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Synergy dodge ball joints Videos

Synergy High Performance Ball Joints

Synergy High Performance Ball Joints Purchase this product or get more information: //jo.my/4wpsynergyballjoints Synergy's High Performance Ball Joints ...

RT Off-Road Heavy-Duty Ball Joint Installation

Complete installation video for RT Off-Road HD Ball Joint. Ball joints feature metallic bushings for long lasting performance. JK Wrangler and WJ Grand ...

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See these tough HD RT-Offroad ball joints at Russells Automotive Depot
Great video. The technician should wear his safety glasses though!

Mevotech Moment - TTX Terrain Tough Ball Joint TXK8695T

Terrain Tough TTX by Mevotech. This is a high endurance OEM replacement part for Ford Expedition, Ford F150, Lincoln Navigator and various others. All TTX ...

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I bought two balljoints from this company for my f-150 and they are worn already after only 3 months. Better off with moog.
Hi +ElPolanxx, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please send us a message with your contact information so that we can resolve this. Alternatively, you can contact us at 1-866-883-7075 ext 3257. Thank you

ball joints

Master Pro ball joints


CHECK IT OUT! Here is our latest vehicle spotlight video on the El Dorado County Sheriff Jeep Jk that is running our Long Arm Suspension System. Their rigs ...

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I have a very confused boner right now. And i'm a straight married man.
You should have turned the lights on!
Hi! excellent video

Wrangler JK Synergy Stage 3 suspension lift and steering test

I recently installed a new lift and took it out to a local hidden trail. The suspension kicked ass and helped open up some new lines out on this trail that keeps ...

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just wonderin bout new drive shafts for the lift....u seam to b heavier then i, im no back seat stock bumpers cut down for even less wieght so id prolly netore hieght in turn needn new drive shaft
I run a custom front driveshaft but run the stock one in rear. I have only replaced the rear once with a used one.
was lookin ata synergy kit..os this the 3"lift amd if so wat didja actually net, and how much aftermarket wieght do u have on?
+dubzach I really don't know what height or weight I've gained. I carry everything with me. Axles and shafts plus I have onboard air, winch and all the tools I'll need. I'm heavy but still get through the toughest of trails down here. I really like the kit so far. The arms are holding up to the abuses and the steering is staying where it should.
Hi great video showcasing your synergy set up, and most of all your driving skills here. How's the Synergy stage 3 holding up? how does it perform overall? are you on 35's or 37's? I am looking at building on the synergy set up myselt on my 2 dr Jk Rubi. Been to the forums and as expected i got a range of great feedback. I have narrowed mine to synergy, AEV and Metalcloak, 2.5 to 3 inch lift on 35's. How much can long arms really improve on road manners on a two dr? Thanks ahead for the feedback.
+Bobby Nelson thank you for the input. Like you said it never ends, well that's what my friends warned me about. I will probably start with the 35's and learn more about the lifestyle. I am also a newbie and want to enjoy and experience how it feels like wanting more lol. It also means working harder just to play hard. Thanks and am keeping track of your videos.
+Alan Zapanta Thanks for watching and the comments. I ran 35s with this setup for a while before going up to 37s. 35's in this video. I have 2015 Rubicon axles, sleeved and gusseted to help with the load of the 37's. I only had to hammer a little bit of the pinch seam and of course trim the rock rails. Boy what a difference they make. I should have gone 37s sooner. Currently I don't see the need for a long arm. The Synergy bent arm works great and I'm getting through and over everything that I point it at. The road manners are great with my low center of gravity. I'm only running 3 inch springs and probably won't go any taller. I'm rebuilding my steering box this week, it was tired already but really didn't like the 37s so a PSC ram assist is in the near future. It never ends man.

Alloy Ball Joints 1 Year

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that ball joint sure looks dry

2011 Jk stock ball joint play

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