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Coffee prince live chat Videos

Hiru TV Copy Chat EP 150 | 2015-05-25

Watch Sinhala Teledramas, Music Video Download & get more updates... Visit our website :- //www.hirutv.lk Watch Live webCast ...

Friday Evening LiveChat!

Time for another LiveChat! We've got the whole Eatyourkimchi crew here, and we're gonna be opening up some packages and telling some stories. Hope to see ...

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what about kwang soo? he really tall
+b2uty4maknae Well at least google says Kwang soo is 6' 2
If Simon is 6'4" then Kwang Soo is the same height.

Friday Afternoon LiveChat with Spudgy and Meemers!

It's Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down on Friday. We're staying home today and chatting with you guise for what we THOUGHT was going to be a rainy day, but it ...

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Dallmayr prodomo is from munich the original CoffeHouse is even in Munich. bavaria. and you can visit it. I did that when i was eleven i think Im 31 Years old. Tschibo Is even so good Coffee and i little bit expensive but Dallmayr is like the King of all coffees in Germany and EXPENSIVE. And Leipzig is not easy to pronouce :D Greetings from Germany+IP Changer :D I really hope you come to us I even voted for it. @SimonandMartinabonus
Omg! Youre team zero too?! Me too! *Spoiler alert, if u havent completed the whole manga yet stop here* -------------------------------------------------------- Atleast they end up together! But i dont like the story behind that ending... Anyway! I want to recommend one super good fanfiction of ZeKi! Read "Hold Me" in fanfiction.net. Its complete too! The feels are all there! ZeKi ftw!
For everyone who lives in the U.S and have never tried a kinder egg or chocolate, I have good news for you. Go find your local (real) Polish store/ deli because they usually have them there. I've had kinder chocolate most of my life here in Chicago.
lol I heard JB is coming to Korea too. A lot of my Korean friends are freaking, even though I don't like him as a person tbh, I really like his music so i'm getting tickets, even though I hate lip syncing I'll still go for the experiance lol
Every time I kiss my kitty I do the spitting out the fur thing too >< And we have the reverse pet problem in our house, when I pet my dog or my bunny the cat comes running over and tries to edge the other animal out of the way. Jealous cat!
They usually announce them on twitter or google plus or their website (really any social networking site) with the links leading to them, theyre usually on Fridays at various times ^^
Hi martina! I'm really really curious about what was your reaction when Vampire Knights Manga ended? As for me i was like O_O for 30 minutes before it all sinks in... 
Yeah i think i also remember some of that being said.... but still it would have been AWESOME! to have Junsu in the Eat Your Kimchi studio and have a good time!:)
Why not both? KanamexZero FTW! By the way Martina, have you watched Tiger&Bunny or the recent Attack on Titan? They're not shoujo but pretty awesome!
OMG i swear all those stickers and stuff are from the craft store i work at. We sell all those things. Its really weird to see that on camera lol
That would be the best thing ever!I can imagine him throwing his random engrish phrases and laughing with S&M and just having a great time ^^
Martina: It's not a hedgehog! It's an armadillo or something. Or an anteater. It's definitely an anteater Me: Haha no, it's an echidna xDDD
Seriously! Junsu and Jaejoong are going to the army by the end of the year... Please nab an interview before they disappear for 2 years!
I remember them mentioning that they don't choose who they interview. It's the agency themselves that contact EYK for the interview :/
From 13:17 to 13:58 I heard NOTHING of what Simon was saying. Too busy listening to Martina singing the Game Of Thrones theme song.
Hey Martina that Vampire Knight ending song is "Still Doll" Kanon Wakeshima from the album Shinskoku Dolce. I got it from itunes.

Steve Ewing - Tempted (LIVE)

Steve Ewing of the Urge stops by the Point studio to chat about his crowdfunding campaign to open the 2nd Steve's Hot Dogs location in Tower Grove. While he ...
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