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Diamond Divas Indy vs. Q-Kidz at So You Think You Can Prance Majorette Competition 2015

Diamond Divas of Indianapolis vs Q-Kidz. Diamond Divas took home that 1st place trophy in the So You Think You Can Prance stand battle. #DDsayWhattt ...

User Comments

Kidz did it u know....:- don't hate haters 
okay lets get this clear first im not a fan of diamond divas im a fan of DD4l but who cares what moves they have of dd4l alot of moves are the same not every dance team is creative some like dd4l stands and like to use them in theirs just be grateful all of it isnt dd4l becuse thatll be copy cat, but i cant wait to see too much dance and diamond divas go against each other, in stand battles, ill be down there dancing with too much dance once i try out, wish me luck
girl your just some low life that has nothing to do but stay on youtube starting  stuff, so when your up there at my level talk to me other wise hop off my status with the bullcause ionn got time for low lifes.
not a fan ? they anit worried about
Right they copied them....1st was the butt in the air doing circles just like dd4l they also got on the backs and did the hand movements so yea pretty much they copied them just changed it a little bit lls give credit where its due 
just because dd4l does something doesnt me its their move . their has been other majorettes doing this for years , & most of majorettes nowadays gets moves from each other . nobody can call a move . do your research , then speak
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