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Shenandoah university price Videos

"Fight for Shenandoah" cocktail lounge version

Eric Price, Class of 2010, sings the fight song he composed for Shenandoah University, "Fight for Shenandoah," in a way that only he can.


Shenandoah (Traditional American Folk Song) Harvard Radcliffe Collegium Musicum and University of Cologne Chamber Choir conducted by Michael ...

1991 Martin Shenandoah D-6732 Quilted Ash/Sitka at Dream Guitars

If you are looking for a good playing guitar that you won't have to worry about, consider this one. It sounds good and looks good, what more could you need?

JOHN ESTACIO: "Frenergy" for Wind Ensemble

The University of Calgary Wind Ensemble conducted by Glenn D. Price from Albany TROY999 //www.albanyrecords.com Exquisite playing by Canadas ...

User Comments

J'ai écouté avec grand plaisir la version symphonique de Frenergy enregistrée par l'Edmonton Sym. O, à l'émission Tempo de la CBC ...une grande charge orchestrale et un déploiement de timbre instrumental qui donne un effet assez puissant...oeuvre qui mérite plusieurs écoutes.
@carlheanerd Didn't mean to embarrass you! :) Hey did you go off to states? I was at the festival in the audience :) Oh, and have you received your CD from Region Band? The region was really slow on getting out the Chorus CD, and no one in my school got a Region Band or Orch CD yet :)
@carlheanerd :) I'm district 7. The concert band was superb! I wasn't too big on the wind ensemble because..well..everything by Robert W. Smith sounds the same! :) haha! I want to hear our recordings soooo bad! Especially Machu Picchu!!!! Haha!
@mrtacointhebox Haha no it wasn't you, just the act xD But ya I got to states, I was in Concert Band. I haven't gotten my CD either, and I haven't found any info.... I want my CD! Are you district 7 or 10?
@carlheanerd I was there too :D Bassoon 2 in the same region as you! :) were you the one who had his sax worked on randomly right before the one concert?
Out of all of my brother's compositions, "Frenergy" is my favourite! John, you've got to take this one over and beyond! It's epic!!!
Wow...looked in related videos and found another song I played in the same concert 'Aurora Awakes' by John Mackey.
This song helped me get through a test. I always take a godly amount of time to answer one question
I just spent like 2 hours trying to figure out the rhythms at like 3:05 in the trumpet/sax part xD
I always loved this piece. Dr price is my dad. I loved seeing how it was put together and done.
Heard the Columbus State University Wind Ensemble Play this and it was mind blowing
@tennisprep624 i loooove iu summer music clinic! we pulled that off really well
Congratulations to Dr. Price and the Calgary Wind Ensemble! Job well done!
AH! We played this in the Silver band over the weekend. It was intense.
Poll: Do you prefer this wind ensemble arrangement or the orchestral?
PMEA Region V just played this, I was Tenor 1 and it was quite fun!
At 1:20-end was the third movement in our marching show
@edwloveyou I was in silver!! 4th chair bass clarinet :DD
Our high school band is playing this. Fantastic song!
@mrtacointhebox You've got it. How embarrassing :P
I love this piece :) Yay IU Summer Music Clinic!
@edwloveyou dude i watched that it was amazing

"Shenandoah" -Traditional, Arr. James Erb

User Comments

Beautiful rendition! Very nice ensemble sound, and a good feel for the music. Dr. Erb was choral director at the University of Richmond for many years. I had the pleasure of singing under his direction in 1986 with the Virginia Honors Choir (high school). This is, bar none, my favorite arrangement of Shenandoah.
This brings me so many memories of my high school select choir I miss it soo much! Its going to be 5 years this June since I graduated and I can't believe how much I miss it!
Its almost impossible to hear a live choir performance without hearing banging noises, coughing and babies crying. I've even had "store bought" albums with noise on them.
Good sound. Very well balanced. I appreciate the upload. I love the echos at the end of this song . Just gives me the chills. Good work from the Basses
we sang this song in baltimore county honors choir on the dvd there is no other sound but the choir....
I do not know who James Erb is, but a better arrangement, seems scarcely possible.
Wonderful, goods control, tone and phrasings!
thank you for sharing!!!!!

The Coat-Rack Witch - Alamo Trailer

Shenandoah University's The Loaf and Caught on Film! Presents The Coat-Rack Witch. It is being entered into the Alamo's FILMMAKING FRENZY: DON'T TALK ...

MU Chamber Choir sings Shenandoah (2012.)

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