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Rip torn dodgeball Videos

Happy Tears

"Jayne (Parker Posey) and Laura (Demi Moore) are two sisters who need to return home to help with their crude but endearing father Joe (Rip Torn) deal with ...

Exclusive Trailer! National Lampoon's The Legend of Awesomest Maximus

EPIC? FAIL? YOU DECIDE. Coming this century is the story of the greatest warrior ever to don his feathered helmet. When the sexually ambiguous Trojan Prince ...

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I mean come on even this movie is not taking itself seriously which is why all the ratings and comments are by the cast themselves, people who think this is meant to be a serious movie I think maybe reading too much into it. It's like those silly sci fi original movies, their supposed to be stupid, there supposed to be ridiculous and cheesy, that's the point, and while I do think we could probably use that money for something better, I don't think this should be seen as reflecting a culture.
Seriously this was one of the worst films I've seen. It's basically a years-later copy of a years-later parody film, that was also horrible. One thing it had better than Meet the Spartans is they didn't reference every minute garbage pop culture meme or flash-in-the-pan celeb news idiocy, tho'. Still...just not good at all. Plus, the timing was just horrendous. Minutes of reaction shots sitting on the editing room floor would have worked wonders here
@Farsajd Well i really agree to you on a point, i really love how most comedies start out very funny and with no real development, just pure awesomeness, but the second part or during the last minutes it becomes some stupid drama fest, trying to explain some deep thought or make you sad... Good comedies should just be fun throughout.
Alright, so here is my two cents. There are only a handful of great National Lampoon movies. Animal House, the Vacation Movies, and Van Wilder. And I'm being generous by saying Van Wilder. National Lampoon movies are becoming more and more like the "Disaster Movie", "Epic Movie", "Meet the Spartans" type crap.
Hey kids!Pick your favorite humorous negative comment! (A) You can't get much lower than stealing from Friedberg and Seltzer. (B) National Lampoon...just send us a big fat check,and you can put our once-respected name on your direct-to-video crap! (C) At least MAD stopped after one movie.
Well at some point China will want their $897,000,000,000 dollars that the REAL americans owes as external debt... along with the other countries. No question why you have the largest external debt of all the countries... by far!! keep looking at your feet...
Yes,just send us a big fat check,and you can put the name of the once groundbreaking,now long-defunct humor magazine on your direct-to-video crap! Think of how GREAT that'll look when it's sitting on the bargain rack at the used bookstore!
Such a great and entertaining movie. Pure dirty humour, without bullshit, it doesn't develop into some two hour love drama shit like most of today's mainstream "comedies". Anyway, I just wanna say - fuck you Jennifer Aniston!
Oh stop with the bitching you bitches. For real. If it was so bad, why did you watch the WHOLE MOVIE? you watched the whole movie and then posted about. They got you to do what they wanted. Bitch.
its.. I dunno, I love all those actors, But it kinda could have been better with better editing and the camera. But Watchit and laugh with theese great and funny actors. :D
I might get flamed for this, but, i think this movie was hilarious, watched on the night of my High School Graduation...yes, i have a good taste in Comedy
300 is best gay propaganda I ever saw totally historically inaccurate, Braveherat is totally historically inaccurate x2 so I like this movie.
i loved the part when Awesomest Maximus punches Testicles in the balls and his balls come outt his mouth, then he puts his balls back in
to make parody of the shitty twilight movies is one thing, but to make fun of the greatest movies like 'Gladiator' is stupid
@malleeboy007 Well is Barveheart serious, maybe 300?These are some funny Hollywood shits, totally historically inaccurate.
after you watch this trailer i recommend watching the movie idiocracy... it seems humanity is quickly headed that way....
Looks like Meet the Spartans with 1/29 of a brain. That being said, these shitty parodies need to stop being made.
A really bad movie, I never liked national lampoon movies. A historical movie needs to be more serious.
why is this whole film available in multiple parts in forign languages on You tube already?
What a waste of talent... I loved Will Sasso on Mad TV. You can do better than this Will.
Things like this makes americans look so ignorant and dumb to the rest of the world...
alot of comedies are become really really gay.... this movie is funny but just so gay
The best Movie parody !!! When I was watching this I laugh and laugh for hours! XDD
National Lampoon has some funny movies. this looks better than revenge of the nerds
Will sasso, Ian Zeiring, and Rip Torn made this movie better then it actually was.

Actor Rip Torn on InnerVIEWS, part 1

Veteran screen and stage actor Rip Torn sits down with Ernie to talk about his upbringing in Texas, his early experiences on the stage, and his marriage to ...

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peculiar actor: he almost always kept pieces of his ranch accent, kind of a ranch dressing on every salad he ever served, very precise phrasing but a definate drawl. And an extremely interesting actor: he and tommy lee jones , did they ever do anything together??? that would be a match off.
I wonder if this guy is thinking to himself, "I dont like Rip Torn, he just appeals to a certain demographic thats in our economic, commercial interest".
his 'artie' character on the sanders show was one of the all time greats!
I guess he's a typical narcissist and has some other personality disorders.
i wish the interview woudn't keep completely changing the subject
Who the fuck is this shit? Artie deserves a better intro.
Where does Torn explain his freaking out in "Maidstone"?
miss page was the best. deserved better...
jesus, he's crying already. interview fail.
Rip Torn is truly a beautiful individual.
God of War III brought me here....
He should be executed.
the narrator is a gay!
Poor interviewer.
@quillber LOL

Rip Torn vs. Norman Mailer - Infamous Maidstone Hammer Fight

On the last day of shooting 'Maidstone' (1970), a sleep deprived and drugged up Rip Torn improvises an attack on director and co-actor Norman Mailer with a ...

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Rip Torn is as useless as a cock flavored lollypop!
great reply...
They taste like chicken.
+Bloody Axe ,...How ARE those Mr. Ax?
Rip Torn is fkin piece of shit.
+Michael Houston And you are?Fuck off
+VorssaGaming ,...And you are...?

Adventure Mode - God of War® III Remastered - Ep. 7: Puzzles and the Maker

RIP TORN Attacks Lindsey Lohan! - RIP TORN"S "Hollywood Drunk Tank" The Jimmy Dore Show 12/12/11

An excerpt from The Jimmy Dore Show, 12/14/11. In the second episode, Rip Torn (Mike MacRae) is pissed off at Steve Guttenberg for getting a Star on the ...

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i love this music its the same music that AFO used thx for these ha bisky funny vids
this is like incest porn, i just turn the sound off and it's okay.
I wish they did this sometimes on the new show.
simple irish quinnie......lol. wow.

Rip Torn's "Hollywood Drunk Tank" - Oscars Edition!

From "The Jimmy Dore Show" on Pacifica Radio (available on iTunes). Rip Torn (Mike MacRae) breaks down the entertainment news of the day.

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Dude, never stop doing the Jimmy Dore Show...fucking hilarious! Your O'Reilly is awesome! The drunker the better! lol
Would you be willing to do a quick voice impersonation of Mitt Romney saying: "mine too!"
Mike McCrea is the greatest !,...Thank You for the laughs Mike ... :-)

Baby Doll - Trailer

This steamy Southern drama stars Academy Award-winner Karl Malden ("On the Waterfront," "A Streetcar Named Desire") as the owner of a cotton gin, married ...
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