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Niagara college resume builder Videos

Post-College Career is Easy at NC

Andy explains why building your post-College career is easy at Niagara College!

D2L eportfolio

In this video, Leif Nelson provides an overview of the main areas of the D2L ePortfolio tool. The intended audience is students who use D2L- particularly those ...

User Comments

I was working on an online course where I had to submit my ePortfolio to the drop box. It exported as a zip file, but then when I downloaded it, it saved as a folder labelled 'd2l' and an html file. I could not upload them together into the dropbox. Was I doing something wrong?
Not sure, Elizabeth. This video was made years ago, and I'm sure the product has changed quite a bit. Is there someone who provides support at your campus that could help?

Power Plant Electrical Engineer Jobs

//www.electricalengineerjobs.org Electrical Engineer Jobs can not only help you to take your career to the next level but we can even help you launch your ...
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