many days of feeling unproductive, unhappy, and not motivated. SO I THANK YOU FOR YOUR CHANNELS!
No it doesn't. I have fertility issues and cannot have children, but am blessed beyond belief to have two beautiful adopted children from china. It is human nature to ask questions- I was asked constantly about children- and was honest in my answers. I received so much love and compassion from people that I didn't even know well. When you are on youtube and discuss your bathroom habits to strangers, I find it NORMAL to enquire if you want children when you are watching their everyday life.
To all of you that ask her whether or not she's going to have a baby, stop asking. It's incredibly rude to ask such a personal question. Just because a person is on YT does not give you the right to total access to their lives. And for those of you who say that she's not maternal....how did you come to that conclusion? How many of you can say that you were "Mother of the Year," BEFORE you had kids? Jen treats Winnie better than some people treat their children! Nice video, Jen! TFS! :o)
I understand your love of Disney! We go for 2 weeks every year & people are always asking when we will get tired of it. We tell them probably never, lol! My hubby works 7 nights a week & rarely ever takes off unless we take our daughter somewhere. So that's pretty much a guaranteed time when he can be off & not be called in on his time off. Plus, we go at our own pace & do what we want to do while we are there! Vacations are unique to each person so do what works for you and enjoy it!!!
Thank you for being such a genuine person... it shows thru your vids. And also the fact that you started making vids not to gain viewers or make money. I find that most people who started making videos 3 plus years ago all had good hearts.. most people do it now for the money I mean they have some interest but mostly to earn money. I think its great we can make money off making videos (a hobbie) but we shouldnt fork out tons of vids or be fake in the vid just to gain viewers and money.
Jen you're such a strong person and I am so happy that you are able to ignore the ignorance of YouTube and make this a mostly positive experience for you. I have watched you grow so much since day one and I would like to think I am growing with you. You are a brave, confident, organized, loving, kind woman and I am so glad I have been able to get to "know" you through this medium. Much wishes for success goes to you, Don and Winnie with your YouTube "careers".
Russia holla! I'm really happy you said you'd really like to go to Russia. My husband hails from there. Whenever you will go, and want to go "off the beaten path" away from the usual tourist fair, let us know you're headed there and we will show you around south Russia =) then, we can hop a plane to the Philippines... my side of the family has a home (like yours has one in Utah) that is open to us and guests. Someday Jen... someday!
Dear Jen, I found very inspiring what you said about criticism: it is so true that if you are affected by a feedback, there might be a deeper reason behind it that you have to analyze, it's an opportunity of growth, thank you for putting that into words, it really helped me see a negative feedback I received today in a new way! I really like these tea talks! :) hugs from Italy
I think it's important if you want to put yourself out there to stay true to yourself. Sometimes, words are just words, and mean things people say are just a reflection of their own issues and not really something about you. You need to find what works for you to still feel safe in body, mind, & spirit. No one can take your own truths away from you but yourself. ((HUGS))
I didn't watch these videos before because I thought it was about tea lol. But I read some of the comments and one other person mentioned the Disney Resort in Hawaii. We went there in January for part of our trip and it is fabulous. The beach is gorgeous and everything about it is perfect! Also you had mentioned you love art and that is a big part of the resort as well!
I just stumbled upon your videos and you're adorable! I'm addicted to your videos now! (: if you're ever looking for a new place to travel with a familiarity..I would highly recommend the new Disney resort in Hawaii. It's incredible! The property is absolutely beautiful and the service incredible(like we expect anything less from Disney). Hugs from a fellow Chicagoan!
I love how you express yourself, you are very respectful of other people. I have a totally different view when it comes to travelling but it was fun to hear your thoughts and opinions. And it seems like you know yourself very well, I got a lot to think about when you talked about the negativity. You could totally do some sort of "advice"-vlogs too! :)
Since this is a question & answer video & she did say that we could ask her ANYTHING, it;s just natural for people to be curious about certain aspects of someone's life. She does get VERY personal with us about her life & she can just not answer the questions that she doesn't want to answer. BTW, I think she would be a great mom! Just my two cents :)
Why people always ask about going somewhere else than Disneyworld? Im a huge fan of Orlando/WDW I will be more that happy to be able to go each year.. and several times... Im really looking forward for your 1st visit with baby girl - I know.. in a couple of years... -... Someday I will love to see how you create your scrapbooks of WDW trips..
Hey Jen, my husband and I are currently travelling around the world. We are in California today, Arizona tomorrow and then on to Utah and the rest of the 50 states. We love travelling but also are looking forward very much to settling down and having a home one day :-) I think there is value in both :-)
Someone that is open and forthcoming enough to even discuss that they see a therapist, have IBS, ect. and it is uncouth to ask do you want children??? Who the HELL are you.You don't know me, how dare you say that I have no manners! That I don't have any social decorum! How laughable are you. very sad.
You've inspired me to get a kitchen scale to keep track of all my yummy snacks...I snack at about 3pm and sometimes over indulge and won't be hungry to eat dinner. Love your videos! Oh and you should do an all about 'Tea' video! (if you haven't already)
Btw, we live in Virginia and rarely get out traveling for the same reasons you and Don have but it's nice to know that we have a couple home bases half a world away whenever we want something more exotic and something from our roots. Love these videos!
Completely agreed. I don't know why people think it's any of their business when Jen (or anyone else for that matter) is going to have children. Or if they're going to have children. You'll find out when/if she decides to tell us she's pregnant.
I also love working out. The feeling of being in shape is like no other. :) I'm the mommy to three little girls, pregnancy does a number on the body. Working out is a must to stay healthy and renew my energy to keep up with my girls. :)
I think many would benefit from learning about the compliment sandwich approach. By sandwiching constructive criticism between 2 compliments you have a much better chance of actually reaching someone in a kind yet constructive manner.
Sharing the Disney love! In fact, I found you when I was searching for Disney World videos. I landed on the one you filmed early in the morning. I got a sense of your organization style and must've watched 10-20 videos that day!
How funny, I didn't think it was too long at all, you kept my attention and I loved everything you talked about... Sorry your tea got cold, next time put a lil post-it near you "DRINK ME BEFORE I GET COLD" heheh! xoxo Jen
Oh jen I love how your so amazingly random! Thats what got me hooked to watching your channel. I hope you never change and if you do I only hope its to be more openly random. Lol. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

November Favorites

It's that time again...favorites time! November was an extremely busy month for me, but also a fun one and I enjoyed being able to enjoy some of my favorite late ...

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Enjoyed your November favorites! A 2011 favorites would be an excellent video for the new year! Thanks for including Miss Winnie in this video (love, Love, LOVE her cameos), plus, she always makes me smile! BTW, Lancome's DÉFINICILS is hands down THE BEST mascara giving total control - fabulous definition, getting every last lash &/or as thick as you want depending on how many coats you want to add. On earlier videos, the darker lip color was VERY attractive on you - don't be afraid. Squeezes!
Hi sweet Jen! Love your earrings and necklace! Fall and Winter are my favourite seasons, although every season is special in its own way. Living in the mountains and gets really cold but fortunately it's dry; so I increased the amount of body lotion I normally use and my skin literally drinks it! I think darker lips colours suits you very much, don't worry! In Italy, is tradition to set up Christmas decorations on the 8th of December (bank holiday). Waiting for you decorations! xox
I LOVE when Winnie squeeks her toys while your filiming. My dog tries to attack my laptop and she can't figure out who has "her" toys and where they are hiding. It's really just too funny. Winnie is just beautiful! Much nicer groomed than my two crusty Lhasa's right now...LOL I would love to see the lululemon haul. I'm really looking forward to your Christmas decorations video. Mine are up....YEAH!!!! Have you ever used any bath bombs, etc. from Basin White?
A 2011 favorites video sounds wonderful. Please do! I know it would be long (which never bothers me), but it'll also share the best of the best products, and what better recommendation could you give then that? :) The large Stila Palette looks amazing. If I have any money left over from Christmas shopping, that'll be my gift to myself. I've been trying to wear makeup more often, and not only are the colors beautiful, but it keeps it together and organized.
Jen, I LOVE your videos! You're so very restrained with your candles - I get through the 3 wicks so quickly, but I do have them burning for 5-6hrs or more at a time. I am in the UK and it is so expensive to have Slatkin imported, but well worth it. If you like Phillipa Greggory, you might like Alison Weir. I have just finished with one of her books - if I get a chance this week I will send it to your PO box address. Claire xx
I've only watched one of your vidoes and subscribed! I love how excited you are about little things, enjoy details and talk straight- even though your videos are long, you're talking is so cute. Watching some of them beauty related vidoes I get bored out of control- here I just like,like,like!
I love the purple Lululemon back back you have. I would LOVE to find that, but I've been looking and no luck :-( I wish they would bring it back. I say - post all the videos you do - you are very inspiring and I love to watch all types of videos you do. :-) SueT
absolutely post the lulu hauls.... we don't have that company in Australia.... or the container store, or vera bradley...*sigh* I wish they had those stores in Australia.... please keep making me *envious* :) teehee!! Just keep doing what you are doing!!!
Loved seeing Albert! Please keep including your favorite snacks. I'll have to check out those ginger cookies. We finally got a Trader Joe's last fall and I've been loving that store :) I agree that the throw on the BBW Slatkin & Co candles is phenomonal!
@sharingjam I am from Canada although we of course have Lululemon (its Canadian started in Vancouver BC), we don't have container stores we have a store called solutions.... which isn't nearly as good. Another great American store is Target!!
I love to watch favorites of the year videos, please do film! I always like the jewelry items you are wearing in your videos, if it's not too much trouble would you post them and maybe the nail polish you are wearing? Thanks!
This was a great video! :) However you are a bad influence on me... just kidding. I just want to buy all the great things you talk about, which is budget busting! lol I do like your idea of adding your favorite snack.
Happy Winter! Could you do a video on how you turn down your bed before bed because i never know what to do with the quilt on the end of my bed at night... thanks great favorites!
Oh yeah, some of us would love to see your lulu lemon haul if you still want to share. Maybe you can disable comments and ratings for that video to discourage negativity
I would love to see a lululemon haul! I've been thinking of making a purchase online sometime soon and would like to hear/see what your favorites are!
In Australia we pronounce Philippa Gregory like: *PHILIP- A*.... hope that helps!! Just like the male version of the name adding an A at the end......
Great favorites! I would love to sign up for pinterest but is by invite only! I'd appreciate if you could please send me an invitation. thank you!!
Can you do a video on how you burn your candles evenly? I always mess up my candles therefore I waste more than half my candle!
haha, people just assume the bags are fake anyway. XD The monogram prints from those brands just scream 'label slave'.
This is my Absolute Favorite time of year as well!!! Loved Winnies Cameo!! She too Stinkin Cute!!
I love the Slatkin candles too. However, the wax keeps flooding the wicks and they burn out. :(
When you gushed over your husband giving you all these tokens, I "Dawwwwwwww"ed out loud. :)
Thanks for sharing! I'm from Canada, and did you know that Lululemon is a Canadian company?
Please do a lululemon haul. I don't have one near me and I depend on you and Tiffanyd! :)
@raammartin My favorite is the Slatkin Aromatherapy Eucalyptus Spearmint scent.

What's In My Shower & Tub: Summer 2013

I'm back with a summer update on the shower & bath products I've been using & loving lately. I'd love to know what your favorites have been as well if you care ...

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Jen, have you ever tried Japanese bath salts? There are a huge variety of them ranging from luxurious rose-scented ones to intense heat ones. Bathing is a very large part of Japanese culture and seeing as how you enjoy Epson salts, I figured that if there was a Japanese grocer near you, you might want to try some out. I highly recommend them. Google Japanese bath salts if you want to know some good recommendations.
if you have issues with weighing your hair down switch to all sulfate free - even the lush bars have sls in them, once i switched to sulfate free i have been loving my hair! it's less oily and the shampoo/conditioner doesn't add to my styling products to weigh the hair down - i've also been loving the living proof hair primer which keeps my hair feeling lighter as well - just some things to consider - great video!
Hi Jen, here's something completely off topic, but have you ever wondered if you have joint hypermobility? I noticed that your thumbs bend backwards farther than "usual". It can cause joint sprains or discomfort. I remember you had knee problems from running. Just wondering :).
Peach Bellini is my favorite scent from B&BW too! I just got an order in the mail today with four wallflower refills and two of the foaming soaps in that scent. Love it love it! And I agree with everyone else, your hair looks very pretty curled. Thanks for the video :)
Jen, I just finally watched this video and I wanted to tell you I thought you looked amazing!!! Your hair looked great and the color green definitely suits you well!! Keep doing what you are doing ans as always thanks for sharing, and I wish you well!
I've been trying to use up my hoard of Bath & Body Works shower gels since I'm moving soon. Right now I'm using Black Amethyst, which is a little heavy for summer, but I'm determined to get rid of it! LOL BTW your hair looks lovely in this video :)
Hey Jen, Just saw your video. I agree with the others your hair looks really good. I've enjoyed watching your videos and seeing the transformation you go through as you experiment with more makeup. Your look is never overdone. Keep it up.
I've have been trying a lot of Lush products since you've got me hooked on them. My favourites at the moment are charity pot hand and body lotion, breath of fresh air toner, prince shaving cream( try this!) and you crack the whip.
I have been obsessed with the "herby" line from BE Dickens. It smells just like the old Herbal Essence shampoo from the 80's which totally reminds me of summer for some reason - highly recommend it to all you 80"s children lol
I loved that you shared that you can add a few drops of Essential Oils to your Epson salt bath. Essential oils can really balance your mood. Lavender is well known for calming, but there are many others to suit your moods. :D
I like that the voiceover makes the video more efficient and less rambly (don't get me wrong I love your ramblings but maybe just in vlogs) but it also makes it feel rather impersonal. This was kind of a blend so idk
I use the healing garden products, you would love the lavender Jen :) as for the shampoos and conditioners i use Herbal essense tousle me softly, or Garnier Frutis, i am not too picky as long as my hair gets clean.
My bathroom/powder room is one of my personal spaces, one of the few places in my house that I have to myself. Its kinda creepy that other people are curious whats in other peoples bathrooms!
I usually take about 30 second to shave my legs most every day. Once a week I use shaving cream and spend some more time to get a better shave, spending more time are the knees and such.
Hi there - I think alot of people like to hear what bath, spa, and beauty products others use. But I do agree that we dont need to actually see inside anyone's shower... : )
Jen, If you have callouses on your feet that drive you crazy like mine do to me, you should try Julep's product called The Best Pedi Prep Ever! It is great!
She just means when she shaves more carefully to get all the hair rather than just doing a quick shave without looking. Shes mentioned it in a video before
Where can I get the same shower caddy in the uk as the one I have always gets rusty, is yours stainless steel and did you get yours online? Thanks jen x
I love Nivea Touch of Sparkle Moisturizing Body Wash in my shower right now. It smells heavenly and it is super moisturizing. Love your hair Jen :)
I've been loving Pur Minerals Sugar Body Scrub in coconut lime... it's SUCH a great smelling product and one of the best sugar scrubs I've tried!
So closer/more detailed shave? That makes sense and sounds better. I was wondering just how personal we were getting on your channel. ;)
Does the fortune cookie sugar scrub get used up quickly? I have seen some reviews saying it does that's why I am hesitant in buying it.
2 $6.00 loofahs from Whole Foods?? BTW you can buy them at Target,Walmart etc for a dollar! Hair extensions would be a great idea.
Have u tried the bathing garden scrubs from etsy! They blow lush products away! They are so highly scented..you must try them..
Jen, you are always lovely- very beautiful woman. But this new hair makes you look sexay! (not trying to be innapropriate :) )

Early Winter Haul: Bath & Body

I'm back with another slew of hauls for the early winter, starting with bath & body products. I still have a lot stocked up from my fall haul ridiculousness, but there ...

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Dear Jen, thanks for another great video! I am just wondering, could you make a video on how you deal with SAD? I have been fighting with chronic depression for years and recently I have moved to another country where the seasons are more defined then where I lived before. I kinda feel like I might be emotionally affected by the weather, so I think your tips might help ^^ Anyways, I love your videos and keep up with your amazing work!
I´m Norwegian, and you´re right- Glögg is a Norwegian thing :) It´s a holiday tradition in all of Scandinavia! We drink it as it is or mix in red wine, raisins and nuts. It kind of taste like a sweet, spicy berry tea and is very yummy and warming:) You should try it sometime! :) Love your videos! Hugs :)
@11principessa11 Try the bath bombs first! They are wonderful! The bath melts are also so moisturising... no need for body lotion after you get out! Nice bonus of those. Some of their other stuff is a bit hit-and-miss but their bath bombs, most of their bubble bars and their bath melts are excellent.
you should take the soaps out of the wrappers because the paper can leech all of the oils out of the soaps and dry them out faster. I store my soap in usable plastic bags but the plastic containers you use are fine too (and probably better). Another great haul!
@booboobean24 You mean the soaps? You can check out my Holiday & Winter shower videos in the upcoming months to see them unwrapped...they also might make appearances in my favorites videos, depending on how much I like them :)
This was so funny with the time running out - for those of us that make videos we feel your pain lol!!! I love that lots of your video are spontaneous and not always so planned, much more natural and enjoyable like that.
The Lush stuff looks so cute. I still have never tried Lush, despite the hundreds of videos on YouTube raving about them - I don't know if I need yet another thing to become addicted to :p
Your make up look really pretty today by the way. I went to Bath and Body today too ! I got the same soap you did and got a few others too ! LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos !!!!!!!
You're a doll in this video. You look amazing...hair, makeup, nails and all of your accessories! Thanks for sharing your bath goodies. I'm addicted to bath products as well :)
could u do a video of when u un-rap them? that would be fun I would love to see what they look like in person! what color is on ur nails? it's so pretty!!!
I think Glögg is Swedish :) But all of the nordic european countries drink it! You put raisins and almonds in it, and it tastes so christmas-y!
@hithere00000 I have too many I can use, too! I always end up giving them away in BBW when I'm there. Thanks for the offer, tho, you're sweet!
Your make up look really pretty today by the way. What lipstick are you wearing. It's really a pretty color. Love your Haul videos !!!
Hey Jen In your twit pic you had your handbag on the cart at a store and I was wondering what are you were using to hold it up?
@kellinicole86 It's funny you should mention that because I just noticed it today. Definitely unwrapping them from now on...
@sharingjam I second that! It's an interesting scent... not the typical rose-y fragrance, it's got a lot more depth to it.
I really like your makeup and the color of your nail polish!!!!!!!!! I also love your phone case...where did you get it?
@makeupisanobsession That's not weird at all. What's not to love about wrapping paper? Holiday paper will be up soon :)
this may be weird, but the first thing I look at in your videos is the wrapping paper :) great video once again!
I laughed so hard at around 11:30 when you told yourself "I'm so funny!" I tell myself that all the time hahaha
Glogg is swedish, the only reason why i know is because we have two bottles of actual Glogg in my kitchen! haha
Hi Jen! You look beautifull can you do a boyfriend tag video with don? How did you guys meet love your videos
@11principessa11 Yes, you'd have to be very careful about that, because once you go LUSH you don't go back ;)
Glogg is also something we drink in denmark. Heat up some wine and put skinned almonds and raisins in it. yum
I like the morrocan rose scent from the Body shop!! May be a spring scent for you to have a look at!!

my tilapia hobby growing

okay i dont know if this is a duplicate video or not. I'm trying to clean out all the videos I have my laptop and I came across this one so I don't know if I uploaded or ...

VLOG #1 - Revive Malaysia

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Love this vlog!!! excited for your next ones :)
This video was awesome! keeep em comin!!:)
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