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Excelsior college cna Videos

Skills in Nursing - correct aseptic hand wash

This video takes a student through the correct techniques for aseptic hand washing.

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no. you are supposed to point them up so the germs from your fingers move away, pointing them down means all of the germs on your hands and arm go to your finger tips, the place where it is most important to be free of germs.
Your supposed to start at the wrists when you dry your hands....and start at the wrists after the lather. So all the bacteria goes down the drain. and your suppose to keep your fingertips pointed down in the sink.
That's why she's pointing it down because she's following the rule of "Cleanest to dirtiest" if you wash your hands pointing up the water might run to your elbow and get yourself wet might as well.
what???? according to comments i read, this one's a fail.. can anyone here tell me what's the correct techniques? i want to learn....!!!!
finally i found a video where a proper demostration of not only washing the hands but also "drying the hands" are present!
The information given by you is very important for the students
in cali u never use the same paper towel twice to dry ur hands
you are supposed to was your forearms and work your way down
ROBO-WASHER washes rinses and dries touch free!
Pretty sure that's a chick..
you fail sir. you fail.

Practicing Medicine For The Wrong Reasons

The Patient Comes First!!!!!!!!

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You go girl! I agree 100% I have been in the operating room for 15 years and I have seen it all! NOBODY is satisfied with their title. They all want somebody to step on. Just like you said, the Doc, the nursing staff, all the way down to housekeeping. When you become a nurse, it gets no better. I have decided to cut my hours and live my life. I am much happier now and since I am not there to deal with the bull 40hrs a week, I am not afected by it. I made a conscience choice to be at peace..Amen!
It was just always in me. I love to care for people. I like to see people make recoveries, it's the most awesome feeling. It's just something you have in your heart...no books or classes can teach you to be a nurse, loving and kind and caring and have that passion in your heart to help somebody get better, you just are! You just are in your heart and a NURSE, I am! I am so serious about it and I care for each and every patient like they are my own family.
I feel you on certain portions of this vlog, but I must agree to disagree when you say "It's just a piece of paper, it doesn't mean nothing". I am a RN and that piece of paper means I have the qualifications and education to perform certain duties. Does this make me better than the person who empties the bedpans...no! Does it make me more qualified..yes! Healthcare is a team effort, we all need each other to make it work efficiently!
Exactly, the queen (the medical staff) rely on their drones (the patients). I want to help people so bad, and I hear how medical staff do indeed act like the patients are drones on an assembly line. I hope there are doctors out there who are compassionate and work like a team with the rest of their unit because that's the type of doctor I want to be. Wish everyone had your attitude!
I totally agree because I am a renal patient and in school for medical assistant certification. I always tell a nurse if you don't feel like being here then quit, but don't be yanking my arm because you more patients to see and vitals is not your cup of tea. Or are you really above getting vitals because you have been a CNA for so long that you should have been a RN.
U are absolutely right! But I said that piece of paper does not mean anything if you are doing it for the wrong reasons. Yes, you are more qualified and that takes alot of hard work, I know it, but in my eyes, if you are practicing medicine for the wrong reason, the certificated does not mean anything to me. Thank you for commenting.
And that's a good point too! People in Collections and Customer Service can be rude too. THey get to thinkin they own some shit or can talk to people any kind of way just cause they know you can't come thru that phone and strangle they're ass with that damn headset. People get positions of power and just don't know how to act.
a job is a job. And yes money is an important aspect of any job. If you dont believe that then your not very smart. You do a service and you get paid.Thats why nurses get treated like animals. You better believe a doctor cares about his paycheck. I appreciate people like you though.I guess someone has to do the dirty work.
I didn't know nurses were clicked up like that, RNs looking down on CNAs etc.. i knew doctors had egos, but nurses? i think ppl should be proud of their education, but thats for them to look in the mirror and say i did it, not throw it in peoples faces, thats some bull and you are absolutely right.
Also, speaking of doing a job for the wrong reasons, it seems like the people with the worst attitudes are working in Customer Service. If you are not a people person, then you have no business working with people lol, or working a job that requires you to serve/help others.
R U A LPN or CNA, I feel ya I'm going after my RN license myself and I love helping people because I love people (especially elderly and kids). Sadly the dollar has corrupted everybody, The "good book" says money is the root of all evil-I sho can't tell, We worship it.
I agree with you 100%! I'm looking into nursing. I hear so much about nurses who mistreat their patients. It's very sad... I knowI wouldn't want to be mistreated if I weresick or in pain. It's really a shame. Thanks for posting this.
A patient of mine died because the RN thought she knew everything, I was a cna at the time so I knew nothing according to her but when they finally sent him out he died and everything I said was wrong with him the autopsy confirm it
That is so sad! It's nurses like that that need their license BURNED!!! You should never have to have that terrible memory from someone who was supposed to be trying to help you.
I wanted to know what made you want to become a Nurse? I would like to become a Nurse because I do like to help people. My grandmother was a Nurse and my Uncle is a Phlebotomist.
Yes Boo!!!I have to agree with you on this note.Compassion is 10x more than a title.I rather have someone who cares about my well being than a jackass who just wants a paycheck.
I hear all the time, that everyone should go into Nursing because it's a recession-resistant industry. But, I sucked at Biology, so I'm not even gonna waste my time...
It really gets to me how Doctors will treat someone with better care for the money or their life insurance. If your sick your sick, there money shouldn't be a factor.
That's the truth. I am a CNA. It's just getting crazy. And keep going for your RN...can't wait to get mine. Don't let the higher ranked nurses discourage you.
I know that's right!!!! Sometimes it makes a world of a difference when someone cares passionately about what they do. Good luck in all your future endeavors.
I know that's right. Sometimes someone that cars passionately about what they do can make a world of a difference. Good luck in your future endeavors.
U damn rite! I love your video: So You Want To Date A Thug...by the way..my fave part is the ending..." THe X Button! lol!
Thank you! I was pretty burned up that day! Just was enraged with people misusing their license.
@TheTootsieroll23 Ur rite about that..and thanks for the love!
PSE take note BtG (GB) Asclepius! (reposted due to typo).
ill practice da med for free codone to be Exact hahaaa lool
Exactly!!! I feel the same way. It's GREED & SELFISHNESS!
* Note the synopsis Arzt, and I mean YOU... !!!!!!!!!

Serving You Way to Work Program

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Lol, I started watching, and I was all like: "Wait. She's in my English class"

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