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Treetops at whitefish mountain resort Videos

Zip-lining Whitefish Mountain Resort! August 13, 2013

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It was awesome! I wish I had the Hero3 so I could take pictures while recording, but other than that I would do it again in a heartbeat!
I watched this last night man, looks awesome!

Whitefish Mountain Resort Zipline Tour

Filmed 8/28/11, these are the 3 best ziplines from the 6-zip tour in Whitefish, MT. After seeing this in a pamphlet at a hotel the night before, schedules were ...

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please i need information of the engineering company for the trolley system. thanks

2010 Summer Preview

Aerial Adventure Park at Whitefish Mountain Resort

Our Aerial Adventure Park is one of the most popular activities on our mountain! An "obstacle course in the trees" this adventurous activity is fun for everyone age ...

Snow on Whitefish Mountain Resort - 11/16/2013

Alpine Slide at Whitefish Mountain Resort

The perfect activity for a sunny day! Come ride the only Alpine Slide in Montana at Whitefish Mountain Resort.

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This used to be at Blue Mountain in Collingwood ON. Was taken out because it was a massive safety hazard. People where flying off on corners trying to go too fast.
Haha my dad got scraped up doin this
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