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2014 high performance cars Videos

High Performance Car 160mph Drive Sound Effect

This is the sound of a high performance car driving past at 160mph.

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cool! not what i'm looking for, but a good upload. rare to find on youtube...

High Performance Car Burnout Sound Effect

This is the sound of a high performance car performing a burnout.

Kerbal Space Program- Milan Sports Cars- High Performance Racers

Kerbal Space Program- The first sports cars designed for racing are now out. These cars feature a all new chassis that has been designed for strength and ...

How not to drive high performance Car [MUST WATCH]

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If you don't know how to do a burnout, don't even try. Especially with any car in this video
The biggest fail is when you spelled "thought" with "that". O.o
the biggest fail is the guy who that it was a lambo
yeah hahaha, that stupid motherfucker.
Lol at all this stupid showoffs
"Tyres" Moron!
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