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Dodgeball he will not be able to see Videos

Dodgeball Ninja

I bet he did not see that coming.

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Dodgeball Training: Offensive Attack

This is another training segment in dodgeball that revolves around a fast-paced and relentless offensive attack against the opponent until they're defeated.

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Oh yea, you must have run into Paulius Valasia then, a really tall white guy with a strong overhead fastball arm. He invited some of us out to watch the match but I had work. I saw a few SVSU videos in the past, and you guys have a awesome D-ball community there. I've actually played with one of your alumni players, David Soukup, the past couple of years at a street court in Chicago too. The man's Def. and court awareness is hard to get around but always makes for a good challenge.
@llSgtScopell - This is the Western Springs Dodgeball league. It's been around since 2001 right outside Chicago, IL. Most of our guys from this league love pinching and it makes it a lot more fun for catches and headshots lol. I know about the NCDA and I like that you guys use pinch too. Some of our guys play over at WIU and ISU too since they're in college right now, and we were able to have a few fun nights last year competing with the DePaul team.
Really? My team (Saginaw Valley) JUST played WIU on Saturday. They where surprisingly good for a new team but now I see why haha. They look pretty solid for this years nationals. Its nice seeing a league use rubber balls and the pinch it makes the game much more faster and exciting. Too many leagues are worry about safety and liability these days.
Never seen another league use the pinching technique before...
My mistake. Soukup actually played at GVSU, not SVSU.
@rockinw401 ur so mean man. i throw like that


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good video and i know u want the monaaaay
+RageFearless thnx bro! i wornt da mornay!

Dodgeball Ball Buster

Another nut shot for Nate. He's not gonna be able to have kids at the rate we're damaging him.

ROBLOX Dodgeball [Twitter codes]

hey i was helping my friend out with a video he said where do you want to go to record i said dodgeball so thats why i made this video also sorry i have not bin ...

Noob Tries To Win In Dodgeball (and fails in a funny way) Roblox [Free Hats] DODGEBALL

0:59 Just something I should have told you but I could not. It is that I was not posting for a while because my editor broke and I had to wait for a new update to fix ...
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