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Bubble tea yellowknife Videos

Will the hot tea turn into ice? Experiment on the coldest day

Of Chicago! Fan video of "Space Unicorn Holiday" by Parry Gripp. Buy Song: //VideoStarApp.com/ParryGrippSpaceUnicornHoliday Created using Video ...

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Hot water flashes to steam

20-below. Time to do the hot-water-flashes-to-steam trick. We were wondering what would be the effect of the cold on the steam escaping a boiling tea kettle.

Raining in Bali

You get the sense of the depth of the rain here in Bali. dark clouds, an ocean falling from the sky. Very different than the usual light Yellowknife snowfall. It is a bit ...

Flash evaporation

Special device for Aluminum alloy evaporation by flash (flush) method. Thin film of mirror like Aluminum is deposit in seconds.


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Hot water turns into frozen vapor crystals

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Boiling pot of water thrown into cold weather slo mo

Boiling pot of water thrown into the air. Slo Mo.

Ecomoist Natural Screen Cleaner Review

Keep your screen shiny and the Earth happy. Amazon Affiliate Product Link: //amzn.to/1K5IHEj If you're going to clean the screen of your phone that's going ...
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