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Workbench on casters Videos

Mobile tool base or workbench on wheels

This is the mobile base I constructed for my multi-tool workstation. It does not use hinges for the stop block as most of these designs do, rather it uses a 1" steel ...

Michigan Workbench - Rolls Along with Easy Glide Casters

The Michigan Workbench keeps you rolling and rolls along easily with Easy Glide Casters.

Workbench on Wheels Part 2

This video is about Workbench on Wheels Part 2.

Mobile Workbench

Editor Christopher Schwarz demonstrates how he has made Megan Fitzpatrick's workbench mobile by adding some flip-down casters.

User Comments

This is by far the simplest design I have seen. I may just have to do this.

Workbench on Wheels

This is the caster mechanism on my new workbench.

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Awesome. Where did you get the hardware? Care to share your design?
Beautiful ! Retractable casters are priceless ! Such freedom !
did i just go back to 1990?
Can't see anything

portable storage workbench

My shop is around 9'x20' shed, so I need a lot of portability with folding tables and workmates, as well as all my stationary tools are on casters, and are all ...

Suur töölaud ratastel / Big workbench on wheels

Väike kokkuvõte puutöö kooste ja viimistluslaua valmistamisest.

OTW5- 2X6 Roubo Workbench Part 2, flattening a bench top with hand planes

STUMPY'S WEBSITE▻//www.stumpynubs.com SUBSCRIBE▻//www.youtube.com/user/StumpyNubsWorkshop Old Timey Woodworking with Stumpy ...

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Your bench is moving an awful lot, there, stumpy...
+Chris G The floor under it wasn't level. I've fixed it since.
No complaints here, except about how long it is going to take me to develop a similar level of skill. Really enjoy the effort and encouragement you give to us all. You really deserve a cold one too!
Thanks for the nice comment!
Good history lesson. Unfortunately, your spoken audio is really low. Had to crank the volume, then the music came in and had to crank it way down. 
The sound wasn't an issue on my PC (windows)
Sound is well balanced on my end. Maaaaybye music is a little bit louder, but I didn't notice untill your comment.
Agreed. But i could hardly hear  voice with the volume turned all the way up.
The voice and music were fairly balanced here, the voice maybe just a tad low.
+Stumpy NubsIt's the same for me as it is for Cactus.
It's about the same with headphones.
That's strange. The music and voice audio is balanced on my end. Could you try it on a different PC or with some headphones and let me know if that changes things?

Installing Door Knobs on Workbench

In the last session of In the Shop, I made some home made knobs to be used on this pallet wood project. I'm happy to announce that this is the final part in the ...

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Nice Knobs 
Thanks!  I had fun making them.
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