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Pensacola fl spearfishing Videos

Spearfishing Pensacola, Fl May 26 2014 (Spearfishing the reefs.)

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How much did that speargun cost

Spearfishing in Pensacola Fl, Dec 2014

Spearfishing Pensacola, Fl.

12-1-2011 Pensacola, Fl Spearfishing

Dove natural bottom and two man made reefs south of Pensacola, Fl. Fish shot were Trigger, Mangrove Snapper and Scamp Grouper. Divers were Mitch and ...

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watched a couple of your videos, nice diving. shouldn't touch the sea turtles, they are federally listed and when you touch or in any way affect their behavior it's considered a "take" and you are subject to prosecution and/or fines.
ecua pipes. listed on the escambia county reef list. Not a flat lens. Use the wide setting "R3" shoots in 720p but looks the best in good viz.
The Natural Bottom sits in a hole and is around 110 to the sand, The Pipes are in 90 ft.
i demand the location of this dive! lol i live in pcola. i must know.
ecua pipes. listed on the escambia county reef list.
Hey man what are the coordinates to these pipes
If you don't mind bro
How deep is that

Spearfishing July 2011, Pensacola, Fl.

Spearfishing a "Chicken Coop" southwest of Pensacola Pass. Had a shark being a nuisance! He wanted Drizz to give up his Scamp! He moved on.

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why didnt u shoot the cobia

Spearfishing Amberjack and Snapper in Pensacola, FL

Go Pro HD shot in 720P, 60 frames per sec. w/ head-mount. Video shot in Pensacola in 80-90 feet of water 12-14 miles offshore.

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Great visibility. What wreck was this?
+Jabo It was the bridge rubble south of the Pensacola Pass

Spearfishing Pensacola, Fl pt 1

spearfishing pensacola florida. mix of a little scuba but mainly freediving.

Spearfishing Pensacola, FL

Mix of a little scubadiving but mainly freediving near Pensacola florida Divers: Hunter Cosse Mike Cosse Corey Blanchet Brett Pardonner Enjoy!!
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