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Zucchini bread big bang theory Videos

The Big Bang Theory - "Penny Penny ........Penny!!!"

This clip belongs to CBS!!! Season Two Episode Nine!!! Enjoy it!!!

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@OneTrueEdge yeah...I'm the worthless shitbag when you're the one calling someone a fucker for no reason. and I don't know many 19 year old females who are into child porn. that's definitely more of a middle-aged male thing, which is probably what you are.
Sheldon should hang out with Dwight from The Office (US) they'd verse each other in paintball every weekend and have regular in-depth conversations about Battlestar Galactica and women's menstrual cycles
@TheDowntown86 The only people who would knock on your door is the pizza man, the 10 dollar hooker you bought for the evening and the feds taking away your child porn. You worthless shitbag.
@kare45 I agree but i dont think it can happen. NO ONE, even these amazing actors... can survive that long without laughing their asses off xD
@OneTrueEdge I'd kill you if you knocked on my door. He's no fucker, so shut your fucking face uncle fucker and get the fuck out.
Aww, I love when he says "ye--" and then carries on with a completely different sentence, JP is spot on, I love him:)
I want Sheldon to meet Horatio, the annoying lead character on CSI:Miami. Now that would be a conversation.
knock knock knock penny. knock knock knock penny. What? ..............knock knock knock penny.
knock knock knock penny knock knock knock penny. Penny hi knock knock knock ...... penny
@aLiiCiia55 It says "Season two, episode nine" both in the description and the video..
@horilazar he probably mixed it up with the wax and thought it was a language :)
@fireyulia XD it's called "the Sheldon effect" happens in children and pets, too.
Cool! I can watch my favorite show, and learn Portuguese at the same time!
this is soo funny i can't wait for season 4 on dvd in my country
@AFinleyProductions feeneh! feeneh! feeheeheeheeheeneeeeeeeeneh!
lol, sheldon has so many habits that he must do. hes the best
zucchini is the most hilarious word in english language to me
sheldon and barney stinson are the best character's ever
clearly I'm 14 days too early =) man I love this show
Oh my god. xDD Sheldon is the best character EVER.
Hopefully the conversation doesn't turn to bears.
@standupNlive1 Go advertise your page elsewhere.
what a laugh, this program should go for an hour
I'd kill that fucker if he knocked on my door.
the third time he said penny was sooo cute!
penny is adorable, i love her ponytails
Sheldon is our favorite Praying Mantis.

The Big Bang Theory- "Its Banana Bread" -Sheldon

Making Stuffed Zucchini

With summer vegetables flooding the farmers' markets, here's a tasty way to use up all those zucchinis. Stuffed with mushrooms, onions, peppers and more, ...

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My name is a little tastier than yours, but you are a very good cook, and your basic recipes are better than most on Youtube. Impressive attention to detail. I might use breadcrumbs or plain soda crackers instead of Ritz. Most cooks, and almost all restaurants over salt their dishes, but you don't.
Very nice. Good choice of ingredients. Gardeners have an abundance of zucchini and this is a great recipe for them. I have a vid about frying them but not one for my recipe for stuffing them. Hope you'll take a look sometime. Great ideas!
You can give the baking dish a quick spray with non-stick spray (like Pam), but it's not necessary - I've put them in ungreased baking dishes and never had any problem with sticking. Thanks for watching!!
Thanks for your comment and for watching. I try to watch the salt - although you always need some - I agree that a lot of food contains too much salt. Thanks again!
Thanks so much - I'm now wearing a soft/removable cast and starting to walk without crutches, so I'm on my way to healing! Thanks for the well-wishes!
Thanks great idea! Making one tonight, but with a huge zuchini that my sis in law gave me. My niece is here & a vegetarian, so this is perfect!
Saw your fried zucchini video and really enjoyed it - especially the mustard/beer dipping sauce! I'm going to give it a try!
Who'd have thunk it! Ritz crackers! I always learn something from you guys. Did you oil or grease the baking dish?
Thanks, Snookie - if you have a vegetarian in the house, they will enjoy this! Thanks for watching!
Looks awesome. What a summery dish. Love it. Hope your injury heals quickly.

Opening my big win from Southpaw Davie

Just a quick video unboxing my cigar box kit kitar from Southpaw Davie :)

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I like how you apologize for being in a good mood lol
+Alec Allard :)
just bottled up my first try at apple wine its good and strong how can i get a better taste in it 
it was all apple cider.it came out at 13% by vol. just would have liked more apple flavor
Hi Jerry :) The taste is all in the original juice. if it's a cheep wine kit you get cheep tasting wine. Was it a good kit or fully home made?  We make our wine from kits that are around $200 bucks to purchase and after its made we leave it in a oak barrel for another 30 weeks. all said and done it's about $11 a bottle to make the wine is exceptional and far better than Any $30 or $40 dollar bottle from a store.     Let it set for at lest 90 days :)
Cheers and congrats Brock! Nice Bonsai too...Thanks for sharing and love your enthusiasm! Have a great week! Misilla
+Brock HughesYou're welcome :)
Thank you fro the kind words Missila :)  Thank you for watching!
WTG Brock, nice prize!! You got me giggling watching this vid, you are funny :D Oh btw, I love that plant you have on the side.
Eh Mary :) Thanks for your kind words love, you are very kind!
Wow, +Southpaw Davey Really packaged that up nice and a great looking cigar box Congrats, Sorry late finding this video.
It's a beauty Bro :)

Ellopia Greek Foods - Thyme Honey - Great Taste Awards 2014 Top 50

As well as being one of our Top 50 products, this honey won a Golden Fork Award for 'Ambient Product of the Year'. Wild thyme grows in abundance on the ...

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Disney Promo BB-8 via our friends @ Disney

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Disney Promo BB-8 via our friends @ Disney.

Biggest Water Balloon EVER

At the Napoleon Ladyfinger Crew Annual Pool Party we made water balloons.

User Comments

Napoleon Ladyfinger Crew Annual Pool Party? WTF! You bunch of nerds, getting your little kicks playing with condoms........Legends in the making..
Whoever thought of the title for this vid obviously did not do research on YouTube to see water balloons many times this size. This is nothing.
are you downsyndrome? 1. that is not the biggest. 2. throwing it in the water isn't a very effective way to pop it. you DOWNSYNDROME FUCK!
press 4, till she says i will cry if it pops, then press 8 till it pops, then press 3 over and over!
It would suck if it poped, they couldn't find the balloon remains and it clogged up the fliter.
"Family fun with a water balloon at the swimming pool" that would be an appropriate title =)
She is in a pool and she says she is going to cry if a water balloon pops on her :/
Brainless bimbos and a 20+ dude playing with on his own with a waterballoon. Great.
i thought u said this was the biggest water balloon ever. WHERE IS TI!!?!?!?!?!?!?
what you dont see is that guy using the broken waterballoon as a condom later...
Huh, water balloons can be thrown in water and not at people. Didn't know that.
haha burt and i made one like this or even larger............rather hilarious
i use to make shitty lightsaber comments, then i took an arrow to the knee
@Ohdanglegitz Yes, "Worlds Biggest Condom EVER" is what he meant to type.
@TheChevy496 why would you throw a water balloon in water AND EVADE IT?!
You should have let it play the whole song! Vampire weekend rules! M79!
HEY! Who Stole Dark Vaders Lightsaber?! Waittt. Thats the dislike bar.
Omg! me and the guy in the video said "Did it pop?" at the same time!
@ZeldaMusicPugs13 or it was a normal sized balloon filled with water
AND YOU GET IT TO BLOW UP EVERY TIME i wish i had one that wont pop
"I thought it was like, glow in the dark at first" LOL Dumb bitch,
DAT place, y it familiar to me, WILD GUESS, ORLANDO FLORIDA!?
Napoleon Ladyfinger Crew? How bout you just leave that part out
is this the house that ryan connolly shot that music video in?!
Um look at the slow mo guys they hace a way bigger one six feet

Kaley Cuoco - American Actress,

Meli - Upscale Greek Cuisine in Midtown, NYC (Food 'n' Festivities. No BS.)

Meli, which means Honey in Greek, located in the heart of lower midtown right off of Fifth Avenue, celebrates Greek cuisine. Meli focuses on modern ...
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