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Vicenza italy army base library Videos

Kids Train

ARMY.MIL - Spc. Nakisha Nieves shows us that kids can train just like Mom and Dad. //www.vicenzamwr.com //www.army.mil/family.

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Right on, All the way everyday ah ha... Pro Patria doughboy

December Info X - Caserma Ederle D-Fac Holiday Hours

Here's a clip from the December, 2013 Info X. LT Rosenberg announced some special holiday hours for the South of the Alps Dining Facility.

MP Vlog: Military Books I've Read

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My bad it was you any more questions just ask and thumbs up if you like.
That is me I asked. =)

Camp Darby - Sexual Assault investigation process - Civilian Military Attorney - Joseph Jordan

Life at Camp Ramadi Iraq with the Utah NG

Living conditions of the soldiers of the 222nd Field Artillery Battalion of the Utah National Guard at their base at Camp Ramadi, Iraq in January 2006.

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During the in-ranks inspections and garrison BS of Baghdad '11, we looked back at Ramadi '05 with nothing but nostalgia for the "good old days".
I hated this place over a year of my life wasted in this shit hole
i miss you my friend

What does SAT stand for?

Several students were asked what SAT stood for.. had to edited some parts because i didnt want the teacher to be offended. the two "edited ones" will: stupid ass ...

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i forgot about this, man i looked like a dumb blonde sayin i don't know :/ -Candy
it was but it was changed...i dont know why. it was in some psychology book..
i thought it was scholastic aptitude test....
sleeping at toms jk
oh... ok then.
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