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College student resume sorority Videos

graduate business program

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Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Hosts Black History Event

Fraternities & Sororities Exposed Part 4

This is for Public Education, and I have a right by the copyright law to do these videos under the ''Fair Use'' Act so if you try to take down my videos or attack me I ...

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As far as I'm concerned the only difference between SAE and the rest of these frat fags out here is that SAE got caught.
good video i watch all your videos people don't care in till its there child that's dead
Lol i love watching you talk like you think you know anything

REACH Program

REACH Program at College of Charleston is a four year, innovative, non-degree program for adults with disabilities who desire inclusion in the academic, social, ...

Annoying Elevator Habits

Two Norfolk State University students created a skit on annoying college habits of roommates and more. Ana Kasparian, Jayar Jackson and Steve Oh discuss on ...

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1) NOTICE the RIDICULOUS BS thrown towards Jayar by hater in plaid shirt @ 2:56 "Jayar, you DON"T KNOW....!". He SO wanted to make Jayar WRONG even though Jayar clearly said 1:19 & 1:52 that he presses the crosswalk button several times & REALLY HARD >as< the next person approaches - so that it's OBVIOUS!. Hater even accused him of having said that he leans up against the button on the pole @ crosswalk; how very uncomfortable THAT would be! See Asian guy looking @ hater like.."Puh-lease!" ? ..
@xbreekate Because its a slap in the face (intellect-wise) to the people who already been standing at the elevator waiting. . . so because you come up and push the same button that they already pushed. . you think its going to make it come even faster. . . no. . . .. so why push it. . . why make it look like " Yea these dumbasses must be standing here for the hell of it and didn't push the button " . . even though its already lit up. . . its just disrespecting somebody's IQ level almost
I don't remember if I saw these in the US, but in Heidelberg, Germany some of the buttons light up red after they're pushed and other ones turn on a white light that says 'signal coming'. Also, some Germans, especially older ones, are shocked to see people walk when they aren't supposed to. I crossed when there were no cars once, and this old man's eyes got really big and he began shouting gibberish without finding any real words. I blew his mind that day.
Hey Jayar I don't think the crosswalk is the same thing. No light, you can't expect them to pay attention to you pushing the light, and I think it actually does count the number of pedestrians to change the light sooner. Just like a car sensor at the light. But I'm not sure. In any case, you can't see that someone else has pushed it. And I'm in a building where the elevators are hosed. So I forgive extra pushing of buttons.
2) He (hater guy in plaid shirt) was NOT listening to Jayar (and didn't want to) because the AWESOME, relaxed, competent, confident, self-aware, authentic, and handsome Jayar made TOO MUCH sense - was just a bit too comfortable with himself for the one hating. Sheesh! Such petty thinking and jealousy. "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds" ~ Albert Einstein YOU ROCK, Jayar!
I live on a boat and corrosion is a problem. I hit buttons multiple times as a matter of habit. Also, I am not usually thinking of the motivations or destinations of a crowd that happens to be near a elavator or the paranoia required for some face in a crowd to think someone is dissing them by pushing a elevator button. And, so on. There's a million button stories you may not know. Do'nt be so self centered.
@dougalsii Haha the same thing happened to me a couple years back in Amsterdam. This old guy started calling me names and even went so far as to curse my mother and sister (I have no clue how he knew I had one) from across the street...even though there wasn't any traffic in sight. Some people have too much pent up stress and that's how they take it out I guess.
Sometimes the crosswalk button doesn't always register, but I also watch the traffic lights and even if the light doesn't come on, I just walk when traffic light changes and watch out for turning cars that aren't paying attention. (Amazingly, people drive more recklessly and downright crazy in our suburb than they do in the city.)
Saw the title and was reminded of an assignment one of our professors had us do... go against the norm of every day life and one of the things was when in an elevator... stand the opposite way, as in facing the back of the elevator basically staring at everyone else. Fun times, freaking people out.
I have a problem, I'm usually not really paying attention at crosswalks and I'll actually forget if I pushed the button which leads to 1 of 2 things. Either I push it like 16 times while waiting or it won't change and I'll try and hide the error by pretending to cross another direction. lol
They didn't cover the two most annoying elevator habits of them all: people who ride the elevator one stinking floor DOWN. people who scream "hold the elevator" and run down the hall as if it were the last boat off the Titanic. Just wait a minute dude, there will be another one coming.
What if the elevator button is broken and is always lit. You gotta press the button to make sure it works XD Don't trust that anyone else actually pressed it. It's like waiting to enter your next lecture and no one tries to see if the door is unlocked.
I hate people who just stand there and make out in the elevator... like dude I am standing less than 3 feet from you, cant you wait the whole minute it takes to get to your floor before you shove your tongue down your girlfriend's throat?
lofl i dont care if somebody does that i sometimes check to make sure i push the crosswalk button if needed or if its not lit i check to make sure that it was pushed as well but i dont care if others push it either
In the UK they have a light that says someone pushed the button, people still push the button again. Sometimes people stand there pushing the button over and over until the light changes. That one really gets me.
most people are like "ooohhhh a button.. YAY :D must press the button." jayar's all "this is MY button! get the hell away from my button motherfuker. Mine! *tap*tap*tap* see? you see me pressing MY button?"

Spanking For College Girl for drinking Beer

punishment for a Naughty College Student.

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왜 엉덩이 맴매하는건 안보여줘 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 저여자 엉덩이 깔려고 하는구만 ㅋㅋ
by the way its not a beer its monster energy drink look at the video you can see them big m on the can
why would anyone want to see the build up and not the actual thing
dumbass person who made this video play the actual thing
It would be nice to have seen all the video
Wuld of been nice to see the full video 
I want to see the rest of the video
should be a little longer
Dumb girl. Spank her
Me too post more 
Make the rest 
make the rest
so dummmb 
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