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Shenandoah university dining services Videos

Tour of Catholic University of America by Nilsens

Cornell University Visits - 2010 & 2011

Photos from several visits to Cornell University in Ithaca New York. 1st visit was in August 2010. 2nd visit was during Accepted Students Weekend in April 2011.

Whiffenpoofs break into song at UC Merced

Whiffs sing after a pizza party at UC Merced's dining hall Thursday night, October 6, 2011.

Call Me Maybe (Bellarmine University Version!!)

Bellarmine Crossroads Session 2 Bus 4, was being AWESOME! P.S. We don't own any musical material in this video, we were just having a fun time starting ...

Voices of Liberty - Deck the Halls | Epcot | Walt Disney World

The Voices of Liberty at Epcot inside Walt Disney World sing 'The First Noel.' Come listen to a performance live! //di.sn/60040zKi SUBSCRIBE: ...

User Comments

lol, I just came back from carolling with my friends an hour ago! But this version of Deck the Halls is much better than ours :) And these guys knowhow to prepare for the cold weather! Too bad they're in Florida and not somewhere more north, lol!
@legocommander208 i hope you didnt just say that? american idol is a waste for singers talents. these people are already amazing. they are in the voices of liberty.
nice and Awesome. cool. Happy Holidays to all with a Small world after all and a good night. Holiday joke.
I really want to be in this. The guys costumes remind me of some of the ghosts in The Haunted Mansion.
I'm going to disney world this january, I haven't been there since I was like 5 I am sooo excited!!!
Ah. i love the voices of liberty, i always see them. Kate the 1st soprano on the right is my fav :)
Cool! These guys are AMAZING! I went in June and we have them performing on our home videos!
Wow, that was just amazing!!! They should go caroling around the world! lol
scrooge just gave a bird away seeing and hearing this... nice performance!
Wow they sounded beautiful!
Aren't these the people that always sing in WDW's soundtracks?
I really want to wear one of those outfits. I am jealous.
Wow I woulve checked this out last time if i knew
Then sang good! Hope they go to American Idol lol
I looooooooooove the Voices of Liberty! :D
17th viewer. so close! XD
I feel so Christmas-y =D
I love their outfits!
where is this?

Prompt Dover Service Elevator in Squires Student Center, Virginia Tech

(With Dieselducy) This is a neat little Dover Impulse, in the back of Squires. This elevator only services the first two floors. Installation: 1991 Capacity: 2500 lb ...
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