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How Memphians reacted to Stokes signing with UTK

Jarnell Stokes, 17-year-old UT signee from Memphis, talks about how his hometown reacted to the news that he had decided to sign with the University of ...

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Memphis needs to quit acting like this. I don't understand all the hate coming from Memphians toward Tennessee, the state university. I think both teams are great and have alot to be proud of, Memphis is a great city and I think Tennessee is a great state, I love when I can brag about great bball programs in Tennessee. Memphis, Belmont, Vandy, and Tenn. Let's quit being such a divisive state for God's sake and the same can be said for vols and vandy fans as well, where is our state pride?
coming from a UK fan, i love this kid! Has GREAT UPSIDE! hope he stays healthy and cant wait to see him later on today! Hope he has a great game! UT you guys have yourselves a player!
being from memphis i love the tigers, but i bleed orange and am stoked to have stokes as a vol. right in time as far as im concerned.
*screams* Me and my mommy on youtube!!!! shes in the background with the white on && im next to her with the big forehead lol
Jarnell Stokes is going to be like the Tim Tebow of Basketball....but fully unique in his own way!
Lol @ Memphis. What a horrible city.

Detrick Mostella introduces himself to UT fans

Tennessee freshman guard Detrick Mostella introduces himself and describes his high-flying dunks. (Ben Frederickson/News Sentinel)

Joshua Dobbs on UT's loss to Florida

Tennessee quarterback Joshua Dobbs discusses the Vols' 28-27 loss to Florida on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015. (Video by Dustin Dopirak/News Sentinel)

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First like and comment and also I've been hearing how people wanna fire butch... Are you people crazy?!?!?! If we fire butch then we would have to start over and starting over isn't gonna help us at all so you idiots that wanna fire coach jones just shut up you have no idea how hard he works and we are so close to winning all these tough games and to win you have to give people time!!!
+TheLoudonBaller23 Good point; after all, it took Coach McElwain a whole 3 games to win a tough one against UT.
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