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Austin scarlett xander Videos

Xander & Aunt Deidre at Roaring Fork

Xander and Mommy dancing at the beach (via YouTube Capture.)

Abandon All Ships - One Last Breath LIVE at Emo's in Austin Texas (HD)

July 18, 2010 Abandon All Ships playing on the Pyknic Partery tour w/ Attila, Sleeping w/ Sirens, For All Those Sleeping, Woe Is Me, Scarlett O'Hara, & Drop ...

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@forthesakeofmartys Woah woah, im not a religious person, but there's a complete difference in arguing one the actual technical specs of the software/hardware there using on a vocal track, to bringing their personal and religious views into this, so what if they curse?, Its their choice, You have your beliefs and they have theirs, if you really despise them,why are you watching them on youtube?,Bands like confide and tdwp are christian, and im sure they Swear from time to time, Give them a break
@Explosionspunk Yeah i know that dude, i run a home studio and im in a band that has parts with auto tune, but it does play any note in key you've set it to, If you chose it to miss out notes, when hes voice vibrato's it would switch between two notes completely different, so when using it you have to be either a good singer, or pitch perfect, Hes using antares auto tune, where its just a vocal effect..like a vocoder, not actual pitch correction, real time pitch correction is stupidly expensive
@xXJallen51Xx Are you serious man? Everyone hates on auto-tune because you don't have to know how to sing at all for it to sound good. Autotune pitch corrects, which means what ever note your hitting its going to make it the correct note. It doesn't harmonize shit it corrects it. So even if the guitarist are using distortion at least you can tell exactly what their playing....and if they messed up. On top of that this band's song writing skills are on par with a 10 year old.
@xXJallen51Xx What your missing here, is the understanding of what autotune does. Autotune can be used in serveral ways. It can be used to automatically adjust the pitch of a voice to the nearest true note, semi tone, whatever. Or, you can program it to move the notes sung to any note you want. You could program all the notes he needs to hit into it and it would do it. So if he sung the wrong note, it wouldn't stick out more. It gets FIXED. ADJUSTED. Do you get it now?
@supahappyfuntime11 yes i do understand that but even still you cant be like fergie at the superbowl you still have to actually sing if we on the same pages as far as live vocal performances, i do know of live processors that play the recording over your voice so it still looks like your singing but listen closely and you can tell he is actually singing it. with the live processors tone quality isnt the same if you know what i mean.
@mouchochi13 Because its the style of there music, Recording studios, especially ones on the scale bands like this go to, have something called Melodyne, which can actually change there vocals so there in perfect tune, not auto tune, just basic un-effected vocals, Yet they put auto tune on for an effect, to go with the synth-techno-metal style this band have, if its on the record, there going to use it live
@BassistXmetal Okay, At what point did i even mention screaming?, Drums?, Or bass? If you think your so fucking talented why arent we commenting on YOUR bands videos? And you just prooved my point you fucking idiot, I was sticking up for the clean vocalist, and you said 'And the singer ill admit his shit is good' thats the point i was prooving? Why dont you go back to school you fucking idiot.
you guys are all retarded leaving comments...its an autotune v-coder voice modular...it doesnt harmonize it changes the pitch. It's used in studios alot to help singers correct pitch. If you turn it to full effect u get the autotune voice effect which is what this guy is using. These guys are one of my favorite bands but the cursing and the lyrics dont go together...very unprofessional...
@ministerofhate i agree with you......i dont fucking tell the justin bieber fans for example.....that their idol sucks......just in case they disturb me or annoy me......i will react very hard....but however why lose the time of my life telling them that their music sucks??!.....i have betters things to do......and they are down already by just listening to justin bieber........
@xXJallen51Xx these guys are stupidly talented? hahahaha. Im not even gonna touch that one... (: They are an alright band, and they're music sounds alright for about two years ago... But to say they are stupidly talented is QUITE the fucking stretch.. Unless listening to other bands, and copying what they did to get famous, in a very non-original way is stupidly talented.
@xXJallen51Xx How does auto tune not change his voice? Anyone can here the robotic, unnatural pitch shifts and changes in this. He sings a note, and a computer goes "Shit, wrong note, let me fix that for you" and bam, note's he can't sing are suddenly hit perfectly. I'd talk about musical intergrity but that meaning will probably be lost on a video of a band like this.
@Username442255 It's not really an effect... if there was something for a guitarist who couldnt really play, but he could just play any old notes and chords and out would come a perfect solo or riff, would you call that an effect? I suspect not. An auto tuned voice will never, ever sound as "cool" as a talented singer. Never. However, i guess that's an opinion.
@xXJallen51Xx Dude the reason bitches hate on auto-tune is because its made for people who cant sing! It completely changes his voice.... THATS WHAT ITS FUCKING MADE FOR. There are so many good singers who don't use auto-tune. Could you fathom why? CUZ THEY DONT SUCK! You wanna talk shit? E-mail me mother fucker see if I care!
@xXJallen51Xx shut the fuck up. the screamer is talking hard and screaming from his throat""which isnt good"". guitars and bass are easy as fuck you dumb ass. the only semi talented people in this band is the drummer and sythn player and the Singer i'll admit his shit is good. btw i do like their songs but its so easy

Scarlett and mommy on the Beach

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