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Einkorn zucchini bread Videos

Daily Vlog 8/26/15 Crafts and Einkorn Wheat Zucchini Muffins

VLOG: Einkorn Muffins {Breakfast Cake} & Techy Meltdowns!

Hello and Welcome to a quick vlog from our kitchen! Today I'm sharing a delicious 'breakfast cake' {that's what I called it, because its DELICIOUS} made with ...

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WE WERE WONDERING!!! Frank needs to be in more vlogs!!! Those look amazing (-the ghee)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) I want to try these!!! :) Daron and I Loved this one!
+rOILarts Awwww, thanks!! :) I agree -- I've wanted to feature the hubs in other vlogs too, but he's my SHY introvert. (I think he's coming around though. I filmed a Sunday vlog last week that I'm going to edit that he's in too. :) So glad you guys liked this one - it was fun to film/edit. Now to edit our collab video.
Loved the muffins I made them after I got the box. I also made the oatmeal blueberry muffin recipe from the Ancient Grains cookbook from LSP.
+Tiana Kubitz Awesome! That oatmeal blueberry recipe sounds yummy!
you guys are so cute! We have Organic cane juice crystals (it's just organic sugar :) Those muffins looks great!
+elizabeth medero Awww, thanks! :) Ok, I was wondering if that's what they meant by 'cane juice crystals'. I think we pretty much had that in our pantry at one point, but had used it up months ago. Seriously, these muffins are so yummy--I'd love to see how you would riff on the recipe, you always have such awesome, creative food/cooking videos. :) We also had some coconut sugar from Trader Joe's in the pantry, but didn't know if it would affect the taste, but we may use it next time. (or agave for a lower glycemic index.)

The "Ancient" Grains Einkorn, Emmer, and Spelt: Part 4

This webinar was recorded on January 8, 2013. In this webinar, a team of researchers from the NIFA OREI project Value-added grains for local and regional ...

Protein Boosted Einkorn Pancakes! (Periscope replay)

Boost your morning with some Pure Protein Complex from Young Living! And our Einkorn Flour replies the genetically modified commercial wheat. Living well!

ESL - Einkorn Flour - Carol Crenshaw

Carol Crenshaw, a member of Essential Smart Living, offers her insight in using Young Living's Einkorn flour for baking.

Young Living Essential Oils Einkorn

//www.deborahhardman.com having gluten sensitivity check this out.


Linda's Pantry How to Make Sour Dough Bread on a Budget

Just sharing how I make Sour Dough Bread using my Sour Dough Starter.

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I made this exactly as you did yesterday and it was the bomb, My daughter said it was gold. Also made the tater soup............OMG we were all in heaven. My starter was 7 days old and a beer starter. HUGS to you.
I was a hand kneader too. When I started using my KitchenAid I was told to add the last cup or two of flour 1/4 cup at a time until it pulls away from the sides of the bowl on its own. That seems to work for me.
Wow, that looked really good Linda, it looks to complicated for me to attempt but it was fun watching you do it. if you can figure a way I can do that on the fire let me know, j/k Thanks for the video.
I have not had a starter in a while and now I know I have to get another one going. Thanks for posting the link, I will have to head on over and watch that video as well. Great video Linda.
@DIYHydro If you go to atticus9799 she just did a series step by step day by day how to make starter. Even Allen2045 is doing one she just started yesterday. Linda :)
@Allen2045 Paula it will be amazing,I'm sure of it. Everything you make looks fabulous. You will love having that at your fingertips. :)
@edhunley I need to play with it a little moire. Because I still ended up doing some. Thank you for watching. Linda :)
why would you use yeast and a starter? To make it faster? :) I did and it does make it faster!
@JoeandZachSurvival You could totally do that in a dutch oven on coals. Linda :)
@TangoSpiceCompany Super easy you should give it a shot. Linda :)
how do you make the sour dough starter?
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