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Hudson's Furniture brings you "Notes from the Heart Healer"

Hallmark's "Notes from the Heart Healer" premiering Sunday, May 13 at 8 p.m. is brought to you by Hudson's Furniture. Visit //hudsonsfurniture.com/ to find ...

Lost in the Wilderness (Singing Lesson)

Thinking of doing this song for an assessment. :) I realise this song is not exactly original, but I like it. Now a few things... 1) I have only just started accessing my ...

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Well towards the middle you started to go flat. You had a strong begging and a strong ending. I think you should let loose and enjoy yourself for the song. You have the vocals and you have the power now you just need to use them to your advantage. But the ending you started shouting instead of croshendoing so work on that but besides that good job :)
It's really hard to gage about the 'shouty bits' as I couldn't see your face so couldn't see if they were in character or not but I thought good effort, need to work on your clarity, you were trying so hard to keep it going that sometimes we lost what you were saying so just articulate more and use clairty.
Thankyou for your feedback, its in a really early stage, 'Ive only just been able to access this range...just a few further q's *croshendoing? *Which bits did you feel was flat and which bits shouty? *I am working on something called tilt, which give vibrato :) Thanks :)
Would you be interested in creating a score for an animation I'm creating? I have two possible people that will create the instrumental and all I need is a few vocal pieces.
@jmcampbelluk Hey Dude, Only Just saw the comment, I just did the assessment! Il message you the link to the youtube! :) Thanks for your feedback!
Btw, this wouldn't be for pay-maybe a few subs though
What Estill principle are you using? Twang + Thin?

The Coffins Commercial : Handmade Original.

ติดต่อเพื่อถ่ายทำโฆษณาได้ทั้งภาพนิ่งและวิดีโอ 085-0183518 แจ้ ( เหมาะแก่การเ...

Omnichannel Special: How the Always-On Consumer Shops

Omnichannel is one of retail's favorite buzzwords, but no two people have the same definition. Our impressive panel of retail service providers and suppliers ...

'Multichannel is dead' Tianni Hingston, SagePay

A thought provoking presentation discussing the rise of omnichannel retail; including practical advice for retailers, and real-life business insight collected from ...
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