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Excelsior college publications Videos

Rebel Without a Pause

Performed and composed by Danny Raymond from his solo snare project, "Let it Rip." Available from Tapspace at: //www.tapspace.com.

Moving Forward One 8 to 5 Step at a Time

Students explain what it is like to be a part of the Marching Band at their High School. Featuring the Chaminade Eagle Regiment, the students share their ...

Virtual Worlds, Sims, and Games

Educational simulations, serious games, and virtual worlds are among the most innovative formats now available to higher education innovators. Inherently ...

The Blunderer

Tri-North Middle School Symphonic Band 2013 Amanda Herceg, Director.

Was Jefferson a Conservative? Liberty Classroom Sample

In a lecture much broader than this title, Prof. Jason Jewell sets the stage for his new course, "The History of Conservatism and Libertarianism." Check it out: ...

claretians in India

A short presentation on claretians in India.
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