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Ff coffee prince part 24 Videos

Final Fantasy IV Blind! - Part 47 :: The Death Of Me

That White Dragon, man... either I'm missing something, or I'm plainly underleveled. I'm beginning to think the latter, but I'm not sure! If you liked the video, ...

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Pretty much what everyone has been saying. Being your first time playing you want to level up. Certain rods affect Rydias magic stat (Wisdom) Certain staffs affect Rosa's magic stat (Willpower)You have to check these in the status screen to make sure you have the best weapon for stats equipped. Also Rosa is equipped with poet armor, that can't be the best thing available you missed something. Slyph summon will either cast Life 2 on everyone or Cure 4 on everyone unfortunately it will be random.
Cast float on yourself BEFORE entering the battle. Slow the dragon twice (the effect stacks), possibly get haste on Rydia. Don't ever attack with edge. 400 damage isn't good tradeoff for a counter:slow. See what does more damage, kain's or cecil's attack, and use only one of the two, the other one maybe using items (spider silk casts slow, if you want to save Rosa's turns). Basically, you want Bahamut to do all the work. Only four rounds of it, plus a couple sword hits by Cecil or Kain will do.
9:06 Yup. Smart, don't you think? ~13:00 Oh hey, what about reflect? 14:00 Oh. Um, why didn't reflect work? Does it not work against counters? Huh. So, yeah, you know how you were saying you don't like to be overleveled? Well, I think it's pretty obvious you aren't. Isn't it really better to be slightly overleveled than severely underleveled like this? Maybe you should stop running from so many battles; I understand how tempting that is, but you really don't have a choice at this point.
Before the battle begins, cast Levitate on the party. Earthquake becomes worthless and Maelstrom will be the only threat. With that, Rydia can focus on summoning Bahamut and no one else, unless you need Sylph for heals. Bahamut does non-elemental damage and is your strongest summon. Don't use Reflect or Haste; they will only serve as a hindrance. Casting Berserk is a bad idea because you never know when you'll need a turn for a Phoenix Down. Keep the heals going and you should be fine.
Hello, loving this LP so far! :) Would like to give you a few tips. Bahamut is the way to go for a summon, though be sure to have Float on everyone before the battle starts so Earthquake does nothing to the party. Bronze and Silver Hourglasses cast Stop, not Slow. As such, the hourglass items won't work on bosses. It's Spider Webs you want for Slow, and Rosa can also cast it. Keep Rods equipped on Rydia, they increase her Int. stat though it won't show it on the equip screen.
1) For the love of god, replace Edge's thunder claw. It has 0 attack power. You may as well be wielding a rubber chicken. It's why his attacks have been so weak for the past several videos. 2) Go to the Namingway cave and spend your money on good items like elixirs & dry ethers. 3) Use Rydia's Sylph for back-up healing. I've seen you almost cast it so many times it hurts. 4) Cast float BEFORE the fight. 5) Don't use reflect, you need the heals. P.S. You are not underlevelled.
Basically, you're in the right path. You got to hit him with 4 Leviathans for about 5k each, so you DID shave at least 20k HP off his his 35k. Let's get a few basic hints here: Cast Float out of battle on the whole party before you start the fight, that will make Earthquake miss. Use non-elemental attacks only, Chocobo, Bahamut, Leviathan and Sylph are all non-elemental, I'd stick to Bahamut or Leviathan. Reflect is a choice, but only do it if you can keep healed with items
Your reflect slow stratigy works but start the fight with float. infact have float on before you talk to the sword then when the fight starts get every one to blink with blink, decoy or edge can use image. this will protect from the 1st 3 physical attacks. reflect to bounce back slow, use sylph to heal if reflect is still up. slow does no physical damage so using just physical attacks and heals will work too. if your leaning on items to heal x-potion or mega exlicers
@SuperJeenius I think to beat the White Dragon, give everyone to float first so everyone will be immune to his earth move after Rydia does her summons. I think you should ignore the slow move cause it will make you irritate you, so focus on the boss. Cast haste on Rydia and Rosa the most so you can get to them better. Don't forget to cast shell and protect on everyone. Also try to level up some more so you can have the better chance to beat him. Hope it helps you.=3
well if i may say you dont seem to be using Bahamut. the only thing Mr Leviathan has over him is that he costs less MP. they made the cave of the phantom god hard for a reason, Bahamut is basically this games ultima. there is no easy way to beat the dragon he will counter all of your moves with slow, i would suggest keeping your hp up at all times spamming Bahamut and using all your other high damging moves. this is basically odin without the insta death
The White Dragon counters all physical attacks with Slow and all magical attacks with Earthquake. If the you casts levitate on the party before the battle, Earthquake will miss, otherwise it will inflict around 700 damage to all party members. To deal with Maelstrom, you can avoid it and the physical attacks by spacing out the character's turns, as counters will reset the White Dragon's ATB gauge.
There will be an enemy called DARK BAHAMUT, he will do Mega Flare to everyone, at the START of the battle! Your levels MUST be around 50 to survive. And DON'T SUMMON MONSTERS THAT ATTACK, that will make it attack with Mega Flare again. And Asura will be very useful later because she can cast Cure 3, Life to everyone, or Protect to everyone.
Sorry, after thought. Not just weapons affect stats. Armor and helmets and rings contribute. You may have to go back to shops in the game to make sure you have the highest Wisdom stacked on Rydia and the highest Willpower stacked on Rosa. Hopefully you didn't sell gear and just put it in Chocobo storage? :::crosses fingers:::
I love the psp remix but at this point of the game in order to beat the final boss I had to grind to lvl 78 and baely won(kitchen knife 9999 damage in the original i can beat him at lvl 49- 56 with all memebers still alive the psp version is easy but still keeping challaging and all of a sudden 30 hour grinding fest it's dumb
Now that you have bahamut, you should never be casting another summon or even elemental spell with Rydia as long as you have the MP to use him, high damage and non-elemental, he's pretty much the best you'll get in the way of offense and you'll need every ounce of the damage. It only gets worse from here.
Superjeenius! Love the videos! Look into buying more throwing items for Edge, just like you did for Shadow in FFVI. There is a master blacksmith back on earth that can help you. And, please give sylph a try when you are in need of critical healing.
"maybe, lets try Bahamut" - You Yes use the non elemental uber summon! - me , "no lets not... maybe leviathan is non-elemental" Arg! Bahamut is non elemental!- me while spitting out cereal. Love you buddy but that was too painful to watch.

Let's Play Final Fantasy Adventure [24] The Secret of Mana

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Free! (anime) - Ep: 1 (Part 2) - Couch Time (Reactions)

Of course, I don't own this anime or have any sponsorship with crunchy roll. This is a project of fun and love. It is for reaction entertainment purposes only.

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5:07 Its a secret to everyone

Let's Play Prince of Persia - Episode 19 - Please, let me get to the top!

We Head into another one of the Warrior's Areas and start hunting for more Light Seeds. Trophy/Achievements obtained in this episode: None This is a 100% ...

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(Being overly critical/weird for the fun of it. I, in reality, LOVE this L.P.) Vere iz ze passion?! Ze Energy?! ZE LIFE!!! You 'ave ah, ow eez it said, eh.... You 'ave lost zee fire, ay? Zee killing, eet it nozink to you! You zay eet like eet eez boring, no? 'zis-iz-persia', BAH! Vot happened to ZIS, IS, PERSIA?! You ave lost ze zest, mah frand! You mast get it bach! Ze fiaire.... Ze soul... Ze LIFE! Goh, mah frand! Get ze passion for zis L.P. once moare!!! (XD Wow... THAT was fun to type! XD)
my mommy went to buy me this game. she went to SO many diffrent stores and came home beaming with the "forgotton Sands" for the 360...i just cant tell her its the wrong game...would that make me a bad daughter :'(
Alright buddy, you pick interesting games for your LPs, you don't shout into the mic like an idiot, you have very diverse and plain hilarous commentary. You're going into my list with all three +.
my mommy went to buy me this game. she went to SO many diffrent stores and came home beaming with the "forgotton Sands" for the 360...i just cant tell her its the wrong
at 12:28 its glitching because he is going straight trough that plate and you must hang on it and then drop if its not on the power...
well youre getting better, only 1 save this time, and prince doesnt seem to be too good of a job hitting on Elika...
"Bigger they are.. " "the more they boast about it" NO! Elika just broke the reference Dx Death Count: 40
I'm surprised his metal glove hasn't dulled, unless he sharpens them in between videos. o_o
i nvr got this is he the prince of persia during the entire game series or wat
I'm had it the last time the plates in one time so do you nou!
42 gods? ive pissed off much closer to 45
This video contains lots of “YOINK!”
when are u gonna do another livestream?
oh yh, you're on 40 saves now
Another great episode.
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