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Eddie Izzard - Flip-flops

Curl your toes.... Eddie Izzard: Live at the Ambassadors (1993)

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"The Romans followed behind at a fixed pace, and their flip-flops did not come off because they were attached all the way up to about *here. (deep voice) And that was why they ruled the world!"
This is the one clip of eddie izzard i saw, where he may be hilareous as usual, but he doesn't look his normal "i wanna marry him right now" sexy look you know?
"Jesus H Christ - H for Herbert". I always wondered what the "H" stood for... Henry? Harry? Horatio? No - now I know it was "Herbert". Thanks Mr. Izzard.
Dude! I never realized BabyG was a surfer. Cool! Seriously, TY so much for this post! It's new material for me, VERY funny & enjoyable!
@Helgi321 I thought the same thing to! I kept thinking, there's something wrong with his face... O, no makeup!
if u look for a box set of his it has 4 of the early ones im pretty sure its on that box set on dvd atleast
LOL. I've never seen this before, thanks for uploading it! Is Live at the Ambassadors available on VHS/DVD?
The full show has been added to YT. Watch it while you can. Fabulously funny and charming early Eddie.
Much sadness! Nevertheless I shall indeed go a-scouring for the VHS. Thanks. :)
And Jesus did turn to his disciples and said "quick scarper, it's the rozzers!"
I love his methods of logic. He thinks SO outside the normal box. I love it.
Their flip flops were up to here and that's why they ruled the world.

Everyday Football Fouls

If we all reacted to contact in our everyday situations like football (soccer) players. We are a film and video production company in Niagara, Canada.

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I lol at stupid Americans saying that soccer is the original name of this sport. Please do some research.
+nosmoya That comment was so stupid I'm actually concerned for you mental stability. Where do I start.''canada is in every way a superior country compared to england''How is Canada superior in every way? England has a higher GDP despite it being much smaller. We are more economically stable and have a much stronger currency. Why do you have our queen on your money then lol''for decades europe has tried to be like north america''How so?''while canada was able to set the white house on fire''You are officially retarded. The white house was destroyed by British troops and on British orders (with a few Canadian militia). Also, Canada did not exist as it's own country.''north americans have perfected the english language, the language your people created''It's like you get stupider with each comment. We are perfectly capable of speaking OUR language.''listen to ANY famous singer from england''There are far more notable English singers than Canadian ones. All you have is Justin Beiber, who is hated by the world.Why do you keep calling yourself ''North American'' instead of Canadian? Cause your ashamed lolYour whole country could be invaded in less than a week by those ''red necks''
from your perspective, you must be american too, you're borderline retardedcanada is in every way a superior country compared to england lol, when was the last time england was voted as best country to live in? never, thats the answeri live in a place where people actually enjoy being in, you live in the big3 stupids of the world, england, australia, and americayou won't type in "canada, stupid" and get 90+ pages of results on google, now lets try   "england, stupid" OH WOW, the results don't stop coming inyou're gonna try and tell a canadian that your depressing ass war torn continent and countries are better? you make me laugh stupid eurofor decades europe has tried to be like north america, but failed miserably, your country is considered a military power yet you cower to the americans, the country full of inbred rednecks fought you guys off while canada was able to set the white house on firehmmm most loved country in the WORLD or country full of arabs and muslims? you guys are probably mad that you can't pronounce half the words in the english language without adding a couple extra syllables in random spots, north americans have perfected the english language, the language your people created hahahalisten to ANY famous singer from england, you all go to america, you all sing with our accent, hmmm must be because you're all just a bunch of jelly ass euro'senjoy the rain faggot
+nosmoya There we go, changing the subject again. USA and England are not the same country. I think you're American because you sound like an American, you're incredibly stupid, and you talk from a North Americans prospective, '' live in what north americans would call "the projects".Also, most of the first world countries in the world belong to Europe and since your not from Europe or America, and you talk from a North Americans point of view, your either Canadian or not a first world country. So you're not ''superior'' by any stretch of the imagination. Even if you were Canadian, you would still be Britain's bitch so still not superior.Stop changing the subject. Whatever country your from, you've still lost the argument since you don't have anything to defend your points.
england and usa are like the same fucking country, both dumb as shiti don't know why you think im american, im definitely superior to you in every department lol
+nosmoya Firstly, *get you mad.Secondly, the link states: '' ''the upper echelons of British society, the proper term for the sport was “Soccer''.That doesn't claim that ''soccer'' preceded football by any stretch of the imagination. All that says is that the upper class often used the word ''soccer'' instead of football. This does not mean the term football didn't exist.Maybe if you weren't totally retarded you would see that the term soccer itself comes from ''Association Football''. In case you didn't pick it up, the key word there was Football. The sheer levels of incompetence with you Americans never ceases to amaze me.
maybe they don't teach you to read in europe? i already told your dumbass, i presented facts and you chose to read between the linestheres no point in teaching you, so ill just ridicule you and get your mad hahaha
+nosmoya None of the nonsense you just spewed addressed any of the points made on this thread. How about you stop your failing attempts at changing the subject and actually address my points.I love how you abandoned all notions of continuing your argument and are now resorting to meaningless comments about England. Pretty pathetic if you ask me.
you're probably from england lol, which is just the U.S. of europe, bunch of pompous ignorant assholes that still live in what north americans would call "the projects"its funny how a dumb ass euro like you could get so mad just because i know more about the history of your lame ass grassfield synchronized diving sport, you mad bro?btw - im not americanwhy don't you run along gather some of your m8's head down to the pub, i mean what else are you gonna do with your worthless life lol
+nosmoya Lol, you couldn't find anything to say that could contribute to your argument could you? Then again you are American so I shouldn't expect much in the way of intellectual capacity.
blah blah blah, ignorant euro
+nosmoya You've just proven how retarded Americans can be.''The inventor of the nickname is said to be Charles Wredford Brown, who was an Oxford student around the time of Association Football’s inception.  Legend has it, in 1863 shortly after the creation of Association Football, Wredford-Brown had some friends who asked him if he’d come play a game of “Rugger”, to which he replied he preferred “Soccer”That was from the source and clearly states that the ''inventor'' of the nickname was said to be Charles Brown and was birthed shortly after the creation of Association football. If you had two brain cells to rub together, you would notice that the term ''soccer'' came after the creation of Association Football. Even a 7-year old knows that nickanames come after the original and this was no exeption
sound like another bitter european unwilling to listen to facts, how can you read something, twist is completely in your head, then claim your version is trueyou won't find written proof anywhere that "football" was used before "soccer", cause it wasn't, whereas if you google "origin of soccer" you'll find that the info presented in the link is completely trueinstead of talking out of your ass like 99.9% of europeans on the comment section, lets see some links with presentable facts
+nosmoya To say it was the ''proper'' name is wrong. Soccer began as a nickname for football so to say it preceded the term ''football'' is both asinine and counter intuitiveThe term ''soccer'' may have come before  the unification of rules called ''Association football'' but the term ''football'' outdated ''soccer''.
+Ebeneezer stark +ComplexCameronyou two can't read? it says on the first paragraph that the "proper" name for the sport was soccer"...in the early days of the sport among the upper echelons of British society, the proper term for the sport was “Soccer”.  Not only that, but the sport being referred to as “Soccer” preceded the first recorded instance of it being called by the singular word “Football” by about 18 years,  with the latter happening when it became more popular with the middle and lower class. When that happened, the term “Football” gradually began dominating over “Soccer” and the then official name “Association Football”.do you not understand the meaning of the words?
+Ebeneezer stark finally someone that has a brain
+Red Forman It seems you didn't read your own link properly.''one of the first names of what we now primarily know of as “Football”. Key word = one.''They formed the rules for “Association Football”,  to ''distinguishing it from the many other types of football sports in existence in England'' The term football far outdates ''soccer''. According to your link, some school boys started the nickname as they liked to add ''er'' to things. The key word there was ''nickname'' You Americans don't understand that ''soccer'' began as a nick name used to describe Association football. A nickname can be described as a familiar form of a proper name, the proper name being football.
Here, dumbass: //www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2010/06/the-origin-of-the-word-soccer/

Lebron's Best Flop of All-Time: twice in one play

LEBRONING ONCE, LEBRONING TWICE. LeBron James shows he is the best in flop and roll.

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Haha.. gotta love it! the KING of all..
\m/()\m/_ flop and roll!

Campaign In 100 Seconds: Will Romney's Flipping Finally Make Him A Flop?

more at talkingpointsmemo.com.

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Newt is worse. Newt is rallied for the repeal of Glass Steagall which is a big reason for our economic woes. Health care he had an interview on 60 minutes he likes Obama care. Cap and Trade the man did a commercial on a love seat with Pelosi. out to mention he was wrong when he said It is legal to kill American Citizens over seas if Newt thinks so I mean Obama!
Mitt Romney used to be a very level-headed Republican, sticking to the Republican's fiscal conservative roots and staying out of peoples' personal lives. But now he will do and say anything to get re-elected. It's annoying. I am not a liberal, but I'm disgusted at today's joke of a GOP.
Ron Paul is not a flip flopper he just flops period. He is all talk and talk is cheap!!! Ron needs a nursing home and a presser for his clothes. These republican wannabes are worthless indeed. Ron Paul's talk is cheap cause it goes nowhere at all that just it it's all talk. CHEAPO !!!
Well, you don't get to be a Republican governor of a state like Massachusetts by telling people you have Republican values. Romney's flip-flopping as a GOP candidate for president should surprise no one.
@U2Berror and who cares about that when most his policies are just whacked. Who cares if he become prez, cause he will be just as inept as Obama. as he has no full backing of reps or dems
All he has to do is renounce Mormonism, symbollically burn his magic Mormon underpants and he's a shoe in. He'd be as popular as Reagan if it wasn't for his Mormon beliefs.
Need to tighten up those edits. If all you need was a baby's laughter, we don't need to hear the 1 second pause and the commenter to tell us how cute that was.
@kali4niadazed really hmm and you want a war president keep what you got or vote anybody other than Ron Paul and that is what you will get
Reminds me of the asshole that's in there now! Only difference is he flip flopped after he got in.
@jag10 how is he the best president ever lol Kennedy was way better that is a fact
@TrollBuster9090 I admire the egotist. At least he believes in himself.
@interfan63 unless Ron Paul gets the nomination, obummer is gone

Sebastian Maniscalco on The Tonight Show

Thanks to Jay Leno and The Tonight Show for having me on! Check out my upcoming tour dates at //sebastianlive.com/ Follow me on Twitter: ...

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I don't think his face is orange enough.
Who would give this a thumbs down? Idiots
+disco trek the guy in flip flop sandals holding a dulce hazelnut frappuccino named Trevor
bring leno back
fuck you, commie
+Izio Shaba why?
I think Joe Rogan,Joey Diaz and Sebastian the top 3 stand ups right now...
+Dimitris Koronakos lol Rogan
+Dimitris Koronakos Bill burr. Your opinion though
The sad truth is that women today don't need a "rock" or protectors any more. Gender roles are becoming more and more obsolete, generation after generation. The way we are heading, in the future, "masculinity" and "femininity" will barely exist any more and couples will be formed solely by an intellectual, emotional, moral connection. We will almost be a "unisex" society. Now is that a *good* thing or a *bad* thing?? That's a matter of opinion...
I wouldn't say it's a sad thing. Times change and we just change with them.
Lol, its not hard to find a girl who understands that chivalry shit is out dated, you just gotta look for her. Honestly if you just explain to them why they should pay for themselves they will understand (most of the time). Any person male or female who wants to be treated and respected like an adult will have no problem with paying for the shit that they put into their own bodies.Its really not a complex matter.Also if you need to pay all the time on dinners to get some, you might as well skip the middle act and go buy hookers, it'll save you time and trouble. 
+Leo Yeah, you do that, then tell me how you never got another piece of pussy ever again!! 
+Stevesrssrssrs Just because they expect something doesn't mean you have to do it, just tell em you believe in equal rights lol
I'd say you're wrong about the future part.  But what's sad is that women don't need us to pay for them anymore because they have money now, but yet we're still expected to pay for 99.999% of everything, while they get to keep their money and amass some sort of savings!!

Matthew McConaughey with Prince Fielder talks support for Rangers

Academy Award winner and Texas native Matthew McConaughey grew up an Astros fan, but he's showing his support for the Texas Rangers and loving the AL ...
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